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Opinion. Tradition . ISRAELS A2. OTHER BATTLEFIELD. ENCOUNTERING GD. A9. TEL AVIV BRITISH GIRL AND THE ROCKETS. A8 THE algemeiner JOURNAL FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2012 9 KISLEV 5773 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2084 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK EXCLUSIVE British ExCommander Doubts IsraelHamas Ceasefire Top American Jewish Leader Huffington Post Netanyahu Cartoon is Almost Worse Than AntiSemitic BY ALGEMEINER STAFF A prominent Jewish leader who has twice been named by Newsweek at the most influential Ra

A2 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23 2012 Opinion . tal victories in this round of the ongoing war of ideas. Anonymous bloggers like Elder of Ziyon, who from behind a computer screen, armed with nothing more than a sharp eye for falsehood and an abundance of common sense, forced retractions and corrections albeit some halfheartedly from such media giants as Londons Telegraph newspaper and CNN. The outlets had falsely reported as fact, Hamas claims that four year old Mahmoud Sadallah, who was famously pict World News . FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23 2012 A3 IDF Seizes Control of Hamas Television, Broadcasts Warnings to Gaza Citizens BY ZACH PONTZ The battle for hearts and minds in Operation Pillar of Defense via social media has been well documented but there is still the issue of old media, something Hamas has been using to great effect to spread their propaganda. But no moreor at least not as much. According to the AFP, AlAqsa television, the official station of Gazas Hamas regime,

A4 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23 2012 World News . ist groups also operate inside Lebanon. During Operation Cast Lead in 2008, several rockets were launched by terrorists from Lebanon into northern Israel, provoking a brief Israeli response. Lebanese Army Disarms Two Rockets Aimed at Israel BY JNS.ORG Two Katyusha rockets aimed at Israel from southern Lebanon were discovered and disarmed by the Lebanese army, a security official told the Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star. An Army patrol unit discover FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23 2012 A5

A6 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23 2012 Opinion. Jewish Values are the Salvation of the Republican Party SHMULEY BOTEACH N E W YO R K A malignant weapon. That was the phrase used by a friend of mine a national TV host who inclines toward Republicans but this year voted Democrat, to describe how Republicans use religion. Why has religion made Republicans harsh. Shouldnt it give them a soft heart The congressional campaign I ran was based on the idea that the economic malaise in America was due to a val Opinion. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23 2012 A7 Breaking the Stranglehold Defeating Hamas and Hezbollah is Vital to Israels Survival BRANDON MARLON TORON TO, C A In the current Middle East, where erstwhile Israeli allies like Egypt and Turkey display open hostility, where Sudan serves as Irans warehouse and Gaza and Lebanon as IDF tanks on the move. its forward bases, the Jewish State finds itself in the precarious center of a tightening noose. Israel has not been so under siege

A8 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23 2012 Impressions . up, as if the Queen of England had just entered the room. Day 3 Is this rocket science Ever since the first siren, two days ago, Ive been too afraid to wash my hair. I just dont think I will hear the warning. Not that my shower is all that and the water pressure is something to envy simply, I dont find the sirens to be so loud. When the third siren sounded today, I scrambled to find my keys and unlock my door, all taking up precious seconds which I n FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23 2012 A9 Tradition. Legal Notice. between the word of Gd and the word of mankind. Jacobs prayer is very different. He does not initiate it. His thoughts are elsewhere on Esau from whom he is escaping, and on Laban to whom he is travelling. Into this troubled mind comes a vision of Gd and the angels and a stairway connecting earth and heaven. He has done nothing to prepare for it. It is unexpected. Jacob literally encounters Gd as we can sometimes encou

A10 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23 2012 Tradition . Continued from Page A7 Not so Random Marriage Destiny or Chance SIMON JACOBSON N E W YO R K Is marriage predestined or dependent on your efforts On one hand, we hear of the idea that a persons spouse is bashert, meaning preordained by the guiding hand of Gd. But this belief raises many questions. Does everyone have a bashert If yes, why is it so difficult to find ones mate, and why do many never succeed Isbashert an inevitable absolute, or are there Social . FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23 2012 A11 Famed NHL Coach to Lead Hockeys Return to Israels Maccabiah Games BY JNS.ORG With hockey fans across North America in despair over the NHL lockout, the winter sport is set to return to an unlikely warmweather countryIsrael. For the first time in 16 years, ice hockey will make an appearance at the 19th Maccabiah Games scheduled to begin in Israel in July 2013. All the hockey games will be played at the Canada Center in Metula, home to

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