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Opinion. Tradition . WHY HASBARA IS A DIRTY WORD. A2. NOT RECKONED AMONG THE NATIONS. A9. NEW TWITTER RATINGS AND ISRAEL A8 algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, JULY 6, 2012 16 TAMMUZ 5772 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2067 Romney Trip to Israel Confirmed. Aguiars Billionaire Uncle Thinks He Might Be Alive BY ALGEMEINER STAFF The disappearance of Guma Aguiar in Florida has left his mother and wife fighting for control of nearly 100 million in assets, and has now led his uncles

A2 FRIDAY, JULY 6 2012 Opinion . convey simple clarity. If one gets rid of these habits one can think more clearly, and to think clearly is a necessary first step toward political regeneration, Orwell wrote. Undoubtedly, in the battleground of ideas, achieving clarity is the first step to securing victory. If Shamir was charged with branding todays preeminent occupation of myriad proIsrael organizations, instead of hasbara, I would wager that he would have labeled his brand of Israel represe World News . FRIDAY, JULY 6 2012 A3 Presbyterian Church Fabricates Mandela Quote to Attack Israel BY JOINTMEDIA NEWS SERVICE Presbyterian Church USA PCUSA, during its June 30July 7 biannual conference in Pittsburgh, Pa., fabricated a quote from former South African president Nelson Mandela on Israels treatment of Palestinians. Apartheid is a crime against humanity, a PCUSA resolution stated, attributing the quote to Mandela. Israel has deprived millions of Palestinians o

A4 FRIDAY, JULY 6 2012 World News . Jerusalem Sees Increased Threat Israeli Envoy Meets with of Arson Attacks Egyptian Military in Cairo BY JOINTMEDIA NEWS SERVICE Following a state report on one of the worst fires in Israels history, Jerusalems arson problem has raged on. A recent report by State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss on the December 2010 Mount Carmel firewhich claimed 44 lives cited flaws in the way Israels emergency services, firefighters, police, and prison authorities have ha U.S. News . FRIDAY, JULY 6 2012 A5 U.S. Slams UN Human Rights Council for Bias Against Israel BY ALGEMEINER STAFF The United States office in Geneva, at the United Nations Human Rights Council, reiterated its standing on Monday that the UNHRC is biased and disproportionately focuses on Israel. disproportionate focus on Israel, as exemplified by this standing agenda item. The agenda item in question is known as Item 7, or the Human Rights situation in Palestine and other

A6 FRIDAY, JULY 6 2012 Opinion . no animosity toward Arabs whatsoever and did not see them as Israels natural enemies. On the contrary, he felt that Israels success as a democracy gave hope to the Arab residents surrounding Israel that they too could one day live in free societies with real elections. After our time together in Oxford I became a regular visitor to his office in Tel Aviv in Beit Amot Hamishpat, where the Israeli government provides offices for former premiers. Shamirs office Opinion Continued from Page A6 Shamir . FRIDAY, JULY 6 2012 A7 ter, while truly excited about the wave of mass immigration from the Soviet Union crashing on Israeli shores, had virtually no knowledge of the Jews who are coming through Israels gates nor of the grueling absorption process they had to endure. Partially this wasnt Shamirs fault not much information about the daily life of Soviet Jewry came through the Iron Curtain, and the outside perception was distorted b

A8 FRIDAY, JULY 6 2012 Impressions . have to be changed to a relativeregional system, breaking down Judea and Samaria into several regions, joining the Arab cities with the various adjoining Israeli regions, thus maintaining the Jewish majority in the Knesset. MK Ariel is not worried about Arab demography overwhelming the Jewish one. This is a mistaken idea that we have been threatened with for many years. This tendency has changed, as the Arabs are having fewer children, as opposed to the J FRIDAY, JULY 6 2012 A9 Tradition. Legal Notice LEGAL NOTICE MY VISITING TUTOR, LLC Art. Of Org. Filed Sec. Of State of NY 08252011. Off Loc.Kings Co. SSNY designated as agent upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY to mail copy of process to THE LLC CO Incorp Service, Inc., One Commerce Plaza, 99 Washington Ave., Suite 805A, Albany, NY 122102882. Purpose Any lawful act or activity. AJ61,8,15,22,29, 76 Notice of formation of Mallen 4 LLC ,arts.of org filed with Se

A10 FRIDAY, JULY 6 2012 Tradition . awareness, but because you feel that your self is just an expression of a higher entity than you no longer can truly be counted. To count you, to measure you, to define you in any way would need to include that which you are a channel of. Being that you are channel of the eternal and infinite Divine, then you are as uncountable as Eternity itself. Of all people, Balaam the enemy himself, tells us that you have two choices You can be dedicated to you own n Social . FRIDAY, JULY 6 2012 A11 Centuries Old Synagogue Found in Israel With Hebrew Inscribed Mosaic Floor BY JOINTMEDIA NEWS A splendid synagogue from the Talmudic period was unearthed recently during excavations at Khirbet Hukuk in the northwestern Galilee on the site where a Jewish community existed between the fourth and sixth centuries C.E., Israel Hayom reported. Artist Edwina Sallys. Photo Winston Churchills Granddaughter on Art, Women, and

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