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April 20, 2012 10:20 am

Peres Recalls the Holocaust Horror of His Birthplace

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Shimon Peres. Photo: World Economic Forum.

Israeli President Shimon Peres participated in the national Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony at the Yad Vashem museum in Jerusalem on Thursday, sharing a personal story about the period.

“I was born in Wieszniev (in Poland)… After the war, I learned that on Sunday August 30th… the Nazis who had seized it ordered the Jews to pack their belongings and present themselves at their doorsteps,” he said, according to the Israel National News.

“The SS officers passed by striking them and told them to proceed towards the synagogue,” Peres said. “One of them cried out ‘Jews, save yourselves!’ The Germans shot down those who tried to escape. The rest reached the synagogue which was made of wood. The doors were locked. All were burned alive. That was the last day of Rabbi Zvi Meltzer, my grandfather, my mentor. He was consumed by fire with his Tallit on his head. That was the last Jewish day in Wieszniev. Not even a single Jew remained alive.”

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  • Max Logan

    Edited version please substitute for first reply. Thank you.

    I hope Israel’s PM has the guts to react to our present situation and not wait to be called out to the doorstep.

    The issues presented here will never be resolved unless the Arabs and Iranians are brought down to their knees and sent back to the Stone Age. I am afraid that trying to change the minds of the present day Nazis is a fruitless endeavor. (Weren’t they apart of the Axis Powers in WWII. Dosen’t Iran mean “Aryan “ in their language.) Simply put, they only understand the sword. Yes, there will be a lot of friendly fire. But in all of history the innocent have share the pain and bloodshed of war. The rest of the world could care less about Jews. Their hatred for Jews is one step less on the world ladder than the Iranians. They just speak softly with a hollow stick. Even Jews hate Jews, so why even discuss this at all. (They are some of the best Nazis we have today in America.) The world’s lip service to a present day holocaust (in real time) only makes them nervous because Israel has the 4 largest nuclear capability in the world after China. And the means to use it far beyond the Middle Eastern region. This nuclear deterrent is all that stands between Jewish destruction and the survival of the Jews of Israel (and the world for that matter) in the 21st century. I am sorry to say that WWIII is a real possibility the way things are playing out today. Look to the “real” history of Germany during the 30s, not the sugar coated version not even taught in American schools today (a double negative seems to work here). Checkout the films from that era, the news reels, and the papers including the editorials. While you are at it look through the USA’s history at this time. Pay special attention to the German American Bund or German American Federation and their rallies in NYC. See who attended. History has a way of repeating itself because human beings are a flawed creature… and incapable of living a righteous existence. Welcome to Hell everyone, or 1933 Germany.