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Opinion. Tradition . MK DANNY DANON INTERVIEW. A2. YOM KIPPUR MESSAGE. A9. ANOTHER iOS6 APPLE MAPS FAILURE A11 algemeiner THE JOURNAL 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 12 TISHREI 5773 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2073 Netanyahu to Meet Clinton, Ban, but not Obama, at UN Confab United Nations headquarters building in New York. Photo CC BY WorldIslandInfo.comFlikr Jewish People Make Up Less Than 0.2 of Worlds Population BY ANAV SILVERMAN TAZPIT NEWS AGENCY According to a study b

A2 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 2012 Opinion . DD First of all, lets put the facts on the ground. The U.S. has much more capability than Israel. By all means the special missiles, the bunker buster missiles that you have, special missiles that the U.S. has that Israel doesnt. It will be much easier and much more effective if the U.S. would join the effort. But if nobodys there, we do have the capability. I cant go into specifics, but we have the military capability to make sure Iran does not become World News . FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 2012 A3 New York Post Attempts to Deliver Jewish Themed Welcome Basket to Ahmadinejad BY ALGEMEINER STAFF This isnt gonna happen. You have to go, staff at the New York Post were told by a Secret Service agent, when they tried to deliver a Jewish themed welcome basket to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at his believed midtown hotel lodgings. The rejected package included a 125 ticket to offBroadway play Old Jews Telling Jokes which

A4 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 2012 World News . France Inaugurates New Holocaust Memorial BY JNS.ORG A new memorial for the Jews who were sent to an internment camp during the Holocaust by the Nazicollaborating French Vichy regime was inaugurated Friday by the French government. The bestknown camp was Drancy, located north of Paris, in which nearly 65,000 Jews passed on their way to Holocaust death camps outside of France. Only 2,000 of the Jews interred there survived. French President Francois Opinion Continued from Page A4 Paying Taxes . FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 2012 A5 feel guilty about not paying enough tax When we see such incredible government waste, should we be eager to fork over more money to see it so much of it squandered Take President Obamas trillion dollar stimulus that seemed to have stimulated only greater American resentment at paying taxes. Nearly a trillion dollars was poured down a sinkhole but produced no jobs or greater economic performance. I


A8 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 2012 Impressions . ple on the political left, because of contemporary notions of tolerance for difference and esteem for diversity, will accept the principle. Most people on the right will accept it, too, particularly in the United States, because the principle is part of the mythos of the nations founding in religious toleration and freedom of worship. It is sometimes, too, part of a hardearned accommodation by religious minorities that struggled to gain respect for FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 2012 A9 Tradition. Legal Notice. the Temple. Within the Temple was the supremely sacred place known as the Holy of Holies. There was holy time. There were the festivals. Above them was the Sabbath, the day God himself declared holy. Above even that was the one day in the year known as the Sabbath of Sabbaths, the most holy day of all, the Day of Atonement. There were holy people. Israel was called a holy nation. Among them was a tribe of special sanct

A10 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 2012 Tradition . the climax of Yom Kippur, in the concluding service called Neilah. It speaks of the fragility of human achievement, the smallness of humanity in the face of the Infinite What are we What is our life What is our piety, our righteousness, our helpfulness . . . What shall we say before You, O Lord our God and God of our fathers Are not all the mighty ones as nothing before You, The men of renown as if they had never existed, The wise as if devoid of kno Social . FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 2012 A11 Natalie Portman Courted to Star in Nazi Germany Drama BY ALGEMEINER STAFF Natalie Portman is being courted to star alongside Tom Hanks in a new movie about World War II, which Hanks will also produce. The film, In the Garden of Beasts, is based on a book by Erik Larson, who wrote Devil in the White City. According to Slashfilm, casting has just recently gotten underway, as Hanks has been tied up with other projects, and Portman is a

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