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February 10, 2012 11:23 am

Israel Next Target for “Anonymous” Hacker Group (VIDEO)

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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Mask associated with the "Anonymous" movement. Photo: wiki commons.

The hacker group “Anonymous”, known for it’s infiltration of government and corporate networks, has identified it’s next target – Israel.  Citing “Zionist bigotry” and “crimes against humanity” the group released a video message directed towards Israel as well as a written letter to the Jewish state, warning them of a cyberattack (both of these items can be seen below).

The decentralized group has no official leader and it’s members are believed to be operating worldwide.

In late January, the BBC published a report by the security group McAfee, which cited Israel as among the most “cyber-ready” nations.



To the government of the state of Israel.

We are Anonymous.

For two long we have tolerated your crimes against humanity and allowed your sins to go unpunished.

Through the use of media deception and political bribery, you have amassed the sympothies of many. You claim to be democratic, yet in reality this is far from the truth, in fact your only goal is to better the lives of a select few while carelessly trampling the liberties of the masses. We see through the propaganda that you circulate through the main stream media and lobby through the political establishment.

Your Zionist bigotry has displaced and killed a great many. As the world weeps you laugh while planning your next attack. All of this is done under the veil of peace but so long as your regime exists peace shall be hindered.

You label all who refuse to comply with your superstitious demands as anti semetic. And have taken steps to ensure a nuclear holocaust. You are unworthy to exist in your current form. and will therefore face the wrath of anonymous. Your empire lacks legitimacy and because of this you must govern behind a curtain of deceit. We will not allow you to attack a sovereign country based upon a campaign of lies. Your grip over humanity will weaken and man will be closer to freedom.

But before this is accomplished the people of this world will rise against you and renounce you in all your worth. Our crusade against your reign of terror shall commence in 3 steps.

Step one will be initiated after the release of this video and will be comprised of systematically removing you from the internet.

Step two will be later disclosed and is already in initiation. And as for step 3, well think of this one as a present from Anonymous to you. We will not stop untill the police state becomes a free state.

We are anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

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  • lance

    The bible says ” I will make you [israel] a stumbling block for all nations”
    It also says that israel must [sic] ” treat the Aliens fairly and welcome them”.

    I think the answer is here.
    In order to not trip on a stumbling block (thats obviously real) Israel needs to integrate the palestineans equally and drop the “jewish state” thing.

    Everyone talks of a “2 state solution”, It needs to be a “1 state for all solution”.

    Seems impossible but 2 state solution isnt working and it cant stay like it is because too volatile, a danger to all.

    This is my opinion, no reason to flame.

  • Roger

    You are victims of Muslim brainwashing. once your Agnda was proper with noble goals and respect form the Israeli audience,
    You got brainwashed with lie’s, Make a research get your facts right! Just go and see what chidrens in Gaza learn in School and what chidern in tel aviv learn, Then it will make everything clear.
    For any terrorist with blood on his hands (after killing innocent civilians) that we killed, the governments of Iran, Syria and Egypt have killed a hundred
    of their own brothers! Where are you there?

    Begin to learn the facts and not believe everything you see on TV.
    As a There is no army like the IDF, in terms of a Humanitarian. As a former soldier I am aware of the laws of the army, There’s no army more Humanitarian than the IDF.
    If you talk with Christian Arabs in Israel you will understand that
    they crave peace and want to mix in israeli society, that making them only good with the years,
    but Muslims, their religion calls them for Jihad, terrorism and killing innocent people, we got nothing and not left to do but
    to defend ourselves.
    Israel has always acted only to defend the Jewish state that so many around her want to destroy it because of
    religious motives, and was never aggressive.
    And those with history knowledge and visited Israel and saw events, alived the fear of terrorism knows
    the strong and constant need of Israel to defend itself.

    We Israelis.

    We are united.

    We’re never afraid, not Hitler nor Ahmadinejad and certainly not from you.

    We will continue to protect our children.

    Anonymous; Fuck you.

    Hit us as hard as you can, and we shall recover and get stronger, as previously.

    Let Me Introduce Myself, My Name Is Israel:

    Get your facts right:

  • Seán Ó Maoildeirg

    I do not agree that the State of Israel has no right to exist, but I disagree to it being “legally” described as a Jewish state. Yes it must pay for its crimes but only a small number of Israelis have committed the crimes. The ordinary folk of Germany, under Hitler, did not know of the Third Reich’s crimes until after the war because those crimes were hidden from them, just as Israel’s criminal activities are covered up and denied. Sanctions that are crippling Iran would be better placed on Israel. If Iran is developing nuclear weapons, which I seriously doubt, it could be justified by the fact that Israel, the most troublesome state in the region has a nuclear arsenal and has on several occasions, pre-emptively attacked its neighbours, including Iran and is constantly threatening to attack Iran. It must be a bit having a house full of paranoid lunatics for neighbours.

    • abc

      They said the state in it’s present form. Get your facts straight 🙂

    • Avi

      Your comparison of Nazi Germany and modern Israel is disgusting. Isreal has fought 5 wars in which it was outnumbered and suffered countless acts of terrorism before acting in defense of it’s own citizens.

      Maybe if someone bombed your home you could take the moral high ground and refuse to defend yourself but when it comes my own Jewish people the only choice is survival. And much as I want peace and to believe that peace is possible, I will never apologize to anyone for that

      • Seán Ó Maoildeirg

        If the farms have been worked by Arabs for the past thousands of years and descendents of those people were farming there up to the 1920’s it cannot be claimed that they are not the rightful owners of those farms. Nothing that is written by the hand of Jews in their holy books can legally remove their claim to those farms and that it exactly what the new state of Israel did. Israel, by doing so, sowed the seeds of this conflict itself.