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April 11, 2012 2:17 pm

“Jew Flu”: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies

avatar by Ronn Torossian

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"Open Zion" Editor Peter Beinart. Photo:

Lenin called those who work against their own people’s best interests in support of their enemies “helpful idiots,” and I am sure that many in the Arab world feel the same way about entities like J Street and Peter Beinart . Throughout history – both ancient and modern, there has never been a shortage of people or groups from within and without the Jewish community who harm Jews – and the most effective stick for beating Israel over the head is a Jewish or Israeli stick.

There are many terms that have been used to describe such people, including, self-hating Jews and sufferers of the “Jew flu” – and it is not a new phenomenon. From Nicholas Donin, who in 1240 helped establish a decree to publicly burn all available copies of the Talmud, to Karl Marx. Theodor Lessing authored the 1930 book Der Jüdische Selbsthass (“Jewish Self-hatred”), and  Labor Zionist leader Berl Katznelson asked, “Is there another People on Earth so emotionally twisted that they consider everything their nation does despicable and hateful, while every murder, rape, robbery committed by their enemies fill their hearts with admiration and awe?”

Growing up in the ’80’s & 90’s as a member of the Betar Movement of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, I remember in the cast as Michael Lerner, Shulamit Aloni, Abie Nathan and other fools.  One wonders what these disproportionately loud critics of Israel and the Jewish communities think.

  • Jews who sympathize with our enemies represent a tiny portion of world Jewry – but the prominence they command in public discourse creates a tyranny of the minority. There is no shortage of Anti-Israel books, but media coverage of them soars when Jews are the authors. Newsweek hosts a far-left wing extremist blog by Peter Beinart providing a mainstream media dedicated platform for a viewpoint which is completely apart from the mainstream Jewish community’s way of thinking.
  • Journalist Uzi Silber coined the term “Jew Flu,” saying, “those infected with the virus wildly inflate Israeli sins real or imagined, while excusing or rationalizing Palestinian anti-Semitism and outrages against Jews.”
  • Kenneth Levin, a Harvard psychiatrist, says that Jewish self-hatred is in part a result of Stockholm syndrome, where “population segments under chronic siege commonly embrace the indictments of their besiegers however bigoted and outrageous.”
  • This was epitomized by Rosa Luxemburg, a prominent Bolshevik who said, “I have no room in my heart for Jewish suffering – Why do you pester me with Jewish troubles?”

Throughout history, Jewish self-haters have been influenced by a perversion of Judaism which says that universal social justice is the core Jewish mission. It’s simply not true that this is the central point of Judaism – and one wonders why these people ignore all of the other Jewish commandments. They seem to miss the point that if they and other Jewish enemies succeed in their collaboration, Israel won’t be a nation – and can’t be a “light unto the nations”.

In the year 2012, we must heed the words of Jabotinsky, “We were not created in order to teach morals and manners to our enemies.”

While Beinart and J-Street continue on with their self-hating and shameful behavior, they fail to note that the “Arab spring” hasn’t brought any Arab country closer to Israel – Arabs in Libya or Cairo haven’t been speaking up about the Jewish need to live in peace, or tweeting about the positive example of the Jewish democracy. These “helpful idiots” continue writing and issuing statements while there are no Arabs speaking up for Jewish causes. These liberal Jews speak out for the whole world – Tibet, Sudan – and of national rights for all people – except the Jews. They speak of a “humanity” that will divest the Jewish people of their humanity.

Harvard professor Ruth Wisse says, “the rapid demoralization of Jews in the face of anti-Zionism… shows the depth of the influence of the past, for many have yet to achieve the simple self-respect that has been eluding the Jews collectively since the dawn of modernity.”

As it says in the Talmud “Israel are the sons and daughters of Kings,” – We, the Jewish people, are sons and daughters of the first king and queen, Abraham and Sarah. These self-hating Jews have forgotten that Jews are the chosen people and descend from royalty – and we will continue to pray and work for the State of Israel and Jewish people.

Author of “For Immediate Release”, Ronn Torossian owns 5WPR, 1 of the largest US PR Firms, and is a Jewish philanthropist and board member of numerous Jewish organizations.

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  • Certainly, self-hating Jews such as Beinart and Soros are causing significant harm to Israel and the Jewish People. Their effect, and that of others who embrace their flawed and extremely dangerous philosophy, may be evidenced most clearly on the university campuses around this great nation.

    However, as Jon Yaakov pointed out, above, it is the mass of Jews expressing themselves at the polling place and, I add, the destructive, fantasy-filled Jews in leadership positions within the mainstream Jewish organizations, whose lack of self-respect and/or reality-based thinking translate into misplaced votes and the support and promotion of suicidal policies for Israel.

    May we soon enter an era in which we only hope for the endings of fantasy-filled dreams, and not base policy decisions on them!

  • Koreshek

    Marx was the son of the convert. He hated the Jews for being capitalists. Ironic. How many people hate the Jews for being Marxists/leftists.
    The Jews must stop calling him a Jew. There’s nothing to be really proud about when it comes to Marx.

    • Avi Av

      No one said they are proud of Marx. Peter Beinart, Marx and all the others are jew-haters. Jew Flu ! love it.

  • Rivka B.

    Thank you Ronn Torossian these sick liberal Jews are such a danger to our nation and our people. I love this term Jew Flu. They are sick and maybe its Jew Cancer.

  • Helen Freedman

    Torossian has written an absolutely great assessment of the sickness that pervades ultra-liberal Jews. The lack of Jewish self-respect is particularly sad, since Jews have so much of which to be proud. Sadly, our rabbis and synagogues contribute to the promotion of views such as Beinart’s. I learned that on Friday, April 27, Beinart will be signing books at the Shabbat Dinner series at Park Avenue Synagogue on E. 87th St., NYC. How are we to overcome such perfidy?

  • Jon Yaakov

    While the author’s point is very true, the problem is not the self hating Jews making their feelings known in the media. Indeed, the problem is the self hating Jews making their feelings known in the voting booth.

    Case in point, their self-destructive support of Barack Hussein Obama.

    Over half a century ago Martin Himmelfarb coined the famous phrase “Jews earn like Episcopalians, and vote like Puerto Ricans.” His point has never been truer.

  • Joantahn Glick

    Ronn Torossian is exactly right on – Jabotinsky was the visionary.

  • Cory

    The author makes some very valid points. Jabotinsky was a great and smart man. Had he been leading Israel in 1967, he would not have presided over the eager and willing acquisition of millions of arab refugees.

    He was smarter than that. He would have realized the long-term predicament that would his nation in. He would not have ended the “six day war” without a real peace treaty with all of Israel’s neighbors.

    If this had happend, there would be a lot less “Jew Flu” going around, as there would be no “occupation” to sneeze at!