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Opinion . Tradition . HOW OBAMA A2. DIVIDED THE JEWS AND WHAT SHOULD BE DONE MORAL POWER A9. MAJOR DONORS AT PRIVATE AIPAC RECEPTION A11. algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2011 23 IYAR 5771 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2012 Netanyahu Addresses Congress, Reiterates Demand for Defensible Borders Search and Rescue Efforts Continue in Joplin BY Joshua RunYan As rescue crews concluded their final sweeps through the devastated town of Joplin, Mo., the death toll followi

A2 FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2011 Opinion This point was amplified this week following the Presidents controversial Middle East policy speech on Thursday, and his subsequent affirmation of it at the AIPAC policy conference, where he insisted on focusing on the sensitive and controversial aspects of the IsraeliArab conflict. As was pointed out last weekend in the Wall Street Journal, the encounter between Obama and Netanyahu could place Jewish Americans in the awkward position of having to choose sides World News . A3 Ofer Brothers on US Sanctions List BY YnEt continued from page A3 Search and Rescue The Obama administration on Tuesday hit seven foreign companies, including Israels shipping firm the Ofer Brothers Group, with sanctions for doing business with Iran that helps fund its nuclear program. The company denied it had ever sold ships to the Islamic state. We have never sold ships to Iran, it said in a statement, adding the Israeli government would support its cl

A4 FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2011 U.S. News continued from page A1 . economic and political support to all those who remain committed to peace. Calling on the Palestinians to join Israel commitment to a two state solution and join Israel in being willing to make painful compromises to achieve this historic peace. The Prime Minister recounted recent growth and development in the area likely to become the Palestinian State, asking if the benefits of peace are so clear, why has peace eluded us He stress A5 World News The Globe at a Glance May 17 1 U.S. Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, hosted a fundraising callathon that netted his presidential campaign a staggering 10.25 million dollar money bomb over the course of eight hours. Romney is considered by many to be the front runner for the Republican Party nomination, but he is beset by skepticism over a health care bill he signed into law in Massachusetts, which many Republicans see as

A6 FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2011 Opinion epitaph as Leader of the Free World, he could not help but insert a highly inflammatory line about Israel that was immediately seized upon by the worlds media thereby extinguishing the speechs other content. And even on the Israel front he was forced to so dilute the 67 border statement that it became utterly meaningless. It was my reference to the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps that received the lions share of the attention... and since my position has been

A8 FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2011 Impressions continued from page A9 Moral Power . word eim, a mother. National as well as personal identity is maternal. Recent research has thrown scientific light on our understanding of gender differences. Steven Pinker himself The Blank Slate, pp.337371 summarises the evidence. In all cultures, men are more aggressive and more prone to physical violence than women. In all cultures, roles are distributed on the basis of sex differences women tend to have greater re Tradition . LEGAL NOTICE File No. 20104174 SURROGATES COURT QUEENS COUNTY. CITATION THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK,By the Grace of God Free and Independent TO Steven P. Shils if living and if dead, to his heirs at law, next of kin and distributees whose names and places of residence are unknown and if he died subsequent to the decedent herein, to his executors, administrators, legatees, devisees, assignees, and successors in interest whose name and places of residence

A10 FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2011 Tradition . Continuations continued from page A2 Managing Pakistan After bin Laden Oil Prices sIMon JaCoBson nE W YoR K S oaring oil prices, reaching new highs with no end in sight will it hit 200 a barrel, or 300 dominate headlines. No one is immune to the effects of the rising costs of energy. America alone consumes over 22 million barrels of oil a day, 25 of the worlds total. Some are bemoaning the Wests addiction to oil. Others see in this escalating crisis Social . A11 Mr and Mrs. Arthur Starks support of Israel is legendary. Stark has served as Chairman of the Board of the Friends of the Israel Defense Force. Photo Maxine Dovere. Dr. Miriam and Mr.Sheldon Edelson at the 2011 AIPAC Better Together policy Conference. Edelson is the publisher of the largest Israeli Daily newspaper, Israel Hayom. Photo Maxine Dovere. AIPAC President Lee Rosie Rosenberg welcomed New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez to the 2011 Policy Conference NotForProfit Organizations Tribul Merchant Services Be part of the Attention Charity Ventures Program For over 10 years Tribul Merchant Services have been working with NotForProfit Organizations across the country, now we invite you to join our Charity Ventures Program. All you need to do in order to enter the program is to refer us to any business that currently accepts credit cards tell them to expect a phone call from Tribul Merchant Services. We keep it simple Leave it

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