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Opinion . Tradition . THE FADING BLESSING OF SEPTEMBER 11 A2. JEWISH LAW A9. AND THE REHABILITATION OF CRIMINALS JEWISH ART IN THE HAMPTONS A11. algemeiner THE JOURNAL FRIDAY, September 9, 2011 10 Elul 5771 VOL. XXXVIII NO. 2026 1.00 PRINTED IN NEW YORK Families of 911 Victims Prepare for 10 Year Anniversary PLO Hires PR Firm Bell Pottinger Ahead Of UN Vote BY ALGEMEINER STAFF The USA branch of London based Public Relations firm Bell Pottinger has been contracted by the PLO mission

A2 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2011 Opinion . defensive are winding to a close and it seems that the prevalent mood in the United States has turned inward, and the climate of national concern is depleted. As a product of political consideration, the White House has proactively moved to divert national attention away from the threat of terror on American soil. What distresses me most is that we may be losing the one positive inevitability that was The Fading Blessing of September 11 DOVID EFUNE N E World News . BY YNET A3 Legal Forum Calls on A.G. to Investigate Derfner Over Incitement BY SAMUEL SOKOL According to a letter obtained by the Algemeiner Journal, the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel, a nonprofit legal aide society affiliated with Israels settlement movement, has requested that State Prosecutor Yehuda Weinstein investigate recently terminated Jerusalem Post columnist Larry Derfner for allegedly encouraging terrorism against Israeli civilians. Controversy

A4 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2011 World News Continued from Page A1 10 Year . ish government to cover the cost of protecting its Jews. Senior officials of the Center found during a factfinding mission to Stockholm and Malmo that Swedish intelligence had identified more than 400 Islamist radicals and neoNazis in the country. Coupled with global threats from lone wolf operatives, Jews are a primary target for hate crimes and terrorists, said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the centers associate dean, in a st World News BY S.Z. WOLFF August 29 The U.S. Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, was assaulted by a proregime demonstrator on the streets of Damascus. Ford was present at a gathering of demonstrators who support the regime of President Bashar alAssad outside the Cham Palace Hotel in Damascus, when one demonstrator ran up to him and tried to wrap him in a poster that featured Assads face. Fords security intervened quickly and rushed him to his car. . A5 The Globe at a Glance S

A6 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2011 U.S News . BY THE JC.COM ground, above where congregations thought flood waters would hit. In New York itself, reports said that a number of Jewish communities were subject to Mayor Michael Bloombergs evacuation order, which mainly affected Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn and the borough of Queens. In Monroe, Orange County, the Satmar Lauren Bush Prepares to Become Lauren Lauren BY JENNIFER LIPMAN Americas wedding of the year is set to take place this weekend, when th Opinion . A7 Does Questioning Evolution Make You AntiScience SHMULEY BOTEACH N E W YO R K Paul Krugman thinks that Republicans are dumbass, knuckledragging Neanderthals. In the nottoodistant future he sees a Republican halfwit winning the Presidency and dragging America back to the Stone Age. I could see it now. The Republican nominee for President, delivering his acceptance speech at the convention in grunts, beating his chest, and bopping his wife over the head with the

A8 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2011 Impressions . pain, and they deserved their privacy to bear their wounds without an audience seated behind them. I was not the right person who was chosen to stand in the middle of a towering junior high and high school student body while chanting Tangled up in memories, the years gone by. Yet here I was. I had been chosen. The room could barely get through the song, and I stared at Morah Musics daughter, and little Dina as their eyes mushroomed with emotion. I p A9 Tradition. Jewish Law and the Rehabilitation of Criminals JONATHAN SACKS LOND ON, UK This weeks sedra provides us with a fine example of the humanity of Jewish law as well as the way the sages interpreted the Torah. Our point of departure is this passage When men have a dispute, they are to take it to court and the judges will decide the case, acquitting the innocent and condemning the guilty. If the guilty man deserves to be beaten, the judge shall make him lie down a

A10 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2011 Tradition . is a comprehensive approach to life that addresses all scenarios. It could very well be, that Gregory Pauls findings demonstrates the growing resistance to false gods and religions, which is amplified in healthier and more functional societies. Pauls study, whether you like or dislike its results, presents us all with a powerful question Is the religion we practice indeed a destructive force Is it only for the dysfunctional an unhealthy Is it a mecha Social . Continued from Page A5 Greetings A11 Gallery owners Ruth Vered and Janet Lehr have contributed numerous works from their personal collections to benefit the teenagers of Sderot. Photo Maxine Dovere. Julia Wind viewed Greg Laurens Bar Mitzvah Boy at the opeining of a Stich in Jewish Time at the Vered Gallery. Photo Maxine Dovere. Stitch In Jewish Time BY MAXINE DOVERE As the summer winds down and the holiday season begins, the Vered Gallery in East Hampton has mo

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