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Opinion . Tradition . DEMOCRACIES DANCING WITH THE DEVIL. A2. THE VOICE OF A13. ETERNITY IN THE MIDST OF TIME. PALIN ABANDONS VISIT TO ISRAEL A6. algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2011 7 ADAR I 5771 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 1999 Jordanian Tribes Warn Abdullah Reform or Risk Revolt A War with Roses Women of the Protest in Cairo BY Maxine Dovere The call for democracy not only crossed gender lines, it is also changing street conduct, noted Mozn Hassan Direc

A2 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2011 Opinion . President Mubarak .Photo Democracies Dancing with the Devil DoviD eFUne ne W Yor K The continuing chaos that has drawn all eyes to Egypt, has led many to pontificate the flaws of democracy. More specifically called into question, is the universal value of a democratic system. Perhaps, the argument goes, not all are ready or capable of making their own decisions, after all, Hitler was democratically elected, as was Hamas in Gaza. And, t World News . A3 Memory of Holocaust Dying as Auschwitz Crumbles BY Tzvi Ben GeDalYahU The AuschwitzBirkenau death camp museum, the largest testament to the Holocaust, is dying along with Holocaust survivors as officials scramble to raise 165 million so that future generations will never forge The Nazis tried to blow up and destroy the evidence of death chambers before the Allied forces overran Hitlers empire in 1945, and the remains were preserved in a museum, but time and

A4 FRIDAY,FEBRUARY 11, 2011 World News ADVERTORIAL Its a match made in gourmet Heaven. Pomegranate, Brooklyns wellknown upscale kosher food market, will be sponsoring a fourpart cooking demonstration by the Kosher food diva herself Susie Fishbein. The decision to focus on fish in the upcoming series reflects a growing health consciousness among kosher consumers, says the stores general manager, Gabe Boxer. While customers are becoming more and more aware of the many health benefits of eating A5

A6 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2011 US News . Palin Abandons Plan For Early Visit to Israel BY Tzvi Ben GeDalYahU Potential GOP presidential candidate Sarah Palin turned down a chance to speak at the prestigious Herzliya Conference this week, abandoning her plan to visit Israel early this year. She was invited the president was invited, a conference spokesman said, according to the Washington website The Hill. All of the top people in the U.S. were invited. But its not as if her attendance was imm Opinion . A7 The Ghosts That Accompany a Jew in Germany ShMUleY BoTeaCh ne W Yor K My son is studying at the Chabad Rabbinical College of Frankfurt, Germany. So when I was invited to address the Jewish community of Cologne and then The Jewish Experience in Frankfurt I jumped at the opportunity. Although this was my fifth visit, the specter of the holocaust always accompanied me. How could it not The enormity of the crime leaves permanent shadows. Hints of it exist in all

A8 FRIDAY,FEBRUARY 11, 2011 FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 2011 Opinion Continuations continued from page A7 had tortured the little girl. I hated them with every fiber of my being. It was almost 7pm, when the museum closes. A young German female curator came over to tell me and my son that they were soon closing. She did so very gently, almost sensing what I was feeling. She tried to engage us in conversation. We responded warmly. I felt her pain as well. She was saying, Im not one of them. I feel deep A9 Opinion. Beirut Calling john BolTon WaShi nGT o n D C Lebanon, not Egypt, may determine the fate of democracy in the Middle East. Despite the medias recent focus on Egypt, events in Lebanon may well tell us more about the troubled prospects for Middle Eastern democracy. The fall of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariris government, replaced by a Hezbollahdominated coalition, dramatically imperils Beiruts democratic Cedar Revolution. Financed and dominated by Iran, terrori

A10 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2011 A11 Police Apprehend Judaica Thieves BY elaD Benari A tipoff by a merchant of Judaica products living in Ashdod has helped police capture a gang of Judaica thieves, who stole valuable items from a synagogue in Tzfat. The merchant told police that he had bought from the gang a crown for a Torah scroll which is placed on scrolls during Shabbat and holy days. The merchant said that the crown he had bought was a rare and valuable item. An investigation by police found that the s

A12 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2011 Impressions . No More Mr. Nice Guys BY aDaM jaCoBS Week 19 Finally our big bad week. Shavua Milchama War Week, or Hell Week, if you like. This was to be the hardest of em all. We were to be pushed to the max and fight as a pluga together. The last few days we spent just getting as much rest as we could, alsos making sure all our gear was tiptop and packed up in those huge bags, which was all to be inspected by the MP Mifaked Pluga. Late Sunday night, I find mys Tradition . A13 The Voice of Eternity in the Midst of Time jonaThan SaCKS lonD on, U K Tetzaveh is the priestly sedra par excellence. The name of Moses does not appear the only sedra of which this is true from the beginning of Exodus to the end of Deuteronomy. Instead, the place of honour is occupied by Aaron and his sons, the priests their tasks, their vestments, their consecration. In this study I want to look at an argument between two of the great medieval sages, Ma

A14 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2011 Tradition . How We Define Our Own Destinies SiMon jaCoBSon ne W Yor K Dear Rabbi Jacobson, In many of your writings I have read that each of us is responsible to be happy. Indeed, it is a mitzvah to have simcha joy. You have eloquently explained that each of us is indispensable and worthy of being joyful. However I would like to ask you, especially now that we enter the month of Adar, a month of joy Is it possible that some of us are just wired to be happier t Social . A15 Jewish Ledger Names Freida Hecht as Norwalks First Mover and Shaker BY ChaSe WriGhT In her 26 years as a Norwalk resident, Freida Hecht has become something of a role model to the greater Westport and Norwalk areas Jewish community. And with 11 children and five grandchildren of her own, Hecht has her hands full coordinating the many educational programs Freida Hecht has been named Jewish Ledgers 2010 Movers and Shakers List. Hecht, the wife at Beth Israel of NotForProfit Organizations Tribul Merchant Services Be part of the Attention Charity Ventures Program For over 10 years Tribul Merchant Services have been working with NotForProfit Organizations across the country, now we invite you to join our Charity Ventures Program. All you need to do in order to enter the program is to refer us to any business that currently accepts credit cards tell them to expect a phone call from Tribul Merchant Services. We keep it simple Leave it

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