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July 3, 2011 7:31 pm

Agency Owner: ‘Congrats to Israel’ on Great Crisis PR

avatar by Ronn Torossian

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'Provocation Flotilla' activists. Photo:

Whether by government coordination or a blessing from above, so far Israel has been successful in limiting the damage over the flotilla, which the terrorist sympathizers – who were intent on breaking international law – have been able to do. While the Western media seems oblivious to the fact that Israeli society is nearly united that the “provocation flotilla” shouldn’t be allowed to sail to Gaza, the State of Israel has stood strong. On this rare occasion, Israel has realized that PR is a necessary part of war and battle these days.

Some of Israel’s PR victories:

Israel utilized her allies – The Greek Coast Guard blocked a rogue ship from departing from the Greek Coast and the captain of that boat was arrested for defying the Greek ban, as well as endangering the lives of the ship’s passengers. The boat was forcibly transferred to a Greek Military Naval Base.

As Prime Minister Netanyahu said today, “I would like to praise the many leaders throughout the world who worked against the ‘provocation flotilla,’ led by U.S. and European leaders, UN Secretary-General [Ban Ki-moon], and my friend the Greek Prime Minister [George Papandreou].”

The Greek authorities have announced that they will not allow the ships to sail, as they believe the mission is “too dangerous.” Israel rightfully utilized back-door-diplomacy – as the only democracy in the Middle East – and on this rare occasion, it’s actually worked. (The image seen around the world was of Greek authorities blocking the boat and not the “big bad Jews.”

Today, the Greek Government offered to allow Greek Navy ships to transfer any humanitarian aid aboard the flotilla to Gaza. Once again, from a PR perspective, Israel can’t be seen as blocking humanitarian aid from arriving in Gaza (which incidentally they never do) – but again, regardless, it’s a PR issue which can’t be used against Israel.

Whatever the cause, some of the boats weren’t mechanically able to reach Israel. If, in fact, it is the blessed “long arm of Israel” or, as some Israeli leaders have said, the activists have “watched too many James Bond films,” – once again, Israel can’t be damaged when the boats don’t work.

Do I think the “provocation flotilla” has been good for Israel? Far from it, but the damage done is far less than it could, and would, have been had the flotilla proceeded as planned.

Those of you who think the flotilla should be allowed – Take a U.S. boat to Rikers Island or Guantanamo Bay, and when the authorities tell you to stop, keep going. Let me know how it goes.

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  • This is way better than a brick & mortar estalbshimnet.

  • PissedOffAmerican

    See now, thats the problem. Thats why Israel is falling out of favor with the global community. Both commentors exude hatred. Their posts are shallow, and devoid of substantive subject material that would tend to buttress Torossian’s disingenuous journalistic ooze.

    Is anyone reading this of the mind that the comments of Jessica and Yoni cast Israel, or the Jews, in a positive light?

    And Ronn’s comparison to Riker’s and Guantanamo is laughably apropos. As is Yoni’s complicity in the comparison. With a large segment of the global community beginning to see the occupied territories as little more than an oppressive Israeli gulag, Ronn’s feckless comparison, and his lack of journalistic common sense only strengthens the gulag premise.

    I am often struck by inappropriatness and unsuitability of the online commentors and journalists that offer opinions in Israel’s defense. Moral jews, with integrity, should discourage the hate laced and unthinking spew that these three have offered here. They cast a bad light on the narrative, and actually underscore the viciousness, blind
    bigotry, and despicable racism that is driving current Israeli policies.

    • Yoni Blau

      Your rants abour racism – Do you concern yourself with human rights, say in Arab countries in the middle east ?
      The whole wide world hates the Jews – and we would rather be hated by the world than loved and in Auschwitz.

  • Jessica Haber

    I think that the flotilla should be filled with gay rights activists, transvestites and others – and they should stay in Gaza a few days. Lets see if they live 3 days. Where is the Arab peace movement ? Israel is unified against the flotilla which aims to help terrorists.

  • Yoni Blau

    Hey moron pissedoffamerican. why dont you do what torossian suggests and take a boat to guantanamo bay ? is that illegal ? So why wouldnt breaking Israel’s laws by the same ?
    Also dummie – is an american who joins the taliban a traitor ? well so too can the rare holocaust survivor who still may feel victim syndrome. We Jews aint victims no more – come a calling and we are gonna shoot your ass.

    • PissedOffAmerican

      Its not at all suprising that one finds ignorant bluster as the one response to my comment.

      Fact is, the waters sought by the flotilla are NOT “Israeli” by any stretch of the imagination, unless one is to ignore international law, as this Torossian clown does. The destination of the flotilla are Gazan waters, and are recognized internationally as such. The majority of his essay is disingenuous at best, and, whats worse, he undoubtedly knows it. But considering that his targeted audience is the kind of foam mouthed idiot that Yoni obviously is, I doubt his disingenuous “journalistic” irresponsibility is doing much harm. Certainly, Yoni doesn’t need Ronn’s help to make a jackass of himself.

  • PissedOffAmerican

    Egads. What a disingenuous load of crap Torossian offers. I’d be curious to know what “international laws” the flotilla participants are “intent” upon breaking.

    And calling American Nobel Laureates, holocaust survivors, and Jewish ex-military “terrorist sympathizers” is the epitomy of false accusation.

    Torossian is clearly a journalistic hack. Unfortunately, the ignorance nurtured by the biased media narrative, and the hasbara efforts of Israel, has actually encouraged such irresponsible journalism.