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September 25, 2011 5:25 pm

How Humble are You?

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An elderly monk. Photo: Hafiz Issadeen.

In the fall, while much of the world turns its attention towards football, the Jewish People have traditionally turned their attention inward to begin the process of evaluating the past year and making changes for the one upcoming. It’s an excellent time to work on personal growth and in as much as we believe that humility is the root of all internal achievment, it’s a good idea to get a sense of where we’re holding on that front. For anyone who is curious as to just exactly how humble you are, now’s your chance to find out. Give yourself 1 point for an “a”, 2 for a “b” and so on. Then check your humility quotient at the bottom…enjoy!

1. How often do you become “really angry”?

a) hardly ever, b) when harangued too much, c) I’m working on it, d) every 5 minutes

2. How often do you get “very upset” when something doesn’t go your way?

a) I don’t, b) when I need to, c) I’m offended by the question, d) you should ask the question backwards

3. How strong of a reaction do you generally have when someone critiques you as a person?

a) unfazed, b) peeved, c) highly peeved, d) homicidal

4. How pleased are you by your looks, wealth or intelligence?

a) I’m just lucky, b) it has it’s advantages, c) if you’ve got it, flaunt it baby, d) I am the Lord your Gd

5. How often do you tell people you’re sorry (even when you know you’re right)?

a) all the time, b) when I really have to, c) I’m not apologizing for something I didn’t do, d) Huh?!

6. Do you speak to people with a soft and gracious tone?

a) I try to, b) frequently, c) in a blue moon or so, d) NO!

Humility Quotient:

6-10 points=you are a “saint”

10-16 points=you are a “really good guy”

16-20 points=you are a “decent fellow”

20-24 points=let’s talk

These categories are taken from the classic work of personal growth “Orchos Tzadikim” (the Ways of the Righteous). To learn (and grow) more check  visit the Aish Center

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