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November 20, 2011 2:01 pm

The Four – Actually Five – Legacies of Feminism

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Dennis Prager, Male Chauvinist "Anti-Christ."

A recent article by popular conservative talk-radio host, Dennis Prager, entitled “Four Legacies of Feminism” (National Review Online, 11/1/11), has evoked some interesting reactions around the blogosphere. For pointing out that many women suffered significant psychological trauma by heeding the feminist call to be as promiscuous as men (if they’re doing it, why can’t we?), Prager was labeled a “misogynist.” The ultra-liberals who detest Prager’s views on this issue, obviously never dated in high-school or university, never spent time in a singles bar, and certainly have never been married. If they had, they would have known what every comedy writer for a family sit-com knows: that men and women have radically different natures when it comes to love, sex, and marriage. To couch it in modern terms: while women are terribly shaken by sexual harassment, most men dream about being sexually harassed. The fact that a recent study showed a young woman’s likelihood of depression rose steadily as the number of her sexual partners climbed is not surprising to anyone who has their eyes in the front of their head. Of course, to suggest that men and woman are inherently different, even when it’s blindingly obvious, is blasphemous in liberal/feminist circles. Hence, Prager must be labeled as some sort of chauvinistic anti-christ.

For calling our attention to another obvious truth, namely, that many women experience deep regrets about having devoted the first half of their lives to building a career and then discovering they were past the age when they could attract a man for marriage and family, Prager was accused of…well, you can imagine. The other two “awful” legacies of feminism were, (a) the enormous numbers of children who were raised, not by their mothers, but by nannies and daycare center workers, and (b) what Prager described as the “demasculinization of men.”

Actually, there is a fifth “awful” legacy of feminism -perhaps the most significant of all- and I would be curious to know why Prager left it out. That fifth legacy, of course, is the elevation of the act of killing an unborn baby to the level of not only a constitutional right, but to the realm of the noble and sacred. Why did the destruction of unborn children become such a central dogma of feminist philosophy and culture? Not only is the answer very simple, but understanding the answer reveals to us everything that is wrong with feminism.

The underlying premise of Feminism

In American culture, who is important? Who do we honor? Who do we stand up for and admire? Who do we “oooh” and “ahhh” over? Who creates a stir at a party or gathering? It is the wealthy, the famous, the successful, and the powerful. Anyone who does not fit into one of these categories is at best, second-tier, a hanger-on, a drone, as if we are more uncharitable, a nobody, and perhaps even a loser. Up until the mid-60’s the overwhelming majority of women could not possibly fit into any of these groupings. After all, a woman who spent most of her day running a household, raising children, and being a loyal and devoted wife, did not have much time left over to acquire wealth, fame, success, or power. Women were shut out from doing and achieving everything that made a human being a “somebody.” In this sense they were relegated to second class citizenship and they got mad as hell and were not going to take it anymore. Riding on the ideological waves created by Betty Friedan and other feminist ideologues, women asserted their right to enter into the “important” world of the men.

It becomes eminently clear that the underlying principle which drove the feminist movement was the notion that what men did was significant and meaningful; conversely, that which was feminine was to be considered inferior. This, of course, is a classic illustration of the particular type of brainwashing known as the Stockholm-syndrome. The oppressed individual ends up identifying with the oppressor. This was the reason why black men would enthusiastically subject themselves to the painful process of straightening their hair. Straight hair was “white,” and good, kinky hair was “black,” and inferior. It is clear then, that to describe the woman’s movement as “feminist” is highly misleading. In fact, it was a “masculinist” movement. To be good, you must do what the men do.

The most common stumbling block for a woman who is seeking wealth and fame is the discovery of a baby growing inside her uterus. Therefore, it becomes obvious that the first unshakeable dogma of feminism must be unrestricted access to birth control, including the destruction of a conceived baby. Ironically, in order to feel empowered, women ruthlessly attacked that very aspect which made them uniquely female; the inherent ability to nurture and produce life itself. Along with this was the denigration of devotion to motherhood and family. These are all feminine qualities and had to be discarded if a woman truly wanted to make it. As Prager so aptly put it, “Whatever feminists may say about their only advocating choices, everyone knows the truth. Feminism regards work outside the home as more elevating, honorable, and personally productive than full-time mothering and homemaking.” It also becomes clear why feminism promoted promiscuity. Promiscuity is a naturally masculine trait. Therefore,  it is superior to the feminine tendency to view physical intimacy as part of a committed, loving relationship. It goes without saying that men were only too happy to go along with this aspect of feminist ideology, albeit with tragic results for so many women.

The Fifth Legacy

Recently we were able to see the gory consequences of the fifth legacy – the glorification of unborn-baby killing. In January of 2011 the story broke about a Philadelphia police raid on an abortion clinic run by Dr. Kermit Gosnell. According to former employees, Gosnell killed “hundreds” of newborn babies outside the womb by severing their spinal chords after induced labor. Gosnell was charged with eight counts of murder, which included seven newborn babies and one client who died after a botched abortion. Two employees have also been charged with 3rd degree murder charges. Tina Baldwin, a worker at the clinic, told investigators that Gosnell once joked about a baby that was writhing as he cut its neck, “Now that’s what you call a chicken with its head cut off.” The abortion equipment itself was broken, dirty, and rusty. The Grand Jury report stated that the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Department of State had turned a blind eye and allowed the clinic to wallow in filth for years.

The soulless response of feminists to this mass murder is typified in an article written by Rachel Walden on the Women’s Health News website: “It is an abomination when woman cannot receive safe, legal abortion services…The situations described in news reports are a violation of the women who trusted Dr. Gosnell and his staff to provide safe, good quality, abortion procedures.” The moral outrage is not about the deaths of hundreds of babies, it is about the poor quality of the abortion services provided by Gosnell. In other words, if the babies had been killed in a clean, sterile, and efficiently run “clinic” everything would be peachy. Walden continues with her liberal, feminist, and politically correct talking points: “the grand jury documents describe explicit differences in the treatment of women depending on their race, with women of color singled out for worse treatment…That is not okay. It is never okay. This explicit singling out of women of color for poorer treatment is an abomination.” What a monster that Gosnell is. Not only did he provide poor abortion services, but even worse…he is a RACIST! (Gasp!) Poor Dr. Gosnell should be given some credit, after all, he killed the white babies as well as babies of color. Doesn’t that count for something?

Unborn-baby killed inside the womb. The blackness is the burning of the skin caused by the injected saline solution.

In fact, the reason why Gosnell killed the babies after they were born is because he was too unskilled to deliver the lethal injections to the babies while they were still in the womb of the mother. If all these hundreds of babies had been killed by a skilled doctor like – “ding, dong, the witch is dead” – George Tiller in Kansas, before they exited the womb, then Gosnell could have continued on indefinitely. One thing we can say about Tiller is that despite the fact that he killed thousands of late-term unborn children (nearly all for contraceptive purposes), HE WAS NOT A RACIST.

In Conclusion: The Tragic Mistake of the Feminist Movement

The part that feminists got right was that women were shut out from achieving wealth, fame, and power, while they were relegated to home, family, and children. The tragic mistake was their solution. What they failed to realize was that the essential problem in American society was not what the women were doing; it was what the men were doing.

Is the primary goal of a human being to amass wealth, to achieve fame and success, to acquire power? Is the goal of a human being to be “king of the hill?”

Devotion to marriage? Building intimate relationships? Creating a nurturing and loving home environment? Raising and educating children? Bringing new life into the world? These are inferior?! These are the activities that form the core of our humanity. The ways in which we engage in these activities are what distinguishes us from the beasts of the jungle.

What women needed to “roar” about was that men had lost themselves in the world of blind ambition and the relentless quest for “success” while relegating to second class status, the core values that make human life worth living. Instead of creating a “revolution” to restore the soul of American society by demanding that men realign their priorities and values, women deserted their posts and recklessly jumped into the world of male foolishness, which consists of two basic categories: (a) the endless pursuit of sex and (b) the endless pursuit of wealth, fame, and power; or as males of every age proclaim in locker rooms all over this great country of ours, “It’s all about money and *******.”  For breaking down the male-only locker room doors and allowing women to force their way in, we offer a hat-tip to Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem.

If only they had realized that a society which has lost the understanding that it must be built around the inner/feminine aspect of our existence, is a society that has literally lost its soul. It is a society that will dump its freshly killed, perfectly formed unborn children into plastic garbage bags while bestowing heroic status on the “doctor” who became a millionaire by dumping them there. I believe it is time for a new female-led revolution. A revolution where women will reclaim for our society light and life, instead of darkness and death.

Rabbi Moshe Averick is an orthodox rabbi and author of Nonsense of a High Order: The Confused and Illusory World of the Atheist. It is available on and Kindle. Rabbi Averick can be reached via his website.

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  • jp

    Hey Moshe, did you know that a higher number of sexual partners also correlates with depression in males?

    Does that affect your conclusions at all?

    • Jp,

      If your point is that men and women really are the same, and see love, sex and marriage through the same eyes, then, as far as I’m concerned you are in denial of the obvious.

      If your point is that somehow this would undermine the basic premise of the article, that feminism was, in fact, a “masculinist” movement, I don’t see the connection.

      If your point is that somehow this makes killing unborn children more palatable, again I don’t see the connection.

      • jp

        I’m just pointing out your dishonest rhetoric, that’s all. People can make of it what they will, and you can fail to understand why pointing out your dishonesty is relevant, if you like.

        • JP,

          Your question to me was “would it change your conclusions?”, the answer is no, it would not change my conclusions.

          I’m not in a position to fully evaluate what the study in Finland implies, however, let’s assume that what the study in Finland stated was conclusive, that men and women tend towards depression as the number of sexual partners gets higher. It still doesn not change the simple fact that men and women see these matters entirely differently (males, both heterosexual and homosexual buy pornography, woman buy romance novels. Without men, the pornography industry would collapse overnite.) It also does not make a difference regarding any of the other points I made.

          • jp

            Wow, so you’ve changed the subject again, just so you can be wrong again.


            Porn consumption is on the rise amongst women. (From the article: 56% of Hustler videos are bought by women). The main thing standing between women and greater porn use: patriarchal cultural slut-shaming habits. In the lab: women equally aroused by explicit pornography compared to men.

            It’s not that women don’t enjoy or respond to porn, it’s just that Neanderthal idiots like you want to shame and invalidate them for it, just as much as you want to shame and invalidate men who like romance (and there are plenty of them out there, too).

          • salvage

            Yeah Moshe, two out of the three women I’ve had serious relationships with were totally into porn and I know dozens more.

            Women like sex just as much as any hormone stuffed human, I know, i know, that makes them sluts and your god will punish them for it.

            Why does theism make people crazy about sex? From Christ to Allah to Yahweh the fear and loathing of sex I anything but the strictest of circumstances seems to induce a bizarre fear and loathing.

      • emma lewis

        forgive me if i have posted this in the wrong place i apologies. I just wish to say that it is sole destroying to see what horrors mankind is capable of. I have three beautiful little boys, after my second son the doctors told me i should not have anymore children, not because there was a risk to the child but to myself, so my husband and i took precautions but while they were sorting something permanent out i fell pregnant for the third time, i had an awful decision to make and i must admit i really thought about it, but i knew what ever we decided it would have to be done very soon, i was only 2 months gone, but after a lot of thought i decided there was no way this baby MY BABY wasn’t going to be denied the chance to live. Yes it would be a struggle not just health wise but money wise but i was determined to make it work. It was a very hard pregnancy, but when i eventually gave birth and saw him for the first time i knew id made the right decision, and now that beautiful baby is one of my greatest loves. I personally believe that the abortion time frame should be three months, no more no less, and that every woman should see a Councillor before they make the decision. The ONLY! time abortion should be allowed over the three months is if the child, for certain, would have absolutely no quality of life. Also that only one method of abortion is legally available, and that that method is the most humane. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, i feel very strongly about this topic.

  • salvage

    Moshe, since I doubt you could understand just how deeply misogynistic, condescending and generally nonsensical this article is I will just point out that your god, your “Intelligent” designer kills more unborn that any Planet Parenthood clinic could even manage.

    It used to kill a lot more babies and or mothers with its diseases, poor design of the birth canal and process until science came along and once again cleaned up your god’s mess.

    Of course if you really cared about the unborn and really wanted to stop abortion you’d be promoting birth control and sex education but that’s not what it’s really about for you. No, in your twisted world it’s about women being sluts and getting away with it. \

    That drives you nutso.

    Them being pregged and shamed like in the good old days are what you and Pragger long for.

    Tell me Moshe are you one of those Torah thumpers that won’t shake a woman’s hand? A friend of mine had that happen once, she turned to me confused… “Did he just refuse to shake my hand?” “Yup, you might tempt him with your wanton womanly ways or you might be on your period, either way you’re just filthy.”

    Yeah, that’s a culture that’s going to treat women as equals.

    • Ben

      That’s right, sister. Down with God! How dare He screw up the design of the birth canal and process! It’s now Humans vs. God and we’ll show him that this whole survival of the species thing is bogus!

      • salvage

        No, it’s not “Human vs. God” as there are no such things as gods, that’s rather obvious really. It “Human vs. Ignorance” and it’s clear which side you’ve taken.

    • moshe averick


      I knew I could count on you!
      keep up the good work

    • moshe averick


      Why do you keep complaining to me, complain to God.
      Science came along and cleaned up the mess – and then the enlightened doctors and feminists came and used their science to kill millions of babies. We would have been better off without them.

      • salvage

        um… I’m not “Complaining” to you Moshe (very obvious things seem to confuse you) I’m pointing out a few of the flaws, inconsistencies and general hypocrisy of your beliefs.

        And what you can be depended upon is to ignore those points complete and just restate your very silly opinions that spurred the comment in the first place.

        So why does your nutty god kill so many babies in the womb? Even in first world nations the rates of miscarriages and still born is still startlingly high. Why is that? Your god pulling a joke on the parents? If you look at the numbers you can see that your god’s butcher bill doesn’t come close to the clinic’s numbers.

        Let me guess, it’s your god still POed at Eve for eating that magic fruit.

        • Salvage,
          In fact, that was probably a precondition to your going out with her.

          • salvage

            Zing! Not really but it was a delightful bonus and we had a great time with it. My third major relationship wasn’t a fan of pornography in that it didn’t do anything for her.

            Anyhow, back to the subject at hand, i.e. your ignorance, misogyny etc.

            Do you notice that you never answer points or questions? Why is that? Have you no answers or do you feel if you ignore them they’re not there? Do you notice the way I first put your point then answer it? I don’t have a copyright on this method, feel free to try it out.

            Or are you waiting for your god to butt in?

    • Salvage,

      with all due respect it does not surprise me that the women you were involved with were into pornography.

      • salvage

        Because they were all slutty-slut-sluts who have sex without your god’s earthly representatives’ permission! Terrible I know, unauthorized orgasms, makes your god so angry he’d blow up a city! Ah the good old days when you could stone harlots to death for such things, hey if you move to Iran or Afghanistan you could relive ’em. A few tweaks to your superstitions and you’d blend right in.

  • salvage

    >Besides feminism, what other ideology promotes the killing of human life as “empowerment”?

    The military?

    • salvage,

      Man versus man in war is one thing. At least both sides give and take in a conflict. But the feminist war on unborn babies is totally one-sided.

      Not even the most vicious army ever assembled by men has matched the baby-killing statistics amassed by Feminists.

      The feminist record for slaughtering the unborn stands alone.

      • salvage

        You asked a question and I answered it and guess how the Iraqi birth survival rate is before and after the various wars.

        It’s bizarre how you only seem to care about life in the womb, once it leaves your indifference is stunning.

        • Salvage,

          James just posted a link to this article to his 400 YouTube subscribers. Why don’t you publicize this article to all your zealous, non-believing, science-worshipping, pro-unborn baby killing friends, and then we can really have some fun in the comment section?

          • salvage

            Moshe can you really not understand anything?

            1.    Why on Earth would I care about James’ “nearly 400 subscribers”? Do you think that’s a lot? A video featuring a Roomba riding cat smacking a dog’s nose has a larger following. As it should because that cat is brilliant.

            2.    I’m not “stalking” you, is your ego so starved for attention that you think my commenting here is an interest in you personally? Moshe you’re a garden variety theist who espouses boilerplate nostrum, if I were to stalk someone they’d have to be far more compelling, female and Krysten Ritter. She too is brilliant. 

            3.    Without clicking on the link “Men’s Rights” tells me all I need to know, a pack of White Males bitching about how women run their world and how they can’t get no breaks no more! They watch “Mad Men” longingly for the days when you could slap a woman’s ass, pay her less and generally feel superior because you can pee standing up. Yeah, they really give me a “heart attack”. You really are delusional about everything. 

            4. Zealous? Moi? I’m not the one who stands on a stage every week spouting nonsense about an angry god’s demands for praise and strict dietary laws. Wee bit of projection going on here I think. See I’m just commenting on posts in the comment section, hardly the act of a zealot. Considering the origins of the word I’d imagine you’d have more respect for it and its application. 

            5. Non-believing? Well that’s fair enough in the realm of superstition, mythology and outright nonsense but that’s a good thing. Believing in things that are clearly untrue is well silly isn’t it?

            6. Science-worshipping, now this is also fair enough but I’m more a fan of science but I can see some overlap. And why shouldn’t I be? Thanks to science I enjoy a wildly comfortable lifestyle that a mere 100 years ago would have been impossible and unimaginable for the majority of humanity’s existence. Science has produced more miracles than your lame god has even tried. Science cured and treated diseases (next time you’re sick just pray at your god, don’t go see a doctor, see what happens), split the atom, walked on the moon, peered 14.5 billion years in the past and recently shot a neutrino faster than the speed of light!

            Well not really, I suspect they sent the neutrino briefly into the “bulk” where time and space misbehave so it just looks like they went faster but that is even more exciting because it means we may have a compelling piece of evidence that M theory is right.

            What has your religion done lately? Screamed about homosexuals? Bulldozed some Palestinians? Discovered a new way to tell your god how great it is? That’s useful I guess.

            7. pro-unborn baby killing 

            Ha! Ha! Yes! That’s what it is! We love killing babies! Fun stuff! But once again you ignore the question, if killing womb-babies is so wrong than why does your god do it all the time? Friends of mine got married a few years back and couldn’t wait to start cranking out the kids, turns out she can’t, after a few miscarriages the docs told her to stop or the next one could end her life. That is your god’s handwork right? Oh right, magic fruit, nothing to do with your god! Damn that Eve and all filthy, filthy women.   

            8.  and then we can really have some fun in the comment section?

            Ah, you’re one of those, you need back up to back up your opinion, why not take me on, point by point Moshe as I have done here? Aren’t you learned teacher? Well educated? I’m a high school drop-out with two years of community college, you should have no problem moping the virtual floor with me yet here you are, begging for James’ online buddies to ride in and save your bacon … er…  matzoth balls.

  • Powerful article that deserves to be read and re-read.

    No one should be given the “choice” to kill their own child. That feminism makes infanticide the core tenet of its ideology is enough to condemn it is as immoral.

    Besides feminism, what other ideology promotes the killing of human life as “empowerment”?

    • moshe averick


      Thanks so much. Tell your friends.

      • Done. I sent a link to my nearly 400 subscribers and friends on my YouTube channel at:

        • James,

          I think you just gave poor “Salvage” (one of my favorite blogosphere stalkers) a heart attack! God bless.

          • jp

            Moshe, the fact that your article is being adoringly distributed to a bunch of misogynist cretins is unlikely to surprise salvage. It certainly doesn’t surprise me.

        • jp

          Woohoo, Moshe, you got a big thumbs up from a Men’s Rights activist. You must be so proud.

          • salvage

            Quite right jp, I’m not surprised, what I am surprised about is how jazzed up Moshe is over it. I think the poor dear doesn’t get out much.