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Opinion . Tradition . DEATH OF A2. THE MATCHMAKER WHAT IS WRONG A13. WITH COUNTING JEWS GALA AT NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE A15. algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2011 14 ADAR I 5771 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2000 Israel Closes Embassies in Face of Terror Threat New York Congressional Delegation Promises Vigilance, Concern BY Maxine Dovere Each year for the past thirty two, the Jewish Community Relations Council JCRCNY, together with UJAFederation, has sponso

A2 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2011 Opinion . Death of the Matchmaker DoviD eFUne ne W Yo r K Although not by any means my area of expertise, some recent conversations about the pros and cons of the matchmaker with some single secular friends, prompted me to put some thoughts into writing. Made famous by a prominent character in Fiddler on the Roof and even more so by contemporary culture with various TV shows like Millionaire Matchmaker, the matchmaker character has long had a place in relations World News . A3 Tel Aviv Study Computer Games Poll 42 Say and Memory Improvement Judaism Treats BY Hillel FenDel A study carried out at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center shows that certain computer games improve cognitive capacity better than others. The results of the study, which examined 155 subjects aged between 61 and 75, have been published in the latest edition of Neuroepidemiology Journal. The study was overseen by Prof. Nir Giladi, MD, of the Centers Department

A4 FRIDAY,FEBRUARY 18, 2011 World News . Maj. Gen. Gantz Appointed Israels 20th Chief of Staff The government is endowed with the responsibility of defending the public and promising the nations endurance, the IDF being its most important operational arm. Following approval by the Turkel comAccording to the Prime Ministers office, mittee today, the cabinet unanimously conin these sensitive times we must have leaderfirmed Maj. Gen. Benjamin Gantzs appointship that can stabilize the most seni A5

A6 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2011 US News continued from page A1 and a cadre of diplomats was present. Opening remarks were given by Shlomi Kofman, Deputy Consul General of Israel in NY. The event, chaired by JCRCNY President Alan S. Jaffe included participation of Board Member Ester Fuchs and Jerry W. Levin, President of UJAFederation of New York. Special wishes for speedy recovery were conveyed to JCRC Executive Director Michael Miller and Board Member Sally Goodgold. Queens based Congressman Ga Obamas Rabbi Advises President Free Pollard Now BY DaviD lev As Americans and Israelis besiege the White House with calls for freedom for Jonathan Pollard, an individual who might have a little more pull than the rest of us had gotten on board Rabbi Capers Funnye is the first cousin of Michelle Obama, once removed, and he in recent days sent a letter to President Barack Obama requesting that Pollard be released. The man who was dubbed Obamas rabbi by the New Yorki Times, wrot

A8 FRIDAY,FEBRUARY 18, 2011 FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 2011 Continuations continued from page A 2 . Opinion . Offers You a Sunny Winter Rate continued from page A 6 was wrong, but what was also problematic was that he did not say anything about the position of the Muslim Brotherhood about the 1979 Treaty of Peace with Israel. Just last week Rashad alBayoumi, a deputy leader of the movement, told a Japanese television station After President Mubarak steps down and a provisional government is for Opinion . A9 Obama, Who Hedged and Didnt Lead, is the Big Loser on Egypt sHMUleY BoteaCH ne W Yor K Im sitting and watching President Obamas speech on the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. He is eloquent as usual, giving compelling visuals of the protestors demanding a free government amid great personal peril. He is quoting Ghandi and Martin Luther King. He has taken charge of the situation. The President of the United States endorsing the people of Egypt

A10 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2011 Continuations continued from page A14 not respect the individuality of their subjects. Through the ages many religious leaders arose who abused religion, often with the same claim, ironically, of the despots they were trying to displace People cant be trusted. They need to be told commanded and even compelled to do what is right. Discipline is always necessary, but what happens when in the name of discipline and order one individual takes control and abusively Opinion . A11 Hallmark Holidays BY siMCHa Weinstein Of all the annual Hallmark holidays, I hate Valentines Day the most. In high school, we ran to our lockers, hoping to see a bunch of pink and red cards waiting for us. While my locker was never empty, it wasnt exactly overflowing, either. High school was a long time ago, but as a rabbi, my contempt for Cupid has only grown. The whole occasion is so fabricated and trite. We send out millions of cards. Drugstores turn thems

A12 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2011 Impressions . PR in Israel From Bad to Worse BY ronn torossian Week 20 The next stretch was insane. Through fields ankle deep in wet mud. At some parts youd literally be mud skating. Some guys fell and got completely caked in it. When everyone slowed down you knew there was a crazy obstacle comin up. Like a huge thorn bush that we had to plow through, steep inlines, pits, manholes, giant puddlesstreams, big rocks to get over, or just having to walk really caref Tradition . A13 What is Wrong with Counting Jews Lord, I have sinned greatly in what I have done. Now, O Lord, I beg you, take away the guilt of your servant. I have done a very foolish thing. The result, however, was tragedy. A plague jonatHan saCKs struck the people, taking many lives. There is a lonD on, U K tantalizing mystery here. Why is it dangerous to count Jews The commentators offered many suggestions. Rashi says that counting is fraught with the danger of the ev

A14 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2011 Tradition . The Difficult History of Religion and Freedom siMon jaCoBson ne W Yor K we live in denial about the events in Egypt, or try to minimize and convince ourselves that this uprising is just an anomaly, which will soon disappear we will be doomed to suffer as a result. On the other hand, half the cure is awareness of the festering problems. Defining the problem by coming to terms with these events, facing them head on and dissecting their underlying c Social . Gateways Celebrates Thirteen Years Auctions Ron Agam Original BY Maxine Dovere A15 TV personality Guy Adami from MSNBCS Fast Money was the evenings Master of Ceremonies. Do I hear... Auctioneer David Greenblatts call for a higher bid sparked the excitement at the live auction at the Gateways Thirteenth Anniversary dinner. Photo Maine Dovere. Just One Life Honoree Simon Jacobson receives his award from Rabbi Eytan Tokayer. Philanthropist Mark Isaacson addresses th Pesach 201 1 in Featuring the and the vWc israel Kinar Galile Tiberias Leonardo Plaza Jerusalem 5 star Gourmet Meals Family Entertainment Exciting day tours call us today to be part of the VIP Israel Pesach Experience Action packed day camp Dont just see it...VIP it 888.448.4778

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