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Opinion . Tradition . NEVER AGAIN IS NOT JUST A SLOGAN A2. WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A JEW A13. ITAMAR AND BRITISH MEDIA BIAS A12. algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011 12 ADAR II 5771 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2004 A Disgraceful Act, Inhuman and Immoral Chinese Made Anti Ship Missiles On Board Victoria BY Maxine Dovere Did the two Iranian vessels that recently transited Suez leave behind some souvenirs Did the cargo ship Victoria, which left the same Syrian port,

A2 FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011 Never Again Is Not Just a Slogan DoviD eFUne ne W Yo r K Following the Holocaust, two phrases stand out above all others as concrete universal Jewish resolutions. The first, Zachor to remember, is to ensure that the past will never be forgotten and its memory will always serve as a guide for the future. The second, Never Again, is not limited to the horrors of a particular time or place, nor by extent or methods, but rather it symbolizes the Jewish peoples collectiv

A4 FRIDAY,MARCH 18, 2011 World News . U.S. Deplores Cuba for Sentencing Alan Gross to 15 Years in Prison BY Doron PesKin Cuban court said prosecutors had proved their case that Gross, 61, was working on a subversive program, paid for by the United States that aimed to bring down Cubas revolutionary system. The United States deplored Sunday the Cuban court ruling which sentenced Jewish American contractor Alan Gross to 15 years in prison, a verdict that is sure to have sweeping repercussions A5 World News The Globe at a Glance March 8 1 Egyptian presidential hopeful Amr Moussa suggested that he would maintain the peace treaty with Israel if he were to win in elections later this year. We cannot rebuild Egypt while adopting an adventurous foreign policy... we would be kidding ourselves if Egyptians didnt recognize Israel as a state he said. Moussa added, however, that he would reconsider the terms of a deal by which Egypt sells Israel natural gas. A recent poll

A6 FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011 BH 2750 Nostrand Ave Between Ave MN Brooklyn, NY 11210 Accord SE Seats Leather Alloy Wheels 2 Years Only Civic Power Windows Power Locks AMFMCD Keyless Entry 2 Years Only Include 1500 Damage Waiver No Disposition Fee CRV SE Windows Tinted Alloy Wheels Keyless Entry Pilot 4WD Loaded Nicely Due At Signing Civic 24 Months 12k Per Year, Accord 27 Months 12k Per Year, CRV 36 Months 12k Per Year, Pilot 39 Mont A7

A8 FRIDAY,MARCH 18, 2011 FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 2011 Opinion US News .. Diamond Dealer Pleads for Prison BY eLLen TUMPosKY A Jewish diamond dealer begged a New York City judge last week to let him remain in prison rather than face retribution for testifying against a mafioso. Brian Greenwald, former president of Doppelt Greenwald in Manhattans Diamond District, made the plea at his sentencing at Manhattan Federal Court last week. Appearing before Judge Harold Baer, Greenwald, 40, made it clea Opinion . A9 Fall of a Jewish Lion shMULeY BoTeach ne W Yor K Jerusalem today is booming. While property prices in the United States plummet, in Jerusalem they skyrocket. The city has a youthfulness and dynamism equaled in few places on earth. Tourists flock in recordsetting numbers. Much of its boom is due to the vision of one man, a visionary businessman and staunch Zionist who built the oncederelict and now topoftheline Mamilla and Davids Village section of Jerusalem.

A10 FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011 Continuations continued from page A2 Afghanistan The Endless War continued from page A9 Fall of a Jewish Lion What we need in Congress is a brave member who every day will stand up at 12 noon and in the hour set aside for speeches by members on any subject do the equivalent of what Cato the Elder did every day in the Roman Senate, stating Carthage must be destroyed. Todays Congress member or Senator should say The Somali pirates must be destroyed. Secretary of Defe Opinion . A11 Japanese Living Amidst Continued Quakes, Threat of Nuclear Disaster BY JoshUa rUnYan anD TaMar rUnYan As an international effort representing 70 countries and a host of nongovernmental organizations directs aid to the troubled island nation of Japan, locals who survived an initial 8.9magnitude earthquake and devastating tsunami only to face the prospect of the worst nuclear disaster since the 1986 Chernobyl meltdown are living in a near constant state of fear

A12 FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011 Impressions . Itamar and British Media Bias BY GaBrieL MarTinDaLe I dont own a television and I dont buy newspapers. I do so mainly to save money, but also because I think that I end up better informed by seeking out information on the internet. A particularly striking example of this happened this week. Like many people I heard about the grizzly murders in Itamar on motzei Shabbat and I assumed that, since the brutal stabbing of children is something of a rarity, Tradition . A13 What It Means to Be a Jew JonaThan sacKs LonD on, U K Among the sacrifices detailed in this weeks sedra is the korban todah, the thanksgiving offering If he offers it the sacrifice as a thanksgiving offering, then along with this thanksgiving offering he is to offer unleavened loaves mixed with oil, unleavened wafers spread with oil, and loaves of fine flour wellkneaded and mixed with oil. Lev. 7 12. Though we have been without sacrifices for almost two th

A14 FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011 Tradition . Continuations continued from page A1 Chinese Made Anti Ship Missiles on Board Victoria continued from page A1 A Disgraceful Act, Inhuman and Immoral The Hidden Script of Your Life siMon JacoBson ne W Yor K any important events mark our lives. But what value or significance would you attribute to a trivial experience, like, say, a case of insomnia On a broader scale how do you see your overall life Is your life disjointed or cohesive As you live from Social . BY Miri BenDer A15 Israeli Consulate Celebrates Sensational Women For many who came to celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Womans Day at a distaff breakfast hosted by the Israeli Consulate in New York, the journey to the Lower East Side may have waxed nostalgic. Memories endured of the bubies andtantes immigrants living in tenements now gentrified and designated Nolita who considered simply having sufficient food on their tables the height of femini Pesach 201 1 in Featuring the and the vWc israel Kinar Galile Tiberias Leonardo Plaza Jerusalem 5 star Gourmet Meals Family Entertainment Exciting day tours Call us to today to be part of the VIPIsrael Pesach Experience Action packed day camp Dont just see it...VIP it 888.448.4778

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