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September 18, 2011 12:06 pm

Netanyahu Will Represent ‘4000 Year’ Jewish Rights at the UN

avatar by Maxine Dovere

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: Photo: France Israel.

At the last weekly Cabinet meeting before his scheduled trip to meet with President Barak Obama and address the United Nations, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu characterized his General Assembly speech as “important … to represent both the State of Israel and the truth.”

He recalled the multiple offers to the Palestinian Authority to negotiate towards peace, while the PA remained “unwilling to come and negotiate”…re iterating that “peace will be achieved only through direct negotiations.”

“Their attempt to be accepted as a member of the UN will fail,” declared the PM, noting that the United States will veto the attempt in the Security Council, and noted that Israel was “coordinating our efforts with those of the US and with other important countries, in Europe and beyond.”

Netanyahu said “we are not foreigners in this country, that we have rights in this country that go ‘only’ 4,000 years.”  He acknowledged the upheavals in the Middle East saying “we do not know what will happen from day to day and how things will go,” and stressed Israel’s continuing readiness to “return to the table in order to achieve peace and security both for us and our neighbors.”

In Geneva, announcement has been made of Israel’s enhanced status at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, where the Jewish State has gained Associate Membership, a preliminary step towards full membership. Israel has been an Observer at the CERN Council since 1991.

CERN Director General Rolf Heuer said “I am very pleased that CERN’s relationship with Israel is moving to a higher level.” The status change symbolizes the increasing recognition of the Israeli contributions, both scientific and technological to CERN over the years. “The Israeli scientific community is looking forward to the continuation of this joint venture,” said Eliezer Rabinovici, Professor and Director of the Institute for Advanced Study at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Israel’s scientific observer to Council. He noted that “Israel has also supported Palestinian students at CERN, notably sending mixed Israeli-Palestinian contingents to CERN’s summer student program.”

The agreement, which must be ratified by the Knesset, was signed by H.E. Ambassador Aharon Leshno-Yaar.  It “is testimony to Europe’s recognition of Israel’s scientific and technological capabilities, of the quality of its scientists,” says a Foreign Ministry Spokesperson.

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  • Mike

    Did anyone know before israel was invented by the UN in 1947 the United States had no enemies in the middle east? I do not think they are worth it. We gave them $3 billion last year and what do we get? NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING.

    • AJ

      Historical evidence shows Israel existed as early as 1200 BC and possibly earlier. They were dispersed in 70AD by Titus when he sacked Jerusalem. In 1947 the historical connection of the Jewish people to Israel was recognized. So, to say the UN invented Israel is absurd as there is plenty of historical evidence to refute your claim.

    • John

      “…before Israel was invented by the UN in 1947 the United States had no enemies in the middle east?”
      I know you never served in the Marines, because any Marine can tell you where Tripoli is and why they were sent there in 1805. Betcha didn’t know that those Barbary Pirates all were Quakers

  • Mike

    Netanyahu=Goebbels So called chosen people, is that like the master race? So full of yourselves, you are the bigots.

  • Ronald & Rachel Wilson

    Listen to this! If people would read history, you would find out that their has never been a Palastinian people.Arafat was born in Egypt. The name Palastinian was taken by Arafat around 1967. He figured that if you tell a lie long enough, people would beleive it.The propaganda minister for Hitler, Goebbels said the same thing. People would rather believe a lie than to spend a little time and search out a matter.

    • Donna

      That is because most people are too lazy to investigate what they are told. They’d rather sit on their fat butts and swallow everything the liars on TV tell them. You are absolutely correct. There is NO SUCH THING as a Palestinian people. Never has been. It. Is. A. Lie.

  • Sherry Deichman

    Bottom Line:

    “If the Arabs put down their weapons and asked for peace, then tomorrow there would be no war. If Israel put down their weapons and asked for peace, then tomorrow there would be no Israel.”
    Quote from Hal Lindsey

    Israel has a Holy deed to their land and is the only country throughout history that has EVER held a G_D ordained covenant/deed to their land. Beware of ANYONE who is not supportive of this deed.

    • Donna

      Almighty God told Abraham his decendants (Israel)would outnumber the stars. They are the “apple of His eye.” And He promised,”I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you.” There are a whole lot of Arabs due for a Holy butt kicking! You do NOT mess with Israel. Period.

  • Ariely

    No difference between Arabs desire in 1947 and 2011.
    Destroying the Jewish state
    Only new tactics!(terror,boycode,deligitimization)

    In 2011 The Arabs want to get international approval to:
    *No to a Jewish state!
    *No to direct negotiations!
    *No to a peace that will remove the issues for conflict continuation!
    —-Arabs refused peace in: 1948-1967-1995-2001-2009.
    Egypt occupied Gaza and Jordan the West bank.
    They didn’t form a Palestinians atete.
    The Palestinians didn’t demand a state.
    They want to bypass international resolutions:
    *UN creation of a Jewish state
    *Resolution 242 stating that negotiations should lead to peace and final boarders, end of conflict.

    The world need of 58 Muslim states oil combined with the wish to please the Islamism outcome is:
    –they are ready to give away all the moral values
    — pay to Muslims with the Israeli coin (remember Czechoslovakia)