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Opinion . Tradition . MAKING A2. PEACE WITH GADAFFI MAKING A13. SPACE FOR GD NEW COLUMN THE GLOBE AT A GLANCE A5. algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 2011 28 ADAR I 5771 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2002 Clinton Warns of Iranian Efforts to Fill ME Power Vacuum Jews in the Danger Zone BY Maxine Dovere Turmoil in the Middle East has placed several remnant Jewish communities, literally and figuratively in the direct line of fire of unstable political and military gro

A2 FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 2011 Opinion . Making Peace with Gadaffi DoviD eFUne ne W Yo r K At this point, there can be no doubt in anybodys mind that the evil of Libyan Dictator Muammar Gaddafi knows no limits whatsoever. Long recognized as a terror activist and certified crackpot his brutal and public suppression of the popular revolt currently under way in Libya, has granted him firm standing amongst historys barbaric mass murderers and criminals against humanity. Gadaffis antics have long bee World News . A3 Hamas Opens Second Flank with Media War BY Tzvi Ben GeDalYahU Hamas is falsely reporting on alleged Israeli attacks, and then accuses Israel of lying about Arab incursions against Israeli soldiers and civilians. The terrorist organization, which is the de facto government in Gaza, reported to foreign media late Sunday night that Israel killed one Arab and wounded two others in an alleged aerial strike Sunday night. Hamas reported the victim was a baby, a cl

A4 FRIDAY,MARCH 4, 2011 World News . Jaffa Oranges Made in Spain BY Meirav crYsTal Israeli living in Britain discovers Israel leases brand globally due to local produce decrease. Is it lost for good Oranges are no longer the top Israeli export product, but most of us still hold a soft spot for the orange delight, especially when we see it sold abroad decorated with the famous green sticker Jaffa. Shai, who lives in Britain, is always happy to run into Jaffa oranges at the Tesco grocery st A5 World News The Globe at a Glance February 22 1 Four Americans taken hostage by Somali pirates off the east coast of Africa were killed by their captors. The pirates had fired a rocket at a US Navy vessel that was trailing it, after which gunfire erupted between the two sides. The battle ended with a dramatic takeover of the pirate vessel by Navy commandos one pirate was killed in close range knife combat, and then there was an unfortunate discovery of the dead captives.

A6 FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 2011 US News continued from page A1 . ian government. Asked if he was concerned about the safety of the group, he responded that the Syrian government is stable, and as guests of the government, the travelers will remain under its protection. The Algemeiner, in conversation with Israeli Deputy Minister for Development of the Negev and Galilee Ayoob Kara in 2010 learned that the border between Israel and Syria has in fact, been intermittently opened to allow family visits US News . A7 Jewish Leaders Call on Cubas Castro to Free Jewish Prisoner BY soloMon zeevi A major Jewish umbrella organization has sent an appeal to President Raul Castro of Cuba to release a Jewish Prisoner on humanitarian grounds, and allow him to be reunited with his family in the United States. In the letter to President Castro, Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Malcolm Hoenlein focused on Prisoner Alan P. Gross commitment

A8 FRIDAY,MARCH 4, 2011 FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 2011 Opinion Continuations continued from page A1 . Iran is doing that abuses the rights of their own people an exposes their hypocrisy as they try to somehow identify with the legitimate aspirations for democracy and human rights in this region, she stressed, indicating that in the past the administration had modulated its message because Iran would basically paint anybody who opposed them as American stooges. Given the recent developments, she s Opinion . A9 Obama and the Myth of The First Black President shMUleY BoTeach ne W Yor K If Toni Morrison, the Nobelprize winning AfricanAmerican novelist, can refer to Bill Clinton, a white man, as Americas first black president, then surely the process can happen in reverse. Is it possible that Barack Obama is not the first black President but just another white guy who preceded him Its a contentious statement, so let me explain. Whiteness and blackness are ultimately im

A10 FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 2011 Continuations continued from page A2 A7 ing. Workers are charged two days pay for each day on strike or on slowdown, and unions can be precluded from having the municipality deduct union membership fees from salary checks. Many workers wont pay their dues without the benefit of this deduction. One of the greatest blows to government workers unions was delivered by President Ronald Reagan when PATCO Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization illegally struck Opinion . A11 A United Nations Court For Gaddafi John BolTon Wa s h i n G T o n D. c . President Obama has trumpeted Saturdays U.N. Security Council decision to refer Moammar Gadhafi to the International Criminal Court ICC for prosecution. Although Gadhafi deserves punishment, the ICC will not accomplish it. Invoking this marginal organization as an instrument of justice is simply an abdication of responsibility. It pretends to an address an international crisis while act

A12 FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 2011 Impressions . A Jew is a Jew BY shMUllY hechT The Ultimate Rebellion How The Son of a Hamas Terrorist Became a Spy for Israel BY rachel soUssan His father, sheikh Hassan Yousef, who has officially and publically disowned his son, was one of the founding fathers of the Hamas terrorist organization, and although he spent many years in prison, was a key player in orchestrating suicide attacks and riots, which lead to hundreds of deaths. When Yousef was arrested and i Tradition . A13 Making Space For Gd JonaThan sacKs lonD on, U K So all the work on the tabernacle, the Tent of Meeting, was completed. The Israelites did everything just as the Lord commanded Moses . . . The Israelites had done all the work just as the Lord had commanded Moses. Moses inspected the work and saw that they had done it just as the Lord had commanded. So Moses blessed them. Ex. 39 32, 4243 With these words, the long section dealing with the construction of Tab

A14 FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 2011 Tradition . Thus, Moses visionary perspective actually manifests in the first step of the cosmic order Even before the building process begins, integration the light of the kav stands supreme at the top of the picture. And this vision, which takes the form of the kav above the circles, informs and defines all the following stages. For this reason Moses preceded the Temples vessels before the actual structure The primary vessel was the Holy Ark, which contained the Social . A15 Grab Your Forks Chopsticks Too 5th Annual KFWE Comes to Chelsea BY Miri BenDer Maestro Zubin Mehta, celebrating 50 years with the Israel Philharmonic, acknowledged his audiences exuberant response. Photo Maxine Dovere. Chef Mike brought his line of fresh gourmet sauces and spices to the Chelsea Pier event. Photo Maxine Dovere An Ambassadorial conversation Former American Ambassador to Austria, Ronald Lauder and Israels Ambassador to the United States, Mich Pesach 201 1 in Featuring the and the vWc israel Kinar Galile Tiberias Leonardo Plaza Jerusalem 5 star Gourmet Meals Family Entertainment Exciting day tours call us today to be part of the VIP Israel Pesach Experience Action packed day camp Dont just see it...VIP it 888.448.4778

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