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October 16, 2011 1:52 pm

Israel Celebrates Life – Militant Islam Celebrates Murder

avatar by Ronn Torossian

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Gilad Shalit on Hamas poster, Nablus. Photo: Tom Spender.

Saturday’s New York Times featured two articles side by side capturing the emotions of Israeli Jews & Palestinian Arabs surrounding the impending release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit who was kidnapped 5 years ago at the tender age of 19  by terrorists and has been held hostage ever since. To major international fanfare, the Israeli Government and Hamas have seemingly reached an agreement – whereby Shalit is slated to be returned to Israel this week in exchange for Israel releasing 477 prisoners immediately, and 550 to follow two months later.

Amazingly, most media outlets have missed so much of this story, which as a consequence the world just hasn’t heard. A sickening, usual double standard.

1. In Israel, Shalit – whose family raised heaven and earth throughout Israel and the world in the hope of saving their sons’ life – will be returned. As Shalit’s family waits, Israel’s Defense Ministry, in an unprecedented move anticipating his return, resolved over the weekend to recognize him as a disabled veteran. As the Knesset member who passed the law said: “This decision will enable us as a country to provide the minimum for soldiers who return from captivity to return as much as possible to a normal life.” A normal life – that’s Israel’s way.

2. The response from ‘Israel’s partners’ is best summed up by referencing 1 of the 1,027 who is to be released – Ahlam Tamim who planned the Sbarro Jerusalem bombing and drove the suicide bombers to the location has said repeatedly that she is not sorry for what she did, and laughed when she was told that children were killed in the attack. Surely, re-integration into ‘society’ won’t be near the top of her agenda – one wonders how long will pass before she plans her next terrorist mission to kill Jews ? I wonder if that story will ever be told by Western Media outlets.

3. In captivity Shalit was granted none of the human rights due to an abducted soldier under the Geneva Conventions, which would include visits from the Red Cross and communication with family members. The world’s media has of course neglected to tell the story that all the terms and conditions of Shalit’s confinement have been contrary to international humanitarian law. Israel has done this deal – right or wrong – because they want to see one of their sons come home – but where have the world’s sanctioning bodies been on this outrage? One could only imagine the outcry had Israel acted similarly. Don’t worry, we will surely have another chance for redemption – Hamas has announced that this won’t be the last soldier they kidnap.

4. The Hamas government in Gaza is organizing a major outdoor rally to celebrate the release of these prisoners – which we have been told are security prisoners and not car thieves. The celebrations will include “military marches” involving hundreds of gunmen belonging to Hamas’s armed wing and the Popular Resistance Committees, one of the groups that took part in the kidnapping. Celebrating murderers and death.

5. In Israel, the mood is bittersweet. Sweet because Gilad will return home, but bitter because Israel is paying a very heavy price – 1,027 criminals released in exchange for just one soldier. Israelis can surely be reassured knowing that only sixty years after the Holocaust, the German National Intelligence party has announced that Germany’s role in the Shalit agreement is a source of ‘pride.’ – Take joy Jews in knowing that German officials are satisfied with the deal.

This is a golden opportunity for the few involved in Israel’s Public Relations to explain the background that these Palestinian terrorists have – and that Israel isn’t taking this action because it wants to – but doing so as a result of the belief that the life of even one Jew is holy. The media portrays this story as one of equal suffering on both sides – but terrorists simply aren’t equal to people acting in self defense. Somehow I don’t doubt that this story will, unfortunately, repeat itself yet again.

Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, 1 of the 25 largest PR firms in the US, and author of the just released PR book “For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations.” Israeli MK Danny Danon (Likud) has said the book is “the best book I have ever seen on Israel PR.”

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  • salvage

    Kill them all!

    That does seem to be the sentiment.

    I wonder if any of you Chosen see the irony of encouraging genocide to save the Jewish People? I know, I know, when Nazis do it it’s bad, when Jews do it it’s a holy thing.

    Ah Orwell had the truth of it when at the end of Animal Farm the animals looked from the pigs to the humans and the humans to the pigs and saw no difference.

    • Dunendil

      Do me a favor, salvage: go over to your bookshelf,grab a dictionary, and look up the meaning of “Genocide”. It seems to me you’re confused about the definition of the word, throwing it around so carelessly.
      See, the term implies the deliberate attempt at extermination of an entire ethnic group. say, for example, the declared intent of every Palestinian faction from the P.L.O to Hamas, as well as their successive Jordanian, Egyptian and Iranian masters, to “erase the Zionist state from the earth” and “drive the Jews into the sea”. For more successful implementations, see the Islamic genocides of Armenians in Turkey, Assyrians in Irak, Hindus in India, Christians and animists in Sudan, etc etc ad nauseam…
      If, according to you, the killing of terrorists trying to murder its citizens qualifies Israel for membership in that monstrous crowd with an actual claim to the g-word, then you need to do some serious soul-searching. You need to look within and figure out whether your opinions are your own rational conclusions, or if you have surrendered your mind to extremist ideologues who have mutilated your worldview into a blind, deaf and dumb moral abomination. Unless of course you just don’t care and this is all deliberately ignorant pseudo-intellectual posturing.
      As for you tired old Nazi analogy depicting the victims of the Third Reich becoming identical to their tormentors, how ’bout taking a closer look at those you consider “the new Jews”: Nazism is one of the greater influences on 20th Century Arab politics, especially in “Palestine”; the Muslim brotherhood’s founder was an admirer of Hitler; the Mufti of Jerusalem actively collaborated with the Nazis (you can even check out the video of him shaking hands with the Fuhrer on Youtube); Even today Hamas and Hezbollah use the Nazi salute at their rallies. The list goes on but it would be tedious to go over it all. Hell, if we’re establishing parallels, you can go all the way back to the prophet for profit himself and his massacre of the entire Banu Qurayza Jewish tribe, not to mention the subjugation or exile of all others. Suffice it to say that the real heirs of the Nazis are the ones still looking to exterminate the Jews.
      I sincerely hope you are willing to question your own inculcated preconceived notions and try to approach the whole issue with new eyes and an open mind. Not for my sake, but for yours.

  • Dunendil

    For anyone who can read arabic, the poster says it all. It states: “Our imprisoned heroes (in reference to the freed palestinians). May there be a new Gilad every year (in other words, they are literally saying that they will kidnap an Israeli every year, cause obviously terrorism seem to work).”

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  • Newspaniard

    3 days after the first tranche of prisoners get home they will realise that they have left the 5* hotel treatment that they have received from Israel for the filthy slum they left and the need to try and make a living. Before the three months are up the second tranche will (probably) be begging to stay :0)

  • Stan

    The prisoner release has given Israel a splendid opportunity to eradicate more killers in one moment than ever before. The opportunity is given when the prisoners are returned to Gaza and there will be big parades of Hamas and the band that took Shalit prisoner. Will Israel act in this God-given moment to reduce the number of people who want to kill or capture Jewish people? Israel will be able to use its helicopters, drones and airforce to bomb this massed group of killers.

    • physicsreader


      Unfortunately Israel doesnt operate that way, thats the way of Hamas and the rest of the terrorist nations that surround Israel. I say unfortunately because these insects will immediately turn around and try to kill as many innocent men women and children as they can. Israel show what humanity is all about..they will take that chance to save the life of one Israeli solder.