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Opinion. Tradition . RIGHTING THE HE A2. BROOKLYN COLLEGE LEGE WRONGS THE A9. CHRONOLOGICAL IMAGINATION. THE ALGEMEINER JEWISH 100 GALA A11 algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2013 23 IYAR 5773 VOL. XXXX NO. 2107 Palestinian Killer Glorified on Facebook Friends, Family React to Murder of Israeli Art Was His Soul BY ZACH PONTZ Reactions from friends and family to the death of Evyatar Borovsky, who was murdered by a Palestinian Arab in the West Bank Tuesday

A2 FRIDAY, MAY 3 2013 Opinion . Herein lies the opportunity to very publically expose BDS bigotry and send a warning signal to campuses throughout the USA that any discrimination against Jewish or Zionist students is intolerable. The upcoming decisions and following steps of the four brave students who have already been through one hell of an ordeal, bears relevance and ramifications for Jewish students on campuses across the country and will have implications for years to come. To Ari, Mich World News . FRIDAY, MAY 3 2013 A3 Israel Receives Fifth DolphinClass Submarine from Germany BY ZACH PONTZ Israel received its fifth DolphinClass submarine Monday in an official ceremony in Kiel, Germany. The CEO of the Ministry of Defense, Major General Res. Ehud Shani, the Commander in Chief of the Navy, Rear Admiral Ram Rutberg, joined by additional Israeli and German officials inaugurated the fifth DolphinClass submarine with the breaking of a celebratory champagne b

A4 FRIDAY, MAY 3 2013 World News . Report Fatah in Touch With Hamas, Egypt Regarding Unity Talks BY ZACH PONTZ A senior member of Fatah has told Bahrains AlAyam newspaper that his organization is in touch with Egypt and Hamas to agree on dates for further consultations regarding the formation of a national unity government. Azzam alAhmad, who is in charge of dialogue for Fatah, added that he is likely to be heading to Cairo soon to meet with President Mohamed Morsi. AlAhmad also responded t U.S. News . FRIDAY, MAY 3 2013 A5 Metropolitan Museum of Art, Israel Museum Yelp Prison Review Say Youre Jewish If Purchase 15th Century Mishneh Torah You End Up at Rikers BY ZACH PONTZ Island BY ZACH PONTZ If youre looking to spend some time at New Yorks Rikers Island, it would help to tell officials there that youre Jewish. This, according to one Yelp user who reviewed the infamous jail. Things you MUST remember No matter what religion you really are arent, say youre

A6 FRIDAY, MAY 3 2013 Opinion . One Strike and Youre Out SHMULEY BOTEACH N E W YO R K The news over the last few weeks of the sockpuppet scandal of Rabbi Michael Broyde is disturbing, but not for the reasons you might imagine. On the face of it, this is the story of a Rabbi regarded as brilliant and erudite, both in Jewish and secular law, who destroyed his career by using an alias to engage in online Rabbinical conferences and discussions. Furthermore, his denial of the alias sealed his f Opinion Continued from Page A6 Nazi Influence Nazi and Axis leaflets and radio broadcasts that were collected and analyzed by Haganah intelligence in the 1930s and 1940s. Some of the leaflets found by Cohen feature stark headlines such as Kill the Jews and the British Some were printed on the back of facsimile British pounds or American dollars, so that when they were dropped by German planes over Arab regions of Palestine, they looked like money and immediately attracted att

A8 FRIDAY, MAY 3 2013 Impressions . New Online Course at Hebrew University Attracts Students from Lebanon, Iran and Saudi Arabia BY ZACH PONTZ A new online course offered by Hebrew University is bringing the world together a synapse at a time, reports. The school has started teaching a global course in partnership with Coursera, which provides free online courses from senior lecturers at universities across the globe. Synapses, Neurons and Brains, as the course is titled, has a FRIDAY, MAY 3 2013 A9 Tradition. The Chronological Imagination JONATHAN SACKS LOND ON, UK Legal Notice. LEGAL NOTICE Mickalene Thomas Designs LLC, a domestic LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 22113. Office location Kings County. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to The LLC, 10 Grand Ave., Ste. 13, Brooklyn, NY 11205. General Purposes. AJ45,12,19,26. 5310 Notice of formation of Limited Liability Com

A10 FRIDAY, MAY 3 2013 Tradition . plain the blessings in some of the ostensible curses in our chapter. The Tzemach Tzedek in his gloss on Likkutei Torah of his grandfather, Rabbi Schneur Zalman, equates this concept with the above related Talmudic story with the blessings disguised as curses These blessings originate in the unconscious level of experience. For this reason the blessings need to be concealed not in neutral terms but in cursed language Only then are they truly concealed. The f Social . FRIDAY, MAY 3 2013 A11 From left Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune, Film producer Harvey Weinstein, Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel and Algemeiner Publisher Simon Jacobson. Photo Sarah Rogers. Dovid and Mushkee Efune with event honorees Neil and Sharon Book. Photo Sarah Rogers. From left Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune, Philanthopist Ronald Lauder and Algemeiner publisher Simon Jacobson. Photo Sarah Rogers. Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel. Photo Sarah Rogers. Israels Ambass

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