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March 1, 2012 1:22 pm

Shimon Peres, “The View,” and German Soccer

avatar by Ronn Torossian

Kaiserslautern striker Italy Schechter. Photo:

  • Shimon Peres had a simply awful appearance on “The View” Wednesday morning – the 89 year old President of “start-up nation”, in a Borat like presentation asked the audience of “The View” to friend him on Facebook: “May I ask you to be my friends?”  It seemed like a pathetic scene out of a Sasha Baron Cohen movie.

In his interview with Barbara Walters, who is far from Pro-Israel, she told Peres: “we don’t want to be pulled into a war.”  His foolish answer:  “Well, we don’t want to hurt anybody.” Peres doesn’t belong on programs like “The View” and did no favors for Israel’s brand with this appearance. Bad Public Relations!

  • Alan Dershowitz deserves to be commended for stating the truth: “President Barack Obama is in danger of going down in history as ‘the Neville Chamberlain of the 21st century,’ if he fails to stop Iran’s development of the nuclear bomb.” (Chamberlain was the British Prime minister who signed the 1938 Munich Agreement with Adolf Hitler, ceding Czechoslovakia to Germany – oblivious to the impending Nazi danger).
  • The Harvard law professor earlier in the week declared a “personal war” on the media website Media Matters, for its harsh and biased coverage of Israel. He said a senior fellow of the site “has crossed the line from anti-Israel, to anti-Zionism, to anti-Semitism.” Dershowitz spoke out against the organization which called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “terrorist.” Dershowitz denounced the George Soros-backed Media Matters as “a vicious organization”- and quite simply, more prominent Jews in many fields should speak out on matters like this. Dershowitz deserves our praise and respect for speaking the truth.
  • As NBC online said it, “Hard to imagine a worse-case PR scenario for the German Soccer Federation than this: a group of German fans taunted Kaiserslautern striker Itay Schechter, who is from Israel, with Nazi salutes during a team practice on Sunday. Kaiserslautern is in the German Bundesliga League, where it is next to last in the standings.” All PR is not good PR!

Ronn Torossian is the CEO and President of 5WPR, and author of “For Immediate Release”.

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