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April 11, 2011 2:58 pm

Judaism & Marketing: Evolution, Not Revolution

avatar by Ronn Torossian

We are living in precarious times. Between the economy and the hectic pace of day-to-day life, everything seems to present daily challenges.  Balance is a key word, and a struggle for many of us. I encounter it daily: as a Jew, as a human being, and as one who makes his living as a professional marketer.

As a child, I recall how issues were black and white – and I see it today watching my children, with love.  It’s great to be idealistic and pure. Until joining the Betar youth movement as a kid, my life was limited to basketball and girls. Once I joined Betar, my interests became three, rather than the two: I became a hardened advocate for Israel and Jewish issues.

Growing up in my mother’s home as the grandson of Holocaust survivors, I was taught that the purpose of life was to secure the Jewish homeland and fight for Jewish values against our relentless enemies. As one who heckled Yasser Arafat, protested many days outside of different buildings, and remained active in a number of integral issues for the Land of Israel, I realized that one’s focus and balance change with age. In addition to fighting anti-Semitism, I learned the importance of balance. As my childhood Rabbi Avi Weiss taught, Judaism is about the beauty of Judaism and of Am Israel. Balance.

Similarly, developing my Public Relations agency has involved hours and hours of hard work and endless sacrifice — and it has paid off with tremendous success B”H.  We have outworked and continue to outwork our competitors to win and succeed.

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But today, with kids and a family, one learns to be more measured, and do one’s best to manage time: to give family what they need and deserve, to give my work the time it needs and to give time to the philanthropy I participate in too.  Balance.

This is a lesson we use with clients when developing marketing messages: Balance. Don’t believe that your brand can go from 1-100 overnight, rather develop consistent messaging, core strengths and build upon them.  We believe marketing is more about evolution than revolution; a gradual build and a slope to success rather than an explosion.  These are tools we implement today at my PR Firm. Balance.

A rabbi once told me a story, one that took me a while to comprehend.  A person who stands only for himself or his needs and issues is a person who stands on one leg. But the Jew who stands for Judaism, nationalism and goodness is not a cripple. G-d made him with two legs, and the healthy Jew walks on both of them.

As the same rabbi explained, Judaism–and life–is about steps. Take a step or two and then another step. If you take five steps forward you can fall backwards rapidly. Steps of progress, but also steps of balance. As I go through life, I realize that there are many lessons I learned the hard way. In order to stand on two legs, not be crippled, balance of important issues is needed. Balance for yourself and for your family. Balance for work and for your people.

Our greatest leader was our second king, King David. He was a righteous king, although not without fault. He was a warrior, a musician and poet, credited for composing many of the psalms contained in the Book of Psalms. It was David who united the people of Israel and led them to victory in battles.  He conquered the land that was given to his people and taken away by ruthless enemies and he laid the groundwork for Solomon to build the Holy Temple.

Balance is about being strong for yourself, your family, your career, and your nation. As much as people mature and grow, so do brands.  I am blessed to have the middle name of David. I hope “The Story Of Ronn Torossian” is one of strength and balance. If we can only hope the world shows some balance when opposing Israel daily.

Ronn David Torossian

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