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Opinion. Tradition . EFFECTIVE RUBASHKIN NARRATIVE A2. TELLING THE A TRUE LEADER A8. ANNUAL BBQ AT GRACIE MANSION A11 algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011 22 SIVAN 5771 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2015 Dagan Dismisses Arab Spring CA Evangelicals Oppose Circumcision Ban BY NEWS AGENCIES Californias National Association of Evangelicals rallies against proposed San Francisco bill banning Jewish rite Evangelicals have come out in opposition to a proposed ban on cir

A2 FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011 Opinion . an individual, yet is pivotal to all. Some of the initiatives that have been implemented up until this point, may have been well meaning, but neglected to address this concern as a consequence, their impact may be limited, possibly even having an adverse effect on the outcome. For example, the Unity for Justice Campaign was aptly named, but the video produced strongly suggested that support for the cause was limited to orthodox Jews, a gross misrepresentati World News . A3 Compromise On Orthodox Ron Prosor Starts Work Basketball Players Shirt BY GIL RONEN A compromise has been reached in the dispute over an orthodox Israeli basketball player who insisted on wearing modest clothing to an important match. The Israeli national team and FIBA, basketballs governing body, agreed on a solution that allows Israels Naama Shafir to compete in the European womens championship this week. FIBA Europe spokesman Sakis Kontos said Shafir wa

A4 FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011 U.S News . World News . A Life Well Lived Netanyahu Takes Steps to Charlotte Bloomberg Dies at 102 Control Settlement Policy BY MAXINE DOVERE Announcement of the death of Charlotte R. Bloomberg was made by Mayor Michael Bloomberg Sunday, June 19, in New York. She was 102. Mrs. Bloomberg lived a life her son called extraordinary. He characterized her life as a blessing, saying the Bloomberg family recognizes how truly blessed we have been and will be able to carry U.S. News . A5 Israels UN Ambassador Tells The Globe at a Glance U.S. Jews Prepare for September Column Will be Back in the Vote on Palestinian State Algemeiner Edition of July 1st BY SHLOMO SHAMIR Ron Prosor urges leaders at closed session of the Conference of Presidents of major Jewish American Organizations to use connections to stop upcoming UN vote. Israels new ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor urged Jewish American leaders on Monday to form a clear and oper

A6 FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011 World News . Iron Dome CRAM launcher near the town of Sderot. Photo NatanFlayer Yishai Working to Have ID Cards State Ones Religion BY JONA MANDEL Interior Minister decided in 2002 to remove nationality clause, aftter court ruling that Reform, Conservative converts must be noted as Jews. Interior Minister Eli Yishai Shas is working to change identity cards so that they once again state the holders religion and thus prevent nonOrthodox converts from being defined on Opinion . A7 Are the Circumcision Opponents AntiSemitic SHMULEY BOTEACH N E W YO R K The growing antiSemitic images and caricatures associated with the attempt to ban circumcision in San Francisco are disturbing. These include the highly inflammatory Foreskin Man comic, depicting a superhero saving innocent boys from evil circumcisers, which the Jerusalem Post reported to have been produced by Matthew Hess, one of the central backers of the anticircumcision measures. Inde

A8 FRIDAY, jUNE 24, 2011 Impressions . of cordial relations and I felt grateful to the Italian Consulate as well as the Libyan government, Gerbi writes. In 2007 Gerbi returned to Libya and was invited by Qaddafi on the premise of helping to normalize the relationship with the Western World, however upon arriving in Tripoli, Gerbi was arrested and searched, and all of his belongings, including his religious items were confiscated. Gerbi was escorted to an airplane of which he had no idea as A9 Tradition. What Constitutes a True Leader JONATHAN SACKS LOND ON, UK I f you seek to understand an accusation, look at the accuser, not the accused. Think, for example, about one of the most famous of antiSemitic myths The Protocols of the Elders of Zion the classic account is Norman Cohns Warrant for Genocide more recently the distinguished Israeli jurist Hadassa Ben Itto published her own account, The Lie That Wouldnt Die. According to the Protocols, Jews form a secr

A10 FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011 Tradition . prevail depends on many factors. Not the least one the mentoring influences in our lives. Say someone comes to consult with you about a particular challenge they are facing. Do you usually encourage or discourage him her Do you find reasons for hope and positive thinking, or do you focus primarily on the impossibilities of the situation After all, if you soberly analyze any situation you can always find reasons to feel defeated. Yet, some people give us Social . BY MIRI BENDOR A11 Many Faces of Israel, the Exhibit The highly styled work of Jahhael Massac, a native of St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands, is currently on display at The Gallery of the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building in Manhattan. Massacs work combines photography with artistic overlay and interpretation, using images to trace the global journey of the YisraeliteJewish communitys 10 Lost Tribes of Yisrael. His work explores the life and legends of commun

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