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Opinion . Tradition . THE RAGE AGAINST A2. THE MUBARACK MACHINE. THE Gd A13. OF FREEdOM. MAdOFFS MAYHEM MAULS THE METS A3. algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 2011 23 SHVAT 5771 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 1998 Gangs In Tunisia Burn Torah Scroll, Set Synagogue on Fire Getting Out No Resolution to Turmoil in Egypt BY Maxine Dovere When the group of twenty eight American travelers embarked from a snowy New York airport January 18, their biggest concern was that

A2 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 2011 Opinion . Rage Against The Mubarak Machine DoviD eFUne ne W Yor K The world is closely observing the images of chaos streaming from Egypt. Reactions differ from those that are excited and heartened at the prospects of a better future for the Egyptian people, to those who fear that the potential alternatives could only be worse. Many others remain undecided and are waiting to see what the future holds. In seeking to understand the direction that this new politica World News . A3 400 Israelis Rescued from Egypt BY Chana Yaar The night winds were especially cold in Egypt Sunday night as hundreds of Israelis waited silently for two El Al planes to take them home. For more than 16 hours, in fact, 400 Israelis waited in the Cairo airport before the two aircraft were able to lift off the tarmac safely. By Monday morning, the ordeal had ended with both planes landing at Ben Gurion International Airport. The United States meanwhile had jus

A4 FRIDAY,FEBRUARY 4, 2011 World News . shooting him. The kidnappers are hoping to pressure the Jewish community into publicly forgiving Abdi, which may convince the courts to commute his sentence to a fine. Abdi has been sentenced to death for murdering Nahari. He had previously murdered his wife, but was not jailed after her family agreed to accept financial compensation in lieu of a criminal trial. The Jewish community of Yemen, already small, has dwindled in recent years as many flee the US News . A5 Madoffs Mayhem Mauls the Mets World Series. He was executive vice president of the Major League Baseball commissioners Cipriani on Forty Second Street in Manoffice between September 1998 and 2005, hattan was the venue for the 2011 Police Aththen becoming CEO of the San Diego Padres. letic League P.A.L. annual gala, this year During his tenure, the team won division titles honoring Richard Lynn Sandy Alderson, in 2005 and 2006. Alderson worked with recently app

A6 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 2011 US News . and Arab communities in the US and Canada. The tour was established by Dr. Hatem Bazian, chairman of the American Muslims for Palestine, and by Auschwitz survivor Dr. Hajo Meyer. The Rutgers event was hosted by BAKA and sponsored by the International Jewish AntiZionist Network, Americans for Muslims in Palestine, and the Middle East Childrens Alliance. Despite the attempted disruptions, more than 160 people attended the program, which stressed its opposi Opinion . A7 Obamas Soulless Obsession With Science And Math shMUleY BoTeaCh ne W Yor K Science and math. Science and math. President Obamas new mantra, science and math. If only America focuses its students on science and math, the President told us in his State of the Union Address, then well be as innovative as China and we will no longer have to farm out the building of wondrous handheld gadgets and tiny technological marvels. The gods of science and math will make ou

A8 FRIDAY,FEBRUARY 4, FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 2011 Opinion . US News . Jon Voight The Pollard Case is a Result of AntiSemitism KFWE2011 the kosher food wine experience February 22 Pier 60 Chelsea Piers New York City BY lahav harKov sample selections from the best kosher restaurants taste hundreds of amazing wines from around the world TICKETS 100 each. Jonathan Pollard did not have a fair trial, due in part to antiSemitism, says American actor Jon Voight, who was in Israe A9 Opinion. The Devil We Know vs. The Devil We Dont Know MorGan p. MUChniCK ne W Yor K The recent explosion of anger from Muslims throughout the Middle East and North Africa is a fascinating story, full of complexity and significance to the United States. The dictatorial ArabMuslim leaders throughout the world have been traditionally secular but cultivate Islamic extremism in order to gain some measure of power over their increasingly radicalized populations. To various de

A10 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 2011 Continuations. Opinion continued from page A1 ment, he said and had a 99 chance its a go. As backup, tickets were reserved on still flying European carriers, just in case. Group members initially resolved to remain together safety in numbers but by late Sunday, many realized that getting out by whatever means possible was priority. Tauck actually agreed to have its staff escort individuals to the airport, if necessary. In New York, friends and family were proact Continuations continued from page A5 more than 300 million dollars, according to The New York Times. Stating that negotiations with the Madoff trustee continue, Wilpon said all possible options, which could include the sale of up to 25 percent of the Mets Baseball team, are being examined. A consortium headed by Long Island liquor wholesaler Martin Silver, owner of Star Industries, has made known its offer to purchase the New York team. According to a letter he has presented

A12 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY, 2011 Impressions . Jews And Sport, A Match Made In Heaven BY Ben horne Week 18 Woke today at the crack of dawn for another day of drills. My legs were already sore as we once again carry the whole shebang on our backs and head off to find our next location of training. Helmets were to be worn. They arent the most comfortable thing to wear when one is hiking in the desert heat. We pass curious bedouins. I swear I dont get how those people live in the shetach their whole Tradition . A13 The Gd of Freedom JonaThan saCKs lonD on, U K This weeks sedra and those that follow it to the end of the book of Exodus, describe the great collective project of the Israelites in the desert building a mikdash, a portable Sanctuary, that would serve as the visible home of the Divine presence. It was the first collective house of worship in the history of Israel. The opening command, however, emphasizes an unusual dimension of the project Gd spoke to Moses

A14 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY, 2011 Tradition . It surprises me that with all of our best minds at work trying to find a solution to the decaying economy, no one has suggested revisiting the initial mission statement of the United States of America the driving ethos that gave birth in the first place to this mighty nation and created the climate for its thriving economy. In the Declaration of Independence which one can say is the USAs mission statement the Founding Fathers, in their wisdom and appa Social . Continued from page A14 A15 Guest enjoying a YJP event. Our leaders today ought to simply echo and reiterate this nations original mission statement declaring the core base of our union is the Divine gift of life that we were all given equally, that In God we trust and with that trust E Pluribus Unum, from the many, one, and we can thus trust each other, and become one despite our diversity. That without this common bond our system our government, economy, poli Pesach 201 1 in Featuring the and the vWc israel Kinar Galile Tiberias Leonardo Plaza Jerusalem 5 star Gourmet Meals Family Entertainment Exciting day tours call us today to be part of the VIP Israel Pesach Experience Action packed day camp Dont just see it...VIP it 888.448.4778

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