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December 13, 2011 11:04 am

Top Ten Anti-Semitic Slurs of 2011

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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Mahmoud Abbas. Photo: World Economic Forum.

For the last two years, The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Jewish human rights NGO, has compiled a list of the top ten anti-Israel and anti-Jewish slurs. The list continues to reflect the growing global anti-Semitism and de-legitimization of Israel coming from mainstream voices. It does not include statements by terrorist organizations, the lunatic fringe, or the government of Iran. These citings should serve as a wake-up call to those who believe that such rants are the exclusive domain of Neo-Nazis and crackpots.

Below, The Algemeiner presents the full list:

1.) “I come before you today from the Holy Land, the land of Palestine, the land of divine messages, ascension of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the birthplace of Jesus Christ peace be upon him, to speak on behalf of the Palestinian people…”

-Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at his UN General Assembly address, September 23, 2011. Speaking to the world, Abbas omitted any reference to the Jewish people’s connection to the Holy Land. No reference to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, nor King David, King Solomon, or Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel.

2.) “I would like to see accurate statistics of how many Israelis have been killed by the bombs thrown by Palestinians or with the rockets that were launched by them?…. we know that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were killed… neither Turkey nor the Muslims in the region have exerted such cruelty on Israel… Israel is inexplicably cruel, against innocent Palestinians, hiding behind the Nazi Holocaust and seeking victimhood….Everybody knows what Israel is about”

-Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during CNN Interview with Fareed Zakaria, September 25, 2011

3.)  “Everything that happens today in the world has to do with the Zionists… American Jews are behind the world economic crisis that has hit Greece also.”

– Zorba The Greek composer, Mikis Theodorakis, winner of the International Music Council-UNESCO International Music Prize, also told Greek TV that he was “anti-Israel and anti-Semitic,” February 15, 2011

4.) “I love Hitler…People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f****** gassed,”

– The renowned Christian Dior fashion designer John Galliano was fired and later convicted in a French court for his anti-Semitic rants screamed at Jews in a Paris bar. Galliano later apologized

5.)  “I understand Hitler… He’s not what you would call a good guy, but yeah, I understand much about him and I sympathize with him a little bit. But come on, I’m not for the Second World War, and I’m not against Jews… I am of course, very much for Jews. No, not too much, because Israel is a pain in the ass… I’m very much for Speer. Albert Speer [Hitler’s Architect]… He was also maybe one of God’s best children… Okay, I’m a Nazi.”

-Director Lars Von Trier was thrown out of the Cannes Film Festival after this rant.   May 18, 2011.  He later apologized

6.)  “[Jews] want that sucker of Syrian blood to remain and continue to prey and suck blood. They not only want their security, but also to enjoy the sight of Syrian blood being spilled…. Asking myself why Jewish support of Bashar [Assad] increased after they saw the rivers of Syrian blood this mass- murderer spilled in Syrian towns, an old image leapt to my mind, of Jews bleeding people and using their blood to prepare matzas. Logic does not accept this, but the facts prove it.”

Syrian writer Osama Al-Malouhi, an opponent of President Bashar Assad, posted on an opposition website, October 26, 2011, The Middle East Media Research Institute

7.) “Not all the Jews in the world are evil….The ratio is 60-40. Sixty percent are evil to varying degrees, all the way to a level that words cannot describe, while 40 percent are not evil.”

Tawfig Okasha, a presidential candidate in post-Mubarak Egypt added that among the 40% of ‘non-evil’ Jews there is only one in a million who is blameless and that French President Nicolas Sarkozy is “one of those Jews who adhere to the Zionist ideology…one of the worst ideologies,” Al-Faraeen TV, October 31, 2011.

8.)  “The source that finances and incites all these international organizations… especially in the Arab world… are led by a single, evil organization, known as Zionism. It is behind all these movements, all these civil wars, and all these evils… Jesus Christ healed the sick among the Jews… and resurrected their dead. [How did they repay him?] “They strived to crucify him until he died…”

“Do the people of the opposition [today]… belong to Christianity or to Islam? No. They are deeply rooted in Judaism and in Zionism… Any intelligent person who reads The Protocols of the Elders of Zion will see the extent of its influence on the politics of our region and the world.”

-George Saliba, Bishop of the Syrian Orthodox Church in Lebanon, Al-Dunya TV, July 24, 2011. The Middle East Media Research Institute

9.) “Oppose the moral blackmail of the so-called Holocaust! [“Arbeit macht Frei!”] Truth makes free!”

– Hermann Dierkes, leader of the Left Party in Duisburg, Germany, April 2011.  Dierkes posted a flyer on the website with a swatiska morphing into a Star of David and called for a boycott of Israeli products, labelling Israel a “rogue state” and a “warmonger.” “Arbeit macht Frei!” is inscribed on the gates of Nazi concentration camps including Auschwitz and Dachau.

10.) “The state of Israel is an illegal, genocidal place… to equate Judaism with the state of Israel is to equate Christianity with [rapper] Flavor Flav

– Rev Jeremiah Wright in a speech to thousands of people, June 14, 2011, Baltimore, Maryland

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  • A REAL American

    salvage, I have no idea why you constantly post moronic replies on this website. Why troll a website where there isn’t a single opinion you agree with??

    I read Al Jazera and Huffington Post and other websites to see what they are saying, but I don’t make it my life mission to comment on everything I disagree with. That would leave me without a life. Sound familiar to you??

    The answer to your question is quite simple. The classic definition of antisemitism is where you hold Jews to a standard that you fail to hold anyone else to. It is the disparity between what is fair criticism and what is a case of singling out a particular group for unwarranted criticism to the point of obsession.

    Now substitute “Israel” for the word “Jew”. Certain groups, the Palestinians and their supporters amongst them have the tendency to hold Israel to a standard they are not willing to hold any other nation to. The so-called “palestinian” nation would fail to pass all standards of international conduct in their treatment of their own people, let alone their Jewish neighbors. If you balance your criticism of Israel with a similar criticism of Palestinians, that would most likely be considered to be fair. But when one ignores racist Palestinian remarks that attempt to remove any Jewish heritage from the land of Israel then that person is most likely guilty of being an anti-Semite.

    Anti-Semites tend to criticize Israel at the expense of every other issue–Palestinian terrorism, Darfur, human rights issues in Saudi Arabian and other Arab states, Iranian threats to pursue nuclear weapons, etc.

    Anti-Semites have pursued an anti-Israel policy in the UN to the exclusion of almost every other humanitarian issue. Hundred of millions of people were murdered and subjected to inhuman conditions around the world over the past few decades while the UN did little to nothing about it. For example, according to a study conducted by NGO UN Watch in 2006-07, the Human Rights Council passed one hundred percent of its condemnatory resolutions against Israel, ignoring the other 191 UN member states, including the world’s worst abusers. All of this amounts to an irrational obsession by key UN bodies with singling out Israel for censure, turning the organization into Ground Zero for the international campaign to delegitimize and demonize the Jewish state.

    It is OK to criticize Israel–I have a few complaints myself. But when the criticism singles Israel out by holding it to a standard beyond that of any other state and when the focus becomes so obsessive that it ignores atrocities around the globe, you have found true unadulterated antisemitism.

    • salvage

      So REAL American (so many fake ones!) what you’re saying is that it’s anti-Semitic to say something like “Israel was wrong to invade Lebanon using proxy militias to slaughter whole villages of civilians” if I say that it’s okay for other countries to do that?

      Hmm, not sure if that’s quite right but okay, I can say fair enough and assure you that I have just as much objection to other nations walling off a whole people in an apartheid scheme that violates all kinds of human rights.

      >Anti-Semites tend to criticize Israel at the expense of every other issue-Palestinian terrorism, Darfur, human rights issues in Saudi Arabian and other Arab states, Iranian threats to pursue nuclear weapons, etc.

      I’m pretty sure that most of Israel’s critics, like say Amnesty International also condemn other human rights abusers. I suspect you don’t listen when they do and only pay attention when they say bad things about Israel.

      Saudi Arabia, but REAL America your government does all kinds of business with them, both GOP and Democratic so what does that mean to you?

      I’m also wondering if someone only complained about the wrong things that Israel does and ignores all the other bad stuff done by other nations, does that mean what Israel is doing is right? How many more nations does someone have to criticize before they can say something about Israel without being a hater of Jews?

      • Chicago Man

        Salvage, you are missing the point. An anti-Semite will ignore political and historical factors that led to this point. Lebanon is a great example. Israel endured more than 10 years of cross border murderous attacks against its civilians by palestinian terrorists before they launched the operation into lebanon. Palestinians murdered school children in Maalot and blew up buses and engaged in other heinous acts of barbarity for many years unabated, unrepentant with no adherence to any recognizable code of conduct or moral behavior. palestinian groups were engaged in a game of One-upmanship taking turns trying to outdo each other seeing who could cause the bloodiest carnage and murder the most jews. People like you tend to ignore these things normal people called facts.

        Israel was left in a position with little choice–either continue to blow up terrorists training bases from the air and suffer the criticism of the antisemites at the UN for having the chutzpah for defending themselves or put a stop to the bullshit once and for all. lebanon was in the midst of a civil war in which many sides had their proxy armies (just like today) all fighting one another. Syria, Iran, France and even Israel but no one was willing to do anything to stop the civil war. The old adage in the middle east the enemy of your enemy is your friend is very true. Israel befriended the persecuted and abused Christians in lebanon. The Philangist operated independently of Israel but with some level of support. After years of brutalization at the hands of the palestinians and their muslim allies the Christian Philangist took it in their own hands to do to the palestinians what the palestinians had been doing to them. This is the explanation, not the excuse. But thee is no evidence that has ever been brought to the public or a courtroom that suggest that Israel knew in advance about the philangists intentions to massacre the palestinians in sabra and shatilla. Ultimately Israel bears some level of responsibility like a traffic cop who lets a speeder pass by without stopping them and issuing a citation. But the anti-semites who blame Israel are typically ignoring all relevant facts in the case in order to further their agenda; be it political or just good old fashioned hatred of jews.

        As for the security fence, most borders around the world have some sort of fence or boundary marked off to prevent people and goods from being smuggled into or out of the country. Do you reject the great wall in china, the security fence between the US and Mexico, and the security barriers around airports too? They serve the same purpose. In typical fashion you ignore the bloody bus bombings, attacks on pizza parlors, attacks on jewish life-cycle events, targeting seniors and school children. palestinian barbarism again knew no bounds and followed no moral code of conduct. The Oslo process had failed to produce an agreement because even when arafat was given nearly 100% of what he asked for, he couldn’t put a final end to the conflict that his uncle (hitler’s wartime buddy) put in place. arafat’s response was to launch a bloody temper tantrum murdering nearly 1000 jews and maiming nearly 10 thousand more. It is not only the right but an obligation of every nation to protect their borders and their civilian population. Are you saying that Israel does not have the same right as every other nation to defend itself and its borders? If so, that would be antisemitism because you are excluding Israel from the same security rights as every other nation. And, you are singling Israel out for doing the same thing every other nation does–which is to erect security installations to protect its borders. Again, this is a sign of antisemitism to deny Israel these rights.

        Israel finally realized that the time had come to stop waiting for Arafat and later Abbas to reign in their terrorists and to engage in a unilateral act of separation. The idea behind building a barrier of separation was to construct a physical structure to separate the two peoples physically at the same time that they are being separated politically in order to break the cycle of violence stoking the conflict.

        As for the facts, once again you are on the wrong side. Most of the barrier (over 95% of total length) consists of a multi-layered fence system. Some sections (less than 5% of total length) are constructed as a wall made up of concrete slabs up to 8 m in height and 3 m in width. So calling it a “wall” is 95% of a bald face lie. Call it what it is, a security fence and give it credit for what it has done. The erection of this fence has prevented approximately 150 to 200 murders every year and thousands of casualties by separating the two sides. The seperation barrier has reduced 90% of the terrorism. Why does that not factor into your comments? If you could erect a fence anywhere in the world to reduce 90% of the terrorist activity or drug traffic or some other illegal behavior would you not be in favor of this? Before the fence existed, the terrorists just crossed the street to get to Jewish communities to murder Jews in their sleep. Now they have to travel several miles and go through security check points. Its just not fair!!

        Saying that Israel engages in apartheid, even of the mini-variety is a complete joke and makes a travesty of the pain and suffering inflicted on the blacks in South Africa. How can you demean these people and belittle their tragic circumstances by applying the term haphazardly to a conflict in which it doesn’t apply? The palestinians and the jews do not want to live together and have done everything over the years to attempt to separate themselves from each other short of signing the final agreements to do so. The fact of the matter is that they live completely separate lives. The arab population centers on the West Bank are under the administration of the Palestinian Authority and Gaza is a completely independent entity that is run by terrorists. Israel does not govern the civilian population of either of these areas, but as the defacto power Israel is obligated to maintain security around these areas. It does this in coordination with the PA (Hamas doesn’t deal directly with Israel).

        As for Israel itself, 20% of Israel’s population is Arab or non-Jew with the same rights of Jewish citizens–life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, voting and holding public office (read anything by palestinian arab Khaled Abu Toameh and you will see how stupid your remarks are). I fail to see any way that the apartheid label, even the mini apartheid label would be applied to Israel without diminishing the effect it had on the residents of South Africa. Applying a label like Apartheid to this conflict is like calling a two car accident on the freeware an act of genocide.

        But if you insist on applying this label in this conflict it would have to be applied to the opposite side. While Israel provides full rights to its Arab population, the Palestians have stated on numerous occasions that the future palestinian state would not allow a single jew to live within their territory. They are also on record as saying that access to jewish holy sites within the west bank would be extremely limited (if at all) and that Jews would not be allowed to visit the holy sites in Jerusalem (which happen to be the holiest sites in the Jewish religion). Did you know that PA law (as well as in Jordan and most other Arab countries) makes it a crime punishable by death for an Arab to sell land to a Jew?? The accused are usually murdered by a vigilante mob and very few last long enough to stand trial for their “crimes”. And we haven’t even discussed the Arab treatment of the Palestinians. Palestinians are not allowed to buy land in many Arab countries and cannot pass any land they own down to their children. These are just a few of the “apartheid” laws that Arabs enforce upon their minorities. Care to discuss?

        So who exactly is running the Apartheid regime–the one that grants full rights to 100% of its citizens regardless of race or religion or the one that will not all people of another religion to become citizens or even enter their territory??? Where is your condemnation of this blatantly racist palestinian policy? If you are going to call Israel an apartheid regime, the very least you can do is call the palestinians one too. This type of intellectual dishonesty; ignoring all of the facts in order to condemn one side while at the same time turning a blind eye on all of the misdeeds of the other side; goes well beyond the level of ordinary criticism. There is a deep seeded hatred that is provoking you to do this. Is it antisemitism, I don’t know. But the dishonesty and imbalance is beyond any acceptable level of criticism.

        Does that answer your question?

    • a bos

      Israel should be held to a different standard. After all it was created under very special circumstances and conditions.
      None of these conbditions were met by the state of Israel. Therefore, in my considered opinion, Israel has no right to exist.
      It is a colony that took away the property rights of its original population and drove them across borders and into the sea. It still treats them as subhumans.

      • Chicago Man

        a bos

        Exactly what were these special conditions and who decides if any state has the right to exist? Surely the US has no right to exist since we displaced our indigenous population. In fact, not a single nation, state, or country in existence today has any right to exist because the people running it are not indigenous to that nation, state or country. This would include England, Australia, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia–all were created at some point in time by conquest replacing the indigenous population with a foreign occupying population. So please tell me what country has the right to exist and is not guilty of replacing the indigenous population with a foreign occupying population.

        The Jewish historical and religious rights to the land pre-date the invention of Islam and these rights to the land of Israel were never abrogated in anyway. Jews maintained this connection to the land throughout the ages by maintaining land ownership, living and toiling on the land, pilgrimages and by mentioning the land of Israel at every meal and facing Jerusalem 3x per day and mentioning return to the land in their prayers. In contrast, the johnny come lately Arabs do not mention Israel (Palestine) once in their prayers and they turn their backsides to Jerusalem to face Mecca when they pray. Israel/Jerusalem/Palestine is not mentioned even ONCE in the Quran.

        The only Arab claims to the land is through conquest and then they lost the claim to the land again through conquest. So please explain what makes the Arab conquest of the land legitimate and the Jewish conquest of the land illegitimate? And the Arabs that remained in Israel after the Ottomans were defeated were are part of the Ottoman colonial regime–which “…took away the property rights of its original population and drove them across borders and into the sea. It still treats them as subhumans.”

        Legally, Palestine never existed as an independent entity. Population censuses taken by the British and Ottomans show a Jewish majority in the western part of palestine (southern syria). So when did the Arab come into the area? The Arabs flooded the area when the British limited Jewish migration due to bloody Arab riots. The British did nothing to limit the Arabs who flooded into western palestine in search of jobs, freedom, and healthcare created by the Jewish development of western palestine. These Arabs were not an indigenous people–they came from syria, lebanon, iraq, egypt, and arabia. The “palestinians” are the same people as these other Arabs because they ARE these other Arabs. There is no difference.

        Nationalities and borders are a European colonial import to the region, so the nationality called “palestinian” could not have existed prior to the British colonization of Palestine. And in fact, it wasn’t created until the Egyptian terrorist Yasser Arafat coined the term in Cairo in 1964 to press for Israel’s destruction by creating a people supposedly displaced by the Jewish development of Palestine/Israel–even though such a thing never happened. The palestinian myth making machine has you completely snookered. Unfortunately for you and the “palestinians” this myth making machine has created such a falsified narrative that is at odds with reality that there can be no solution to this problem short of war–which is why Arafat could never bring himself to sign the agreement negotiated by Bill Clinton to bring a final end to hostilities. He couldn’t do this and still remain “true” to the myths he and his henchmen created. The only solution to the conflict is to remove the mythology and deal only in factuality. Then and only then can there be any hope whatsoever for an end to hostilities between these two groups.

  • salvage

    Is it at all possible to criticize the things Israel has done as a nation without being an anti-Semitic?

    Cam anyone who writes for / is in constant agreement with please answer that question? I’ve never gotten an answer.

  • Permission to reprint the above article in Journal or the Study of Antisemitism Dec 2012 issue. If granted, how do you want the permission statement to read
    Thank you
    Steve Baum Editor JSA