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Opinion. Tradition . ET TU A2. WALL STREET JOURNAL. THE FEAR OF FREEDOM. A9. LIEV SCHREIBER MAY PLAY VILLAIN IN NOAH FILM A11 algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2012 25 SIVAN 5772 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2064 Pollards We Hope Peres Sways Obama to Free Jonathan Study 25 of New York City Jews Live in Poverty BY ALGEMEINER STAFF Thats the number of Jewish individuals currently living in New York City, representing an increase in the population size since 2002 , a

A2 FRIDAY, JUNE 15 2012 Opinion . accepted component of the information industry. However as a reader I am somewhat disgusted, as with its respectable track record, one would have hoped that the Wall Street Journal would be impervious to such influence on behalf of falsehood and the demonization of the Jewish State. Over the last number of years, many caring Jewish readers have made the Journal their paper of record as a result of its Israel coverage. In some circles, conversion from a New Y World News . FRIDAY, JUNE 15 2012 A3 Technion Researchers Discover Group of Genes that Prevent Parkinsons BY DEBY MEDREZ PIER Members of the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at Technion University in Israel have identified five genes that can predict Parkinsons disease. The scientists set out to evaluate whether a gene signature could be identified in the blood of early Parkinsons disease patients and tests were run on blood samples from 62 early stage Parkinsons disease pa

A4 FRIDAY, JUNE 15 2012 World News . Queens 35 Karat Pink Diamond Becomes Subject of AntiIsrael Activists BY ALGEMEINER STAFF The 35.60 karat diamond placed in the Tower of London to mark Queen Elizabeth IIs 60 years on the throne, is now the subject of antiIsrael activists who want the Queen to decline the gift because of the diamonds affiliation with the Steinmetz family, which helps support Israeli soldiers. We are shocked and disappointed by the decision of De Beers to present the Queen U.S. News . FRIDAY, JUNE 15 2012 A5 NYC BikeShare Program Left Out of Orthodox Brooklyn Community BY ALGEMEINER STAFF Next month, New York City will join the likes of London and Washington D.C. when an ambitious bikesharing program is launched, in order to improve transportation where mass transit lacks. However, South Williamsburg, an enclave for Hasidic Orthodox Jews, will not be part of the program. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the citys transportatio

A6 FRIDAY, JUNE 15 2012 Opinion . have attended a Jewish Friday night meal. So no doubt you are aware of the unique peace to be found on a day when noone looks at their cell phones, the television is off, and the internet is down. Its liberating and allows one to focus on people instead of all the distractions that currently separate us. No doubt in the coming months there will be spirited disagreements between us. No doubt you and I will wish clash mightily over issues that affect the resid Opinion . RAFAEL MEDOFF JOINTMEDIA NEWS FRIDAY, JUNE 15 2012 A7 Debating Israel During an Election Year JONATHAN S. TOBIN JOINTMEDIA NEWS How America First Learned of the Holocaust Eyewitness accounts of mass graves with 40,000 bodies at Zhitomir appear to have been based on hearsay. Meanwhile, the Allies were trying to bury the story. A few weeks after the Bund Report arrived, officials of the U.S. Office of War Information and the British Ministry of Information began

A8 FRIDAY, JUNE 15 2012 Impressions . Except for a parent. I remember watching this bump grow in my wifes Why Religious Jews Love Having Children BY ELAD NEHORAI When I first started on the road towards being a religious Jew, I remember being invited to many Shabbat meals at homes of Chassids and other Hareidi Jews, and being just absolutely astounded at the amount of children these people had. Some eight, some ten, some twelve and some even more. And even crazier, I was amazed at how young FRIDAY, JUNE 15 2012 A9 Tradition. Legal Notice not want to let go of the intimacy and innocence of childhood and enter the adult world. Sometimes it is hard for parents to let go of their children at others it is the other way round. But there must be a measure of separation if children are to become responsible adults. Ultimately the spies feared freedom and its responsibilities. But that is what Torah is about. Judaism is not a religion of monastic retreat from the wor

A10 FRIDAY, JUNE 15 2012 Tradition . ited minds and our myopic rules, trying to fit things into our convenient boxes, filing them into organized files, forcing knowledge and discovery to fit into our comfort zones. It is to be found by transcending by getting beyond our logical tools and experiencing a higher reality, where we become at peace with paradox. Both sides of the brain can also be compared to the square and the circle. The leftbrain processes experiences as localized events, ite Social . FRIDAY, JUNE 15 2012 A11 Former President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush. Photo wiki commons. Liev Schreiber May Play Villain in Aronofskys Noah Film BY DEBY MEDREZ PIER Actor Liev Schreiber is a leading contender for the villain role in Darren Aronofskys upcoming biblical epic Noah, set for a March 28, 2014 release. The Jewish actor is well known for his roles in X George H. W. Bush, a Friend to an Out of Place Jew BY ALGEMEINER STAFF In

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