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February 6, 2012 3:07 pm

Former Joint Chiefs Member: Russia Should Use Military to Defend Iran and Syria (VIDEO)

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Leonid Ivashov, former member of Russian Joint Chiefs of Staff. Photo: memri

A former member of Russia’s Joint Chiefs of Staff told state backed television channel RT that western military operations against Iran or Syria would be an indirect attack on Russia, and by defending Syria and or Iran, Russia would be defending “it’s own interest”, according to MEMRI – the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Leonid Ivashov pointed out that Syria and Iran are both allies of Russia and that western led operations against either country would see Russia losing “important positions and allies in the Arab world”.

One of the most critical of those positions is Russia’s Tartus naval base in Western Syria. The base allows Russian vessels to operate in the Mediterranean Sea and reportedly played host to a Russian aircraft carrier late in 2011, designed to show support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Later in the interview in which Ivashov made the comments above, he claimed that Russia is protecting the world from fascism and that the operations in Libya to remove former Libyan dictator Muammar Gadaffi were equivalent to the Nazi-led invasions of Poland and Russia during World War II.

Watch the interview here for yourself.

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    I told the Kremlin you put the Jews in the ovens, I put you in the ovens. You gas the Jews I gas you. Do not discount that the Arab Spring that has arrived in Russia will not result in a civil war and insurgency.


    Come on in the waters is war and so is the blood.


    It was the wild fires that made Russia halt wheat exports and pus up food prices, it was food prices that set off the uprising of the Russian ally in Syria.

    So lets just assume someone lit those fires (you would have to ask the Kremlin), to cause an uprising in Syria to draw the Soviets into an insurgency. Perhaps that is the reason that NATO took such a hardline and was willing to offend Russia over Libya and the R2P to force the Soviets to tie their fate to Assad.

    Perhaps the unrest against Putin in Russia is because the Soviets are going to fight an unpopular war in Syria with conscripts, which like Afghanistan and Chechnya was unpopular with returning conscripts and their families to force regime change in Russia.

    So Russia will have to send advisers, then special forces and if Russia wants to maintain that support in country as Assad military force structure falls apart they will in the end have to send conventional conscripts to Syria. You will get your own Iraq, and we have the missing Libyan MANPADS waiting for your air assets, which we assume will be operating off the Russian air craft carrier. So just like Afghanistan enter a soviet satellite state to fight an insurgency to prop up a dictator.

    So by all means go an fight the FSA inside Syria, killing the civilians and even stopping the protests will not stop the insurgency. You will get your own Iraq. You have been Punk’ed comrade.