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Opinion. Tradition . SIX DAYS OF PRIDE. A2. THE EVER REPEATED STORY. A9. HOW HARVEY WEINSTEIN BOUGHT THE OATH OF TUBRUK. A3. algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2012 4 SIVAN 5772 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2061 Yemeni Jewish Community Leader Stabbed New French Interior Minister I Will Not Accept Preachers of Jew Hatred BY SROLIC BARBER In his first official outing to Marseille, Frances second largest city, the newly elected French Interior Minister, JCircassians Ka

A2 FRIDAY, MAY 25 2012 Opinion . Six Days of Pride DOVID EFUNE N E W YO R K The anniversary of Israels Six Day War not only commemorates an unlikely military victory resulting in the Jewish liberation of Jerusalem, Hebron and other ancient Jewish cities, but also one of the last modern day catalysts of near universal Jewish selfregard. Just recently I heard a Siberian Jew reminisce about just how proud he felt, our heads were held high, he said. Words that are routinely used to describe th World News . FRIDAY, MAY 25 2012 A3 Albert Einstein Museum to be Erected in Israel BY JOINTMEDIA NEWS SERVICE The Israeli government has unanimously approved the establishment of a museum in Jerusalem dedicated to Albert Einstein, the father of the theory of relativity. Israeli President Shimon Peres initiated the idea for the museum, which will be built on the Givat Ram campus of Hebrew University. This is not just a tourist matter. This is an issue of the greatest valu

A4 FRIDAY, MAY 25 2012 U.S News . necessity of support for the oppressed Palestinian nation and its causes, and noted, The Iranian nation is standing for its cause that is the full annihilation of Israel. The top military official reminded those present that Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei considers defending Palestine a full religious duty and believes that any kind of governance and rule by anyone other than the Palestinians as an instance of usurpation, Fars reported. Irans Military U.S. News . FRIDAY, MAY 25 2012 A5 Leiby Kletzkys Brutal Murder Brings 150 New Cameras to Brooklyn sembly Dov Hikind. Hikind represents the community of Borough Park in New Yorks state assembly. The newly placed cameras will be funded by a 1 million grant from the state of New York and will operate outside local businesses, schools, and places of worship, beginning this fall. During this past week, very courageous Lithuanian citizens who remain here and may even have to

A6 FRIDAY, MAY 25 2012 Opinion . FRIDAY, MAY 25 2012 A7 The Lockerbie Bombing Hall of Shame SHMULEY BOTEACH N E W YO R K Abdelbaset alMegrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, is finally roasting in hell after dying peacefully in his bed in Libya, surrounded by family and friends, rather than in the cell to which he was condemned for murdering 270 innocent people on Pan Am 103 in December, 1988. But even with the two principal murderers of these innocents Kaddafi and Megrahi now gone, what remains is

A8 FRIDAY, MAY 25 2012 Impressions . could have been better spent elsewhere. Perhaps, but once we go down that road, we have to condemn not only foreign moguls but movie stars and the likes of Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs. The muchmaligned 1 often have plenty to offer society. On my last visit to Manchester, I saw the formerly deteriorating areas around the Etihad stadium home to Manchester City utterly transformed, and this transformation has spread across the city. Maybe Abu Dhabi ha FRIDAY, MAY 25 2012 A9 Tradition. Legal Notice passionate plea prevents this from happening. God then institutes a new order. Act 4 begins with an account of this order, which is unprecedentedly long, extending from Exodus 35, through the whole of the book of Vayikra and the first ten chapters of Bemidbar. The nature of this new order is that God becomes not merely the director of history and the giver of laws. He becomes a permanent Presence in the midst of the camp. Hen

A10 FRIDAY, MAY 25 2012 Tradition . included in the statement the sins should be erased but not the sinners Psalms 10435. Berochot 10a. And even their souls remain pure, and there is hope for teshuvah, and their return to having a share in the world to come Maimonides, Hilchot Teshuvah ch. 3. Even if they, Gd forbid, do not do teshuvah, their souls remain immortal though they may live on in another state or in another body. All this is so much more underscored in our generation, when heresy Social . FRIDAY, MAY 25 2012 A11 US Senator Richard Blumenthal and the Hechts at the Circle of Friends Dinner CT US Senator Richard Blumenthal together with Rabbi Yehoshua and Freida Hecht of Beth Israel of WestportNorwalk Connecticut, pose at the Eighth Annual Circle of Friends Evening of Recognition to honor the 130 Teen Volunteers who are friends to children with special needs. More than 300 people attended the gala dinner and Chinese auction fundraiser held at Beth I

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