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Opinion . Tradition . OBAMAS A2. PROXY WAR AGAINST ISRAEL DEFINING JEWISH EXISTENCE A9. ISRAELI STARTUPS CELEBRATED AT AIFL GALA A11. algemeiner THE JOURNAL FRIDAY, December 9, 2011 13 Kislev 5772 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2038 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK Questions Surround Obamas Position on Israel Exclusive Ayalon Anticipates Normal Relations with Turkey BY MIRI BENDOR In an exclusive interview with the Algemeiner, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon discussed the urgent need to reestablish

A2 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2011 Opinion . home is being said on the street. The damage that is being done to Israel through the verbalization and implementation of these policies that effectively amount to moderate demonization of Israel is immeasurable. Time and again the message is being conveyed to all of her enemies, keep doing what you are doing. Every such public statement by American officials that directs blame towards Israel is understood as a get out of promoting terrorism free card World News . A3 Female Jewish Boxer Successfully Defends Her Title BY LEVI EPSTEIN Of all the various career paths a young middle class Jewish girl would choose to pursue, it can be safely assumed that professional boxing would most likely not rank high up on that list of callings. title in a bout with Uruguayan boxer Maria Nunez in a three round knockout fight in Buenos Aires. The fight took place at the Club Atletico Lanus in front of a large crowd. It was also televised

A4 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2011 World News . Students at York University have rejected the chance to link their union with Jerusalems Hebrew University. A referendum was initiated by politics student Jacob Campbell, who said he wanted to stand up for Israel and curb antiIsrael and antisemitic activity on British campuses. York University Students Union members were asked to vote in favour of working to build links with students at the Hebrew University and to encourage York University itself to World News U.S News .. A5 100 Orthodox Rabbis Issue Same Sex Marriage Declaration BY ALGEMEINER STAFF In response to a recent Orthodox samesex marriage ceremony conducted in Washington, D.C. by Rabbi Steve Greenberg, who is openly gay, and married Yoni Bock and Ron Kaplan at the 6th I Synagogue in Washington in November over 100 Orthodox Rabbis among them some of the most prominent rabbinic figures in the Orthodox Jewish world, including Rabbi Hershel Schachter and Rab

A6 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2011 Opinion . edgeable as men, invite gay Jewish men and women to come to Synagogue and tell them that amid their lifestyle there are 611 of G0ds mitzvos left to keep. He must inspire Jewish students to courageously fight for Israel on campus and walk through Universities with Yarmulkes proudly displayed. Eschewing any desire to be a knight or a Lord, he must be prepared to criticize and condemn British officialdom when it turns a blind eye to antiSemitism and call ou Opinion . A7 An Unbreakable Bond DANNY DANON ISRAEL on very little domestically, but both continued to develop and expand the US commitment to Israels security and wellbeing. The long lasting relationship between these two allied powers suggests a bond based on shared values that stands the test of time. Many have tried to explain and analyze and humanity have also heavily contributed to the IsraeliUS relationship. Israel, like the United States, sees herself as a beacon

A8 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2011 Impressions . ing its relationship with the State of Israel is an ill wind, bluntly summarized by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey Israel is the Wests spoiled child a characterization pointedly used a year earlier by the New York Times Thomas Friedman. Gee, who would dare argue with the analysis of the megalomaniac leader of Turkey who is tirelessly working to transform Turkey into another IslamoFascist state, especially when he is quoting a leftwing A9 Tradition. Legal Notice ing, God is truly in this place but I did not know it . . . This must be Gods house and this the gate to heaven 28 1617. None of the other patriarchs, nor even Moses, has a vision quite like this. On the second, in our parsha, he has the haunting, enigmatic wrestling match with the manangelGod, which leaves him limping but permanently transformed the only person in the Torah to receive from God an entirely new name, Israel, which may mean, one wh

A10 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2011 Tradition . Is it really so is it really so If it is, then they are deserving of the verdict of the mishnah end of Peah 8 9 One who does not limp and is not blind, yet makes out as if he is, will not die until he becomes one of them Since they act like chassidim, and act with love and fear of Gd through meditation and prolonged prayer, then surely they will not leave this world until it is truly so Among the chassidim of the Tzemach Tzedek was a businessman whose Social . Business, Political Leaders Celebrate Startup Success at AIFL Gala BY MIRI BENDOR A11 CEO Armoni far left joined the leadership of from left to right Dor Chadash, 30 Years Later, and RAJE as Cheryl Fishbein praised their work. Photo Maxine Dovere. Museum Gala Celebrates Communities of the Jewish Diaspora BY MAXINE DOVERE Friends and supporters of Beit Hatfutsot The Museum of the Jewish People celebrated a Vision for the Future at a warm and welcoming Gala in Ne

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