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Opinion. Tradition . ISRAEL WITHOUT T RUPERT MURDOCH A2. KEEPING A9. CIVILIZATION YOUTHFUL JEWS IN ACTIVE MILITARY SERVICE A11. algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011 20 TAMMUZ 5771 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2019 Netanyahu Lauds Naval Commandos Kehilath Jeshurun Fire Investigation Under Way BY MAXINE DOVERE The Kehilath Jeshurun community has joined together. It gathers to sing, even in the streets, it comes together by phone and through the internet to lend su

A2 FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011 Opinion . to incessant clubbing from such enlightened Middle East experts as Thomas Friedman, Karl Vick, Peter Beinart and others. For too long have the Jewish people left the matter of their communication with the world at large in the hands of others, subject to their whims, manipulations and foreign agendas. Yes, the Jewish community has built a number of thriving news organizations in fact there are more Jewish newspapers in New York than tabloids in London, but World News . A3 Egypt Sued Over Pipeline Blasts BY ASSOCIATED PRESS Shareholders of a Cairobased energy company that delivers natural gas to Israel say they are seeking more than 8 billion in damages from the Egyptian government due to repeated attacks that have disrupted the gas flow. Four bombings since February have repeatedly halted gas shipments to Israel, and even during times of quiet, they said, shipments have been only 30 to 40 of the regular pipeline capacity. On

A4 FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011 World News increase in the number of security personnel in the area. In addition, the city of Jerusalem is working to fence in the historic cemetery in order to protect it, a project King said is long overdue. The past year has also seen the Jewish presence in the area grow stronger. Recently, a new Jewish neighborhood called Maaleh Zeitim was inaugurated on the Mount of Olives. King told Arutz Sheva that he would like to publicize the decline in attacks in order to e World News BY S.Z. WOLFF July 11 Hundreds of supporters of Syrian President Bashar Assad attacked the U.S. Embassy in Damascus, smashing windows and spraypainting walls with obscenities and graffiti that called the American ambassador a dog. Guards at the French Embassy fired in the air to ward off another group of protesters. The escalation in tensions followed a visit the previous week by the American and French ambassadors to the city of Hama, a stronghold of opposition to

A6 FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011 U.S News . US Businessman Buys Beitar Jerusalem BY JESSICA ELGOT SIMON GRIVER Israels most controversial football club has been sold to two American businessmen, one of whom is well known for his leftwing activism. Dan Adler and Adam Levin bought Beitar Jerusalem from Arkady Gaydamak in London yesterday. The California businessmen were in the UK to buy several British hightech companies. The new owners are not believed to have paid Mr Gaydam for the club, but will p Opinion . A7 The Horrifying End of 8YearOld Leibby Kletsky SHMULEY BOTEACH N E W YO R K There are three reasons Hassidic Jews live together in tightknit and often insular communities. The first is shared values. The second, a strong support network and security in numbers. And the third is a desire to filter out some of the corrosive elements of outside society from corrupting their children. All three have been undermined by the brutal murder of Leibby Kletsky by Levi Ar

A8 FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011 Impressions . need to express their faith on paper. Undoubtedly a further proportion fear prejudices and preconceptions. Unfortunately, by not registering as Jews, the prejudices and preconceptions are perpetuated. The facts regarding the number of Jews in the U.S. Military are as follows during World War II, American Jews comprised approximately 3.3 of the population, while 4.23 of the U.S. Military service members were of Jewish faith showing clear overrepresentati A9 Tradition. Keeping a Civilization Youthful JONATHAN SACKS LOND ON, UK The Israelites are almost within sight of the promised land. They have waged a victorious campaign against the Midianites. We feel the tempo quicken. No longer are the Israelites in the desert. They are moving inexorably toward the Jordan, to the west of which lies their destination the land flowing with milk and honey. The members of the tribes of Reuben and Gad, though, begin to have different thoug

A10 FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011 Tradition . dence and our hopeful belief in progress and the sense that tomorrow can be better than today. Is it then logical to say that the same Torah whose values stand out till this very day as a shining example of the noblest standards that man can ever attain could contradict itself in a call for genocide And finally, consider this fact As opposed to other religions, Judaism never pursued a religious crusade to impose on others its beliefs through wars, inq Social . BY SHMUEL BRUCK A11 Diverse and Eclectic Moshe Hecht Releases Single The name Moshe Hecht, while relatively unknown to the secular music scene, inspires a passionate response from concertgoers. Hes not simply a singer or songwriter, proclaimed a newly minted fan after a concert in Oxford, England. He inspires. Born into a Chassidic family, Moshe Hecht grew up striving to define himself while staying true to his Dr. Joshua Plaut joined his enthusiastic staff at AF

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