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June 12, 2012 4:45 pm

Fight Between Jewish and Black Women Prompts Arrests in Brooklyn

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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Sara Mina Setton in handcuffs. Photo:

A physical altercation in Brooklyn on Monday, between a Jewish teacher and an African-American teenager, led to both of the women being arrested

Sara Mina Setton, a teacher at the Beis Rivkah High School in Brooklyn, reportedly punched the teenager after she threw a glass bottle inside Brower Park in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood.

Before police arrived on the scene, racial slurs were exchanged between a group of African-Americans supporting the teenager and Ms. Setton, whose father was also with her at the time, according to

Ms. Setton was arrested first, which drew a cheer from those who stood in support of the teenager, according to witnesses at the scene, and in the following minutes, the teenager was also arrested.

To watch a video of part of the incident, which was shot by Eutopia Manigoult, click below.

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  • Herbert Babbit

    why are people especially Jewish people always well mannered and well behaved if I’m not mistaken this seems to be a lot of child molesters in that community that’s why most serial killers have often been white men recently when one of your own educated with accused of being a molester you told everybody that the girl with crazy and she should be ostracized the girls father lost his job and with put out of the apartment and it turns out the man with the molester so all of you alright well mannered and well behaved some of you are not so nice people so let’s call it what it is you don’t like to a your dirty laundry just like nobody else does either but in this case may be young lady was wrong and that’s why the police arrested her her Jewish heritage has nothing to do with her being well mannered and the fact that she had a discussion or argument with black youth does that mean they were holigansold German people did not kill the Jews just like all Jewish people are not always nice

  • Topia

    Hi I’m the videographer that recorded the event and I would like to at least get credit for it if your going to use it. It was just taken from off of my site and used here can you at least put that it was created by Eutopia Manigoult, I don’t think that’s hard to ask. Thank you!

    • Ben

      The videographer shouldn’t have had to ask in the first place. Glad you rectified the situation quickly.

  • kevobx

    *1st Corinthians 3:21 Therefore let no man glory in men. For all things all yours; (Genesis 9:3). Now Jewish is a religion like the earthly church is a cult, (Acts 5:29) it’s all mandated, and the word mandate means pope. Heritage (Jeremiah 17:4) is one thing, and culture (Zechariah 12:10) is another expansion of life. The world (1st John 2:16) loves to justifies itself through pride, not knowing God resists the proud (Jeremiah 13:17)


    It offends the conscience that this news site among others is reporting a shocking attack on a Jewish woman in a Crown Heights park as if there were some equivalency between misbehaving hooligans and a middle class Jewish white woman peacefully out for an afternoon in a neighborhood park with her children!

    What hasn’t been reported was the comment from a 77th Precinct commander to the effect that the Jewish woman had to be arrested (obviously on trumped up charges) so as to prevent what he feared would be a race riot. True to form, the police make a big show of arresting and parading the well-dressed and obviously cooperative Jewish woman in front of a crowd of cheering Afro-Americans, and only then did they arrest the Afro-American suspect amid much jeering and argument from an angry Afro-American mob, no member of which was charged with interfering with police or governmental administration.

    What also hasn’t been reported here is the invective being hurled against the Jewish victim and her family on a certain other website affiliated with the Shomrim faction (the woman’s family is associated with the rival Shmira faction). Of course, none of the intra-group rancor should have anything to do with the execrable fact that a peace-loving, law-abiding Jewish woman and her children were attacked Sunday in a public park by a crowd of rowdy, offensive, neighbors who happen to be of the Afro-American persuasion.

    • Pierre

      I’m not sure I understand which side you are on. Please clarify whether you understand the fact that the woman was arrested or not.

      In any case, I can’t take the fact that in this neighbor african-american people always behave like crazy and are so racist against white people. When the officers decided to fairly arrest the teenager as well (after all, the only witnesses that were there and that the cops listened, were only afro-american people which in any event (whether the teenager was right or wrong) would take the teenager side not because she is also afro-american but because it was against a white person. The funny part is that when she got arrested you can hear people in the video telling the police officers that they are racist (joke!)