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June 1, 2012 6:00 am

Rare Photos of Adolf Eichmann Re-Released by LIFE Magazine

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Photo taken during the trial of Adolf Eichmann. Photo: wiki commons.

On the 50th anniversary of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann’s execution, rare photographs of the man considered to be the architect of the Holocaust have been re-released by Time-Life.

The photos include Eichmann receiving a medical exam, walking inside the prison grounds, washing floors, reading, writing, and sitting in the exercise ground, all inside the Israeli prison in which he was held following his capture in Argentina, 15 years after the end of World War II.

A photograph of Eichmann walking inside a fenced off area, accompanied by 2 guards, has a caption which reads “Barbed wire his victims once knew now confined his walks.”

It was in the April 1961 issue of LIFE Magazine in which the photographs were originally published – one year and one month before Eichmann’s conviction and eventual hanging.

Another photograph features Eichmann being given a piece of matzah (unleavened bread) by a prison guard during the week of Passover.

“Once in a while some great man becomes the symbol of the era in which he lived. Less often one man becomes the symbol of a quality of his era – of its good or evil, its reason or madness,” LIFE Magazine wrote in it’s April 1961 issue which accompanied the photos of Eichmann taken by Gjon Mili.

“Such a man is Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi, a symbol of the hatred and unspeakable hideousness of Hitler’s Germany.”

To view the photos, click here.

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  • Moshe Shualy

    D Lipstadt wrote an authoritative volume on the trial, recently published, with detailed review of Arendt’s tome on Eichmann in Jerusalem. A must read.
    Tragically, it testifies the impotence and blindness of Jewish organizations and individuals in assessing the import of events. Even now we are far from fully grasping the scope of events, including Lipstadt.
    The struggle for insight, both for the role of victims and the perpetrators is essential. Cain and Abel are still locked in a dance of death and life.
    As a child of survivors, I pay off the debt of that experience every day. In the process I acquired a PhD in Rabbinics, Orthodox semikhah, and an intensive study of psychoanalysis, Buddhism, and literary theory, all of which are part of the arsenal to come to terms as to “What happened, and why?”
    Of this I am certain. There is an answer. There is a place of Peace and Resolution to this Horror.
    The Shoa happened 70 years ago, but it lives in Eternity. Even after the Mashiah arrives these events continue to live.
    In the Presence of this Tohu vaVohu there is a voice that declares, Yehi Or.

  • Mort Scharfman

    It’s a pity that Eichmann’s head out of the photo’s frame. The ironic power of the mass murderer of Jews eating matzoh is leavened (pun intended) by its absence.

    As for Hannah Ahrendt,I say she wrote finis to the vile truth about individuals and whole cultures having the potential to wantonly choose the commision of monstrously ghastly acts as though they were going about every day business as usual.

  • Norman Hauptman

    In 2001 at an East Side New York City synagogue, Eichmann team tackler Peter Malkin spoke of his role. Questions and answers followed. I was the first to question Peter. I recall there were only two others after me. I asked “IF YOU WERE IN TOTAL AUTHORITY TO DECIDE EICHMANN’S FATE, WHAT WOULD YOU DECIDE FOR HIM? WHETHER EXECUTION OR LIFE TERM OR OTHER” I accurately recall Peter say with deep conviction, “I WOULD NOT EXECUTE HIM. WHY KEEP UP THE CYCLE OF KILLING?” I do’t recall any other part, if any of his answer. But what he said is enough to know what Peter felt.

    • patrick

      Is mayonnaise an instrument?