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Opinion. Tradition . LAND FOR PEACE 19672012 A2. SAGES AND SAINTS. A9. MAREK HALTER ON THE NEW FRENCH PRESIDENT A2. algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2012 11 SIVAN 5772 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2062 Israeli Vice PM Infers Role in Flame Virus Targeting Iran Holy Warriors Terror Plot to Abduct Israeli Citizen Uncovered by Shin Bet BY ALGEMEINER STAFF A plot to kidnap an Israeli citizen and use that person as a bargaining chip for the release of Palestinian convict

A2 FRIDAY, JUNE 1 2012 Opinion . Land for Peace 1967 2012 DOVID EFUNE N E W YO R K Next week will mark the forty fifth anniversaries since one of the greatest periods of drama in Israels history, the Six Day War. Mortal danger was overcome in a victorious routing of Israels enemies, however amid the jubilation, was born the bastard child of foreign interests and youthful Israeli naivet, the Land for Peace concept. Just nine days following the termination of hostilities, the National Unity World News . FRIDAY, JUNE 1 2012 A3 Turkey, Still Blaming Israel for Flotilla, Approves Indictments BY JOINTMEDIA NEWS Despite international exoneration of Israel for the May 2010 Gaza flotilla incident, Turkey is still blaming the Israel Defense Forces for what transpired. On Mondayjust a few days before the flotillas May 31 anniversarya Turkish court approved a series of indictments seeking multiple life sentences for former IDF Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. res. Gab

A4 FRIDAY, JUNE 1 2012 U.S News . included two Saudi officials, halfadozen Israelis and a group of Americans in Azerbaijan, officials said, according to Israel Hayom. They were going after individuals...They had names of employees. And they were interested in family members, too, said a former U.S. State Department official who worked with the embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan. Israeli Teens Win Intel Prize for Water Leak Detector BY JOINTMEDIA NEWS SERVICE Students from the Torah UMada yeshiva h U.S. News . FRIDAY, JUNE 1 2012 A5 Secure Pollards Release, Terror Victims Say BY JOINTMEDIA NEWS SERVICE Several bereaved families have asked President Shimon Peres to take advantage of his upcoming visit to Washington to lobby U.S. President Barack Obama for the release of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, Israel Hayom reported. The parents wrote to Peres and hope to meet with him before he leaves for Washington in midJune to receive the Presidential Medal of Fre

A6 FRIDAY, JUNE 1 2012 Opinion . Its for this reason that I am offering to mediate this dispute between the two of you and help steer the primary back to the issues and away from personal attacks. I am offering my services to try and resolve some of the personal bitterness that has entered your contest. If we could spend a few hours together the three of us I am convinced that we can make some progress in lowering the tone and getting focused back on the issues. This way, whoever wins, you Opinion . FRIDAY, JUNE 1 2012 A7 The Jewish Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu is Not Reaction to a King Mark Zuckerberg Intermarrying ARIK ELMAN JE RUSAL E M tribe that worshiped Livni abandoned him and Kadima. Even before he won, without listening to a word he had to say, more than a half of Kadima supporters In 2003, Nathan Sharanskys Yisrael bAliya party was virtually wiped out because of its too cozy relationship with Likud under Ariel Sharon. Voters per BY CHAYA LIGHT I wo

A8 FRIDAY, JUNE 1 2012 Impressions . mous relationships. The end result of this disconnect between the expectation of fidelity and mens inability to stay monogamous is heartache and disillusionment. The sooner we let go of the monogamy ideal, the happier well all be. I ask the readers forgiveness for putting this in what might be perhaps confusing, clinical and scientific terminology Men would like to have sex with lots of different women. Now I understand why Anderson made it to the rank of FRIDAY, JUNE 1 2012 A9 Tradition. Legal Notice pleasures, appetites and desires. The two best known movements to hold this view were Gnosticism in the West and Manichaeism in the East. So at least some of the negative evaluation of the nazirite may have been driven by a desire to discourage Jews from imitating nonJewish tendencies in Christianity and Islam. What is remarkable however is the position of Maimonides, who holds both views, positive and negative. In Hilkhot De

A10 FRIDAY, JUNE 1 2012 Tradition . Continued from Page A9 Sages and Saints Are You Unique SIMON JACOBSON N E W YO R K Dear Rabbi, I just finished watching your mindblowing class, Individuality vs. Conformity, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised and taken by your refreshing approach to the entire issue. What struck me most was your statement that our true individuality is under assault and driven into hiding from the moment we are born and our shaping influences and surrounding Social . FRIDAY, JUNE 1 2012 A11 Port of Cannes. Photo wiki commons A Lifetime of Jewish Music on Display at Lincoln Center BY MAXINE DOVERE Matthew Mati Lazar has been dedicated to the creation of Jewish music for most of his life. On Sunday, May 20th, the Maestro and his Chorale celebrated their reunification of at a grand Celebrate Jerusalem concert in the Frederick P. Rose Hall at JAZZ at Lincoln FrenchIranian Film The AntiSemite Banned from Cannes Festival BY ALGE

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