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Opinion . Tradition . THE COMPOUNDED NDED RISK EQUATION A2. THE BIRTH OF FREEDOM A9. KLOUT THE TOP 10 JEWISH INFLUENCERS A11 algemeiner THE JOURNAL FRIDAY, March 9, 2012 15 Adar 5772 VOL. XXXIX NO. 2051 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK I Will Never Let My People Live in the Shadow of Annihilation Israels Channel 2 U.S. Officials Believe Netanyahu Has Already Decided to Strike Iran BY ALGEMEINER STAFF Channel 2 in Israel, sourcing a senior American official, says that the decision has already

A2 FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 2012 Opinion . can bundle considerations over President Obama into Israels general evaluation of international responses to any Iran actions. For the future he should be sure to do little to encourage American Jews to support the President in November as there is a strong case to be made that Journalist Ari Shavit of Obama, Bibi and Iran The Compounded Risk Equation DOVID EFUNE N E W YO R K Amid the din of selfcongratulatory pronouncements regarding his administrations World News . A3 Despite Opposing Assad, Poll Large Majority of Israelis Support Ultra Syrian Revolutionaries Stick with Hezbollah Orthodox Enlistment BY JOINTMEDIA NEWS As violence continues in Syria, the largest of the Syrian opposition groupsknown as the Syrian National Councilhas begun to criticize Hezbollah for its support of the Assad regime. The criticism does not extend, however, to Hezbollahs policy regarding Israel. Dr. Burhan Ghalioun, head of the opposition grou

A4 FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 2012 World News . are the other actions If they are military actions, how should they be done a question that would be directed to the chief of staff. What is the probability for these actions to succeed After all these facts are presented, he has a very small cabinet, including himself and Barak Editors note Defense Minister On Iran and Obama, How Bibi will Decide Exclusive Interview with Eyal Gabbai, Part 1 BY DOVID EFUNE Up until six months ago, Eyal Gabbai was the D World News U.S News .. A5 Obama Labored Over Word Choice on Iran, Says Congressman BY JOINTMEDIA NEWS President Barack Obama said at the American Israel Public Affairs AIPAC policy conference Sunday that, Irans leaders should understand that I do not have a policy of containment I have a policy to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. When it comes to the Iranian threat, Obamas specific use of the word prevent is a trend that began in his word choice 810 months ago

A6 FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 2012 Opinion . an Ambassadorial role that is above the fray in favor of accessibility and engagement if he is to reverse the communitys declining numbers and influence. He must be earthy and responsive, using the vastness of the new social media landscape to create a Judaism that is participatory and inviting while not being afraid to boldly confront Jewrys growing antagonists. Britain is today the front line of the Wests antiIsrael demonization and antiJewish bias, with Opinion . A7 Full Text of Netanyahu Speech to AIPAC 2012 ALGEMEINER STAFF about what Israel has supposedly decided to do, or what Israel might do. Well, Im not going to talk to you about what Israel will do or will not do, I never talk about that. But I do want to talk to you about the dangers of a nucleararmed Iran. I want to explain why Iran must never be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. President Obama has reiterated his commitment to prevent that from happening. He

A8 FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 2012 Impressions Continued from Page A4 Interview . will be dealt with on this trip EG I think its very unique and very rare to bring the Prime Minister and the President to a meeting. Certainly you do not want to signal lets say, for example, out of the blue the Prime Minister of Israel is flying to meet the President. It signals that something special is going on. Of course, in later stages theyll have phone calls, EG Hashviiah the seven, because there are seven minis A9 Tradition. Legal Notice were called on to be pioneers where people not only know the law but study it constantly until it is engraved on their hearts as the commandments were once engraved on stone. That is what the sages meant when they said, Read not charut, engraved, but cherut, freedom, for the only person who is truly free is one who occupies himself with Torah study. In such a society you keep the law because you want to, because having studied the law you underst

A10 FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 2012 Tradition . And then you will have a choice Will your grand experience cause you to worship yourself or will it humble you Will you use your power to abort the toxins of selfworship and selfinterest that feed the fragmentation of our lives and of the universe Or will you introduce the power of unity and integration What you do at that moment will define your life. 3320 years ago at Sinai the people did not pass the test. Will we today make a mutual decision of how a Social . Klout The Top 10 Jewish Influencers BY DEBY MEDREZ PIER A11 Homemade hamantaschens. Photo wiki commons. The Taste of Purim, Year Round BY JOINTMEDIA NEWS SERVICE ROBERT GLUCK Hamantaschen, as threecornered pastries representing the evil Hamans ears, are most timely when consumed on Purim. But like other foods associated with the holiday, they can inspire yearround creativity in the kitchen. According to Jeff Nathan, chefhost of public televisions New Jewish Cuisi

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