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April 18, 2012 9:35 am

Right Before Holocaust Remembrance Day, Study Shows Europe’s Views on Jews

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London along the River Thames. Photo: wiki commons.

A poll of 8 European nations released a day before Holocaust Remembrance Day shows the Netherlands and Great Britain to have relatively low levels of anti-semetism, while Poland and Hungary fall on the opposite end of that scale.

49% of Hungarians and Poles believe that Jews in their countries, have too much influence, while that number fell to 6 in the Netherlands and 14 in Great Britain.

The countries surveyed included France, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Poland.

“If this observation is any measure of Europeans’ attitudes to Israel, then we must conclude that perceptions of Israel are colored by anti-Semitism,” the report’s authors wrote in a study entitled “Intolerance, Prejudice and Discrimination”, set up by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Germany to focus on European’s attitudes towards different minority groups.

Close to half of Poles and Hungarians responded that their anti-semitic sentiments increased due to the “political activities” of Israel.

You can read the full study, here.

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  • You realize what you just did “Nowswimback,” right? You just generalized an entire population of people based race/religion assuming that everyone among the world’s 13 million Jewish population believes the same thing and should all be treated the same way. That is the definition of racism. Congrats. You just proved the point of the article. Not to mention that you just called for Europeans to discriminate against their Jewish citizens. Listen to yourself……sickening….

    • Oh shut up you calf… No more bs, we can fix the problem for good.

      Things are getting too crazy, times wearing thin, we don’t have the resources or time to sort everyone out… That’s God’s job.

  • anomuumi

    fun fact: 99% of european anti-semites are muslims.

    • Tomasz Holuj

      There are practically no muslims in Poland and Hungary .

      • prsfd

        Then you have no idea of the problems they cause. Wait a while till it happens. You will be wishing for more jews

  • NowSwimBack

    Europeans should simply treat Jews the same way the Jews treat the Arabs in Israel. The Jews want their own land without Arab or any other foreign influence and that’s exactly how Europe should behave towards the Jews. The Jews should be treated as the foreign entity they are in Europe.

    The problem is that the Jews want it both ways: They want their OWN land free of non-Jews in Palestine. But they want Europe and the rest of the West to be open to Jewish habitation, and more importantly, Jewish business.

    This problem is going to come to the forefront very soon.

    • Tomasz Holuj

      Yes ! One nation ! One leader !