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January 25, 2012 10:40 pm

Recognizing Israel’s Vast Technology Successes

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The Technology Garden, Jerusalem, Israel. Photo: Neta.

In 2004, Natan Sharansky’s book, The Case for Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny and Terror – addressing the need for democracy to be introduced into the Arab world – was required reading in the White House.  Many thought the road to peace could be achieved via “Arab democracy.” Of course, eight years later we see that the terrorist organization Hamas still rules the Gaza Strip – “via democracy” – and with elections looming in Egypt, neither Israel nor the U.S. is in a better position through that democracy than the West was with the Mubarak regime.

Perhaps required reading for the Obama White House and his PR advisers should be Start-Up Nation, the book about Israel’s economic miracles and technology success stories, emanating from the tiny country. Maybe the entire world should understand what the impact would be, if Iran succeeded to build a nuclear bomb and harm Israel.

An effective PR campaign/ agency could educate the world that – with the global economy in shambles – Israel is ranked #2 in the world for venture capital funds right behind the U.S. Outside of the United States and Canada Israel has the largest number of companies listed on NASDAQ. Microsoft, Google, Motorola and many others have offices in Israel – including Apple, which just last month announced that they are opening their first R&D center in Herzliya, Israel’s version of California’s Silicon Valley. Israel is the country where the cell phone, camera-phone-chip technology, voice-mail, XP and Vista, and of course AOL Instant Messenger were invented.

Those who won’t confront Iran and the myriad Islamic enemies of Israel may care more about their pocketbooks than Jewish lives – perhaps Jewish groups should strive to educate people more about how this 63-year-old nation creates technologies, which make the world better – and richer. Maybe an effort to portray the financial success that Israel could offer, is the best road.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO of 5WPR, a Top 25 PR Agency and author of best-selling PR book “For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations,” available for purchase here.

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  • frania kryszpel block

    No one can blame Salvage for not bring educated in the topic of Jewish contributions to societies since the beginning of recorded history. It is too big a pill to swallow. Let us break it up into smaller pieces. Forget about Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud,Gerry Corinne,Karl Koller, Albert Sabin,Andrew Michael Lwoff,Francoise Jacob. These were all born in different countries ,won the Nobel prize and other distinguished awards. The US did not give their countries money to be propped up. Let us go back in history very far and look at the Sephardi contributions to the societies they inhabited. Also, read up on the Charter of Henry IV stating that anyone who harms a Jew will have his eyes taken out if he cannot pay the fine. His Jews were a valuable people. DESCRIPTUS ORBIS , 4th century,Beit. Shean is described as the city that supplies trcyoles to the whole world. Castilla y Leon was the bustling center of commercial,industrial activity. Vitri Ijudaica(Judaic glassware),made on Judea, Vitri Allessandrini-Hadrian asserted Jews were the glassmakers of Alexandria. In the 9th century, an Arab chronicler wrote of the Separfi Jews that they speak Arabic,Roman,Spanish,Persian,Slavonik,all which gave them good access communicating on all the trade routes. Wherever they were. Yhr countries thrived. Again, it is not your fault not to know all this because it is too much for anyone to comprehend. Look up the day Costa family,officially recognized irrigation experts in control of the waterways and power given to them over the lands. Rodriguez,Silva,Cordoso,,Pereiea,Aguilar,Parfait, all entrrprneurs, jurists, financiers. Carlos II’s master builder was a Sephardi Jew,Estella provided armaments and parts to the sovereign in 1430. Itzhak Benjamin. Samuel Armarillo, Nathan Del Gabay, look them up and see their contributions in all the lands . Remember, we eliminated the Ashkenazi Jews. Thid is just the Separdi Jews from the very beginning. The list of names is a tiny grain of sand,To give more about them would fill libraries(which, they made the first library,also). None of the countries that these innovative smart people lived in all through the centuries, were given US. Money. The countries became something BECAUSE the Jews contributions. They contributed TO the world. Just as now.

    • frania kryszpel block

      To correct the typos….. Beit Shean supplied textiles to the world. 3. The da Costa family – trail of accomplishment blazed by this family before 1492.

    • salvage

      And that’s why Israel is truly an independent nation and not a parasite on the rump of the American taxpayer?

      Or are you saying that Jews are genetically superior beings smarter than all the others?

      Or are you saying because Jews from before did some cool things Israel should get free money?

      Jews contribute no more or less to humanity than any other race / culture / whatever. I can furnish you with an equally impressive list of Muslims who have made breakthroughs and gains in science, math, art and any other endeavor you’d like to mention. Ditto with Christians, Hindus and atheists.

      But that was nit my point, my point is Israel success and very existence is dependent on America, without it your Holy Land would collapse into the sand.

      That is a fact you can’t argue with so you just pretend I said something else.

      If Israel were truly a great nation she would stand on her own rather than begging a country that infect did rise up on it’s own and has been self-sufficient ever since.

      Oh and Einstein was an atheist, can someone be called a Jew if they know there are no such things as gods?

      • You protest too much. You are argumentative. The Muslims are cousins. Egypt was a great culture. Lebanon was compared to Paris. You commented that without US money, Israel would be nothing. I showed you that wherever the Jewish people were, they were not parasitic, thry controbited. Now, what exactly is your problem with this. And just remember,you have no idea about me, you do not know me, but I can tell you that you are big on making assumptions and arguing points that you do not fully explain. Try again.

        • frania kryszpel block

          Sorry. “..not parasitic, they contributed”

          • salvage

            Please don’t worry about the typos, I have more than my share and it’s the internet.

        • salvage

          Simple question: would the State of Israel thrive without American money?

          This has nothing to with Jews, the Jewish cultural emphasis on education or how successful they have been in the past. They were not parasites nor did I refer to them as such. The current State of Israel on the other hand syphons BILLIONS from America and returns nothing save for some of the money coming back to US weapons manufacturers. That is pretty parasitical so whenever I read one of these “Israel is so great because blah blah” pieces I feel it important that the salient fact of Israel’s existence being subsidized should be mentioned.

          Israel is to America what Cuba was to the Soviet Union.

      • frania kryszpel block

        Salvage, what you say is true. Of course, other religions peoples’ excelled. Who said otherwise. We ate talking about a country 70 years young, coming g out of a fire with displaced persons from many countries alongside the ones who were there for generations. Their stuff had taken and distributed all over the world, their families mudetrd. And then they’ve been dumped on ever since so the perps can ‘cleanse’their souls as to what they did to those “bad” Jews, who deserved what happened to them. What was the US like 70 Years into its beginning?

        • salvage

          Well 70 years after the Declaration of Independence America was getting ready for The Civil War and following that the final stages of the genocide of the indigenous people’s that were in their way.

          In that way Israel and America are certainly simpatico.

          My point is, once again, Israel exists because of American support so any bragging about their economy should always be tempered by that fact.

          • frania kryszpel block

            Salvage, thank you for your magnanimity towards my typos. That is very nice of you. 2. Point taken. I believe Israel should not be beholden to any other entities. This way they can do what they believe is good for their country. This way,they have to listen to what they are told. I have never been good with that. Freedom allows you to do what is right for you,without others interference. The US is the greatest experiment in democracy. But still not too old itself. Countries ,as people,in good will can learn from each other. Just like you and I did

          • frania kryszpel block

            One last thing re Israel being subsidized with BILLIONS of dollars by the US. You cannot seriously believe that the US just gives money away FOR NOTHING. I know you ate much too smart to believe that the US is so stupid. And by the way, the companies this author of the article mentioned are international. Mr.Torissian told us about the developments invented in Israel that the entire world uses. The US gains from these things, not loses. And lastly, how about a country whose people come from every culture and speak every language. This is human currency. Israel is able to have tentacles all over the world because its people fit on everywhere. This is a huge benefit to avert catastrophes for the West and everywhere.

  • salvage

    >e Start-Up Nation, the book about Israel’s economic miracles and technology success stories,

    Yeah and if America didn’t pump billions into Israel what would there be?

    It’s adorable the way Israelis stand on Uncle Sam’s shoulders and crow about how tall they are.