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Opinion. Tradition . NOT ANOTHER A2. JEWISH DIME TO YALE. THE PRESIDENT MENSCH. A7. PR JEWS AND ISRAEL GET PROSESSIONAL A8. algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2011 15 SIVAN 5771 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2014 HAMAS, FATAH REACH AGREEMENT OVER MAKEUP OF UNITY GOVERNAMENT A Syrian Spring SYRIA Jack Avital, president of the Sephardic National Alliance, believes in the future of Beshar Assad. Everything is good, he says. You can bet on it Assad will be there anoth

A2 FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2011 Opinion . Not Another Jewish Dime to Yale DOVID EFUNE N E W YO R K The powers that be at Yale University view the institution as a mountain, a faculty member who wished to remain anonymous recently told me over the phone, as we discussed their announcement of the imminent closure of YIISA, the Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemetism. They cant be moved, he continued, They are not worried about the reaction from Jewish leaders, and there is n World News . A3 David Mamet Profound Taint of Antisemitism in UK BY JENNIFER LIPMAN A playwright celebrated for his observations of modern life has criticised the ineradicable taint of antisemitism in British society. In an interview with the Financial Times, the Chicagoborn Jewish writer David Mamet said that modern speakers were using the same antisemitic arguments that Charles Lindbergh and Oswald Mosley made in the 1930s. He said The speeches that are the same speeches

A4 FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2011 U.S News Continued from the Front Page A Syrian Spring . suicidal for Israel. Faced with a growingly crowded field of presidential hopefuls, Gingrich is campaigning following a mutiny of aides. Republican party member and media activist Andrew Breibart praised Gingrich but said he was not necessarily the right man for the presidency. I think he would be an impeccable adviser to the next president of the United States, especially on the issue of Israel, Breibart said, U.S. News . A5 New Youtube for Holocaust Survivors To Launch BY ALGEMEINER STAFF Their voices were quelled 70 years ago as they fought for survival. Now, a new innovative project is putting the mike in their hands and making the world their audience. will host hundreds of Holocaust survivors tales, in their own words through interviews conducted by professional documentarians and family members. Individuals can also upload their own stories is an abunda

A6 FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2011 Opinion . A7 Anthony Weiners Death Wish SHMULEY BOTEACH N E W YO R K Anthony Weiner should resign, but not for the reasons you think. True, he has disgraced his office and broken the peoples trust. And yet were well aware of how many public servants are deeply flawed with outofcontrol libidos, yet do a lot of good for the people. Just because a man is terrible at being a husband does not mean that he cant be a good public servant. JFK was arguably the worst husband in the

A8 FRIDAY, jUNE 17, 2011 Impressions . which reaches out to families with children with special needs and involves them in a full spectrum of social programs and weekly home visitations and play dates. The Teen volunteers come from the communities of Westport, Weston, Wilton, Norwalk Fairfield, Connecticut. Concluding its seventh year under the auspices of Beth Israel of WestportNorwalk cosponsored in part by The Schneerson Center for Jewish Life CT, Inc. The teen volunteers and their adul A9 Legal Notice The Politics of Liberty JONATHAN SACKS LOND ON, UK episode that the people would be condemned to spend 40 years in the wilderness, and that it would only be their children who would enter the land a punishment as such. It was an inevitable consequence of human nature. He do that if, in order to bring it about, He had to deprive them of the very freedom He wanted them to create. There are some things a parent may not to for a child if he or she wants the

A10 FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2011 Tradition . was blessed to be privy to as my appreciation grows, in retrospect, for the teachings that we wrote and published back in the Reagan years. If it can be summed up in a few words, the underlying message we were developing in the Reagan era included the following points The power of the human spirit Everything is possible if you set your mind to it. The critical need to counter the material tentacles of prosperity with a deep sense of spiritual vision an Social . A11 Government, Community Forces Stand in Unity Against Iran BY MAXINE DOVERE NEW YORK The 2011 Iran 180 Hero Awards were presented to Ahmad Batebi and Shabnan Adssadollahi on the steps of New Yorks City Hall, June 10, 2011. Iran 180 is a movement of people and organizations who say Yes to Human Rights, No to Nuclear Rights. Michael Miller, Executive Director of the JCRCNY, headed a contingent of Congressional, state, city and community leaders gathered to honor

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