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Opinion. Tradition . BIBIS MESSAGING CLAUSE . A2. TWO TYPES OF RELIGIOUS ENCOUNTERS. A9. ADL SLAMS ACADEMY AWARD SKETCH A5 algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 2013 19 ADAR 5773 VOL. XXXX NO. 2092 Gaza Rocket Strikes Israel in First Attack Since November Truce Exchange Project in England Allows Muslim and Jewish Students to Mix BY ZACH PONTZ A twinning project in Manchester, England is promoting the cultural exchange between Muslim and Jewish high school s

A2 FRIDAY, MARCH 1 2013 Opinion . and cynically manipulated TV segments. The outcome of the recent elections point to a broad variety of concerns and interests among Israelis, but what many them see as Israels ineffective messaging on a global scale is of widespread concern to the Israeli public. There are only days left to Netanyahus coalition building haggling, but as of yet, he has only signed an agreement with one other party. Now is his opportunity to introduce the messaging clause, as World News . FRIDAY, MARCH 1 2013 A3 Former PA Presidential Candidate The Third Intifada Has Already Begun BY ZACH PONTZ Violence erupted across the West Bank Monday as Palestinian Arabs mourned the death of Arafat Jaradat, who died while in Israeli custody. Palestinians claim he was tortured to death while Israel says he died of a heart attack. Youre looking right now on the first day of the intifada, Mustafa Barghouti, a former PA presidential candidate, told Israeli d

A4 FRIDAY, MARCH 1 2013 World News . Catholic Church Syrian Christians Should Remain in the Region BY JNS.ORG The head of the Vaticans international humanitarian aid organization, Cardinal Robert Sarah, traveled to Jordan this week to discuss relief options. Cardinal Sarah, 67, a possible successor to Pope Benedict, is the president of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, which organizes Catholic relief worldwide, theAssociated Press reported. Cardinal Sarah met with Jordans King Abdullah II to U.S. News . FRIDAY, MARCH 1 2013 A5 New York Daily News Publishes BDS Founders OpEdThen Bashes It BY ZACH PONTZ The New York Daily News published an oped Monday by BDS Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions founder Omar Barghouti and then summarily debunked and bashed the piece in its own editorial. BDS proponent Omar Barghouti writes of the movements motivations and goals. We recommend that you read his piece and then return here for the truth, the article by the New York Da

A6 FRIDAY, MARCH 1 2013 Opinion . Where Are the Fearless and Muscular ProIsrael Activists SHMULEY BOTEACH N E W YO R K For those involved in proIsrael advocacy, now is the winter of our discontent. Were on the defensive in virtually every part of the world. The BDS movement continues to spread across university campuses with even Jewishpopulated Brooklyn College recently joining the fray. When I was in South Africa last week I treated to the usual orgy of antiIsrael comment in the media an Opinion Continued from Page A6 Lessons culty we need to accommodate it is fractiousness itself that is as much a feature as a bug of this elevated state of dwelling in free inquiry. Thats the talk. Whats the praxis Butler bans cameras and publishes an official statement, which may or may not represent what she actually said, in a house organ just as would any common pol who has placed into the Congressional Record remarks he later amends, or never actually delivered on a con

A8 FRIDAY, MARCH 1 2013 Impressions . One of the Tel Hai pioneers, Aharon Sher, wrote an article in the Labor Zionist journal Kuntres in early 1920, appealing for men and weapons to be sent to Tel Hai, on the grounds that A place once settled is not to be abandoned. That phrase became a popular slogan, especially after Sher was gunned down by Arab terrorists while ploughing a field on Feb. 1, 1920. Some Zionist leaders favored sending aid to the northern border towns. Yitzhak Tabenkin argued FRIDAY, MARCH 1 2013 A9 Tradition. Two Types of Religious Encounter through the chains of causality that at other times bind the natural world. An awakening from below has no such grandeur. It is a gesture that is human, all too human. Yet there is another difference between them, in the opposite direction. An awakening from above may change nature, but it does not, in and of itself, change human nature. In it, no human effort has been expended. Those to whom it happens ar

A10 FRIDAY, MARCH 1 2013 Tradition . weeks portion 3234. And then you will have a choice Will your grand experience cause you to worship yourself or will it humble you Will you use your power to abort the toxins of selfworship and selfinterest that feed the fragmentation of our lives and of the universe Or will you introduce the power of unity and integration What you do at that moment will define your life. Over 3000 years ago at Sinai the people did not pass the test. Will we today Torah a Social . FRIDAY, MARCH 1 2013 A11 Jewish Boxer Says Claim He Backed Out of Match Because of Passover is False BY ZACH PONTZ Jewish pugilist Dmitry Salita released a statement Monday countering claims made by Hector Camacho Jr. that a match between the two scheduled for late April had been definitively cancelled because of Passover. The two boxers were originally scheduled to fight February 9th, but that match was postponed when a boxer in one of the other scheduled match

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