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June 19, 2012 12:30 pm

Hebrew National Meat Provider AER Hits Jewish World Editor With Lawsuit Threat

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A new twist has emerged to the saga of whether or not Hebrew National hot dogs are actually kosher.  AER Services Inc. supplies kosher meat to ConAgra, which owns Hebrew National, has said that it intends to sue Mordecai Specktor and the American Jewish World for what it claims is a failure to “validate the false accusations and allegations that were made against AER”, according to papers seen by The Algemeiner.

The original lawsuit, filed against ConAgra Foods, claims that once management at AER was made aware of concerns by employees that their processes were not producing kosher meat, nothing was done to “correct the transgressions”, therefore ConAgra was passing off non-kosher hotdogs as kosher ones.

“Rather, the persons making the complaints were terminated or otherwise threatened with adverse retaliation, such as job transfers to other facilities or states,” the complaint reads.  “In turn, non-kosher meat was delivered to ConAgra and packaged, labeled and sold to the public [including the plaintiffs in the lawsuit] as strictly 100% kosher.”

Speaking to The Algemeiner, Mordecai Specktor said he’s been handed papers by attorneys representing AER but his reporting is accurate.

“We stand by the story, the story is truthful,” he said.

The American Jewish World, which is currently in its centennial year, represents the Jewish community of Minnesota.

“We’ve been hearing from people inside AER for nearly two years,” Specktor said, noting that employees have complained about non-kosher practices occurring at AERI well before any lawsuits were filed.

When reached by The Algemeiner, AER responded briefly, saying “the lawsuit speaks for itself”.  “We don’t have any further comment.”

UPDATE:  Mordecai Specktor, Editor of the American Jewish World, has notified The Algemeiner that the threatened lawsuit has not as of June 20th been filed by AER Services Inc.

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  • kevobx

    What is Kosher, but something man invented, (Ecclesiastes 7:29) for the traditions of men. (Genesis 9:3 Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herbs have I given you all things.) How can one obtain all things? Read 1st Corinthians 3:21. *Acts 5:29 Then Peter and the other other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men. *1st Timothy 4:4-5 For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving: For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.*. What are the priests of the world sanctifying? Themselves as a god, spiritual death, I, my and we is how the earthly churches lump themselves together as tares. Wheat are in the barn!

    • MBenFaivol

      I love reading what sproules out from the mouths of ….well, whatever. I often like hearing it briefly when they walk the streets too. It answers the question: ” what’s the difference between a mentally challenged person walking the streets speaking jibberish and a person on a blue tooth walking down the street on a hands-free cell phone”?? “The difference is that the mentally challenged person thinks he/she is speaking with g-d”

      • saidi

        Sorry, my reply was meant for kevobx and I don’t seem to have been able to correct the post. Apologies.

    • saidi

      G-d instructed the Jewish People to eat kosher.

    • saidi

      G-d instructed the Jewish People to eat kosher.

  • saidi

    The facts are still not known and no one should be jumping to judgment.

    I’m not defending/supporting either side, however, if you don’t like the product don’t eat it. If you have a complaint which sounds like consumer fraud go to the correct authorities — secular or religious.

    Obviously the Owner of the Jewish World didn’t think to go to the Jewish Court which has initial jurisdiction. If you don’t like the determination you can then go to the secular court system and appeal.

  • Bigolfascist

    But….ya don’t have to be Jewish to like Hebrew National hotdogs! I’m not, and I’ll take them and Nathans over any Ballpark, Echrich, etc. I am very sorry about the accusations, though. Kosher should be respected and adhered to. What a shame to disregard this!

  • Ira

    The problems with kashrut at Hebrew National are not new. It has been alleged for years that the products were not kosher even according to minimum standards.

    • saidi

      And this was before it had the Triangle K which is quite stringent in its kashrut observances.

  • Marcie Murray

    Just to be clear- The AJW does NOT represent the entire Jewish Community in Minnesota. It is the only Jewish oriented paper in MN, but it does not represent ALL the Jewish Minnesotans.

    • Maven

      What does that mean?
      Not all locals believe the story?
      So? We say “Hotdog Kosher, Hotdog Kosher” and bite into it?
      Either the story is true or it isn’t.
      Dislike of a publisher is not a rational reason to dismiss a report.
      Evidence is needed – before any cautious person takes the bite.