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December 6, 2011 7:39 pm

Claire Danes and Public Relations Tips for Israel

avatar by Ronn Torossian

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Flyer for upcoming panel event on 'Israel and the Media' hosted by the Algemeiner.

I just received an advance copy of the book, David & Goliath, by Shraga Simmons, about what seems to be the very captivating story of his “frontline” experiences, going toe-to-toe with reporters to expose media bias in the Mideast conflict. I read much of it last night (stayed up too late.) He reveals names, suggesting that while the media casts the Palestinians as “David” fighting the powerful Israeli “Goliath,” Israel may in fact be fighting a more powerful antagonist – the “Media Goliath.”

  • This quote seemed to summarize Israel’s quandary as Mark Twain said, “There are laws to protect the freedom of the press’s speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press.”
  • I am excited to speak next week at the forum that the Algemeiner has put together where we will discuss Israel’s negative media experience – my co-panelists are: superstar criminal defense attorney Benjamin Brafman and James Taranto of The Wall Street Journal. This event will be held on December 15th at 6:30 p.m. at the Fifth Avenue Synagogue, 5 E 62nd Street, NYC. We will discuss what Israel can do to win the battle for public opinion – owning a major public relations agency, I have plenty to say on the topic.
  • Was thrilled to see Claire Danes telling Conan O’Brien on his show what a great “party town” Tel Aviv is. Danes told O’Brien that she learned this when she went to Israel to shoot the pilot for the great new original series on Showtime, “Homeland” (to which I am addicted). “The big reveal, the big surprise, for me was that Tel Aviv was the most intense party town I have ever been to,” she said. Danes said the bars are hopping in Tel Aviv. Watch the clip here.

I look forward to greet many of you at the Fifth Avenue Synagogue next week to discuss public relations. Meanwhile, read David & Goliath, and lets all party it up in Tel Aviv.

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  • Jonathan Geruhy

    Ronn Torossian can you please write more about PR and life of a PR agency like 5WPR ? I love your stories.

  • frania kryszpel block

    the media could pick up some stories from people like my friend and her husband. She asjef me to drive with her to Jerusalem to pick up a custom tug she had ordered. It was in the old city in an Arab store. When we got there,the rug had not been seen properly and when the back and forth began,I excused myself to take a stroll through the windy paths. My necklace with a cutout oF Israel was easily seen.I was stopped in a corner by 3 young men,all dressed in the latest jeans and clothing. I was asked forcefully,”what is that necklace?”when I answered “it is a map of Israel” the three touched my necklace and said “and I it was a map of Palestine” and I MUST REPEAT what they said. They were all taller than me,aggressive and would not let me leave until they asked me again,”what is that necklace? I had to say Palestine. They told me not to forget it and left. Now, my friends was out looking for me.when she found me,I was pale. I told her what had. happened .She was furious that I was forced to say this. That evening, she and her husband were hosting a party attended by American and Israeli officials. The US Ambassador and his wife attended and my friend,BJ,told the story of what happened to me that day and the disgust she felt. The general and his wife explained how they had been stationed in Turkey before the 67′ war. As Catholics they had travelled to Israel and found the Xi’an religious sites full of trash and garbage strewn all around. They later came after the 67′ war and found all the Xi’an holy sites cleaned up ,garbage gone,everything treated with respect. That is ejy she and her husband were furious at what was forced on me. They admired and supported Israel from firsthand knowledge. There was no mincing of words that was quite the party. The media would have volunteers in the military stationed in Israel. They were firsthand observers .

  • frania kryszpel block

    She is right. Being in Israel diplomatically for a few years,the US military families were also stationed in Tell Aviv. My best friend, a generals wife and supporter of Israel,liked to know all things Tel Aviv. There was a club with a gold big metal door that by invitation only one could enter. Once inside, the elegance of the interior,the lighting,the music with dressed people enjoying themselves was a surprise. It rivalled any club in Paris,RIo,Monte Carlo.