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July 3, 2012 12:16 pm

Jews Do Control the Media

avatar by Manny Freidman

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Larry David, creator of "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Photo: wiki commons.

We Jews are a funny breed. We love to brag about every Jewish actor. Sometimes we even pretend an actor is Jewish just because we like him enough that we think he deserves to be on our team. We brag about Jewish authors, Jewish politicians, Jewish directors. Every time someone mentions any movie or book or piece of art, we inevitably say something like, “Did you know that he was Jewish?” That’s just how we roll.

We’re a driven group, and not just in regards to the art world. We have, for example, AIPAC, which  was essentially constructed just to drive agenda in Washington DC. And it succeeds admirably. And we brag about it. Again, it’s just what we do.

But the funny part is when any anti-Semite or anti-Israel person starts to spout stuff like, “The Jews control the media!” and “The Jews control Washington!”

Suddenly we’re up in arms. We create huge campaigns to take these people down. We do what we can to put them out of work. We publish articles. We’ve created entire organizations that exist just to tell everyone that the Jews don’t control nothin’. No, we don’t control the media, we don’t have any more sway in DC than anyone else. No, no, no, we swear: We’re just like everybody else!

Does anyone else (who’s not a bigot) see the irony of this?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, here, fellow Jews. We do control the media. We’ve got so many dudes up in the executive offices in all the big movie production companies it’s almost obscene. Just about every movie or TV show, whether it be “Tropic Thunder” or “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” is rife with actors, directors, and writers who are Jewish. Did you know that all eight major film studios are run by Jews?

But that’s not all. We also control the ads that go on those TV shows.

And let’s not forget AIPAC, every anti-Semite’s favorite punching bag. We’re talking an organization that’s practically the equivalent of the Elders of Zion. I’ll never forget when I was involved in Israeli advocacy in college and being at one of the many AIPAC conventions. A man literally stood in front of us and told us that their whole goal was to only work with top-50 school graduate students because they would eventually be the people making changes in the government. Here I am, an idealistic little kid that goes to a bottom 50 school (ASU) who wants to do some grassroots advocacy, and these guys are literally talking about infiltrating the government. Intense.

Now, I know what everyone will say. That everyone tries to lobby. Every minority group and every majority group. That every group has some successful actors and directors. But that’s a far call from saying that we run Hollywood and Madison Avenue. That the Mel Gibsons of the world are right in saying we’re deliberately using our power to take over the world. That we’ve got some crazy conspiracy going down.

Okay. Fine. So some of that is kooky talk.

But let’s look at it a bit deeper.

Maybe it’s true: everyone lobbies. Maybe it’s true there are actors of every ethnicity out there. But come on. We’re the ones who are bragging about this stuff all the time. Can’t we admit that we’re incredibly successful? Can’t we say it to the world?

I’ll give my theory for why Jews don’t want to talk about their control of the media.

First of all, as much as Jews like to admit that so many of them are successful, and that so many of them have accomplished so much, they hate to admit that it has to do with they’re being Jewish. Maybe they’ll admit that it has something to do with the Jewish experience. But how many Jews will admit that there is something inherently a part of every single one of them that helps them to accomplish amazing things?

The ADL chairman, Abe Foxman, was interviewed in a great article about the subject and he said that he “would prefer people say that many executives in the industry ‘happen to be Jewish.'” This just about sums up the party line.

The truth is, the anti-Semites got it right. We Jews have something planted in each one of us that makes us completely different from every group in the world. We’re talking about a group of people that just got put in death camps, endured pogroms, their whole families decimated. And then they came to America, the one place that ever really let them have as much power as they wanted, and suddenly they’re taking over. Please don’t tell me that any other group in the world has ever done that. Only the Jews. And we’ve done it before. That’s why the Jews were enslaved in Egypt. We were too successful. Go look at the Torah — it’s right there. And we did it in Germany too.

This ability to succeed, this inner drive, comes not from the years of education or any other sort of conditional factors, but because of the inner spark within each Jew.

Now, the reason groups like the ADL and AIPAC hate admitting this is because, first of all, they are secular organizations. Their whole agenda is to prove that every Jew is the same as every other person in the world. I cannot imagine a more outlandish agenda. No, we’re different. We’re special.

Of course, people hate when anyone says this. They assume that if you’re saying that Jews are special, it somehow implies that they’re better.

To be honest, I’m not really sure what the word “better” even means. What I do know is that being special simply means a person has a responsibility to do good.

I think that’s the real reason most Jews are so afraid to admit that there’s something inherently powerful and good about them. Not because they’re afraid of being special. But because they’re afraid of being responsible. It means that they’re suddenly culpable when they create dirty TV shows that sully the spiritual atmosphere of the world. It means that things can’t just be created for the sake of amusement or fun or even “art.”

Suddenly, we can’t screw up the world.

The interesting thing is that Jews have done so much for the world in so many other ways. They’ve moved forward civil rights; they’ve helped save lives in Darfur, Haiti and just about everywhere else.

But that’s not enough. Fixing the world physically is only half the battle.

Our larger battle, the harder battle, is elevating the world spiritually. And this is what the people that fight with every inch of their soul to prove that Jews are just the same as everyone else are afraid of. It means that we can no longer just “express ourselves.” We’ll have to start thinking about the things we create and the way we act. It means we’ll have to start working together. It means we’ll have to hold one other, and ourselves, to a higher standard.

The time has come, though. We no longer have to change our names. We no longer have to blend in like chameleons. We own a whole freaking country.

Instead, we can be proud of who we are, and simultaneously aware of our huge responsibility — and opportunity.

This post first appeared in the Times of Israel.

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  • PermReader

    Tremendous arrogance and complacency based on the empty place.There is no worce, craven,self-serving and treacherouse than the Jewish media.It bears the responsibility of the half of Jewish troubles.

  • James WASP(atheist)

    I remember the first time I read Tevya the Dairyman how disappointed I was that the story was so desperately changed for Fiddler on the Roof. I had the same experience with Lord of the Rings when reading scouring of the shire. The only concern I have about extreme domination of the media by Jews is the failure to promulgate the VALUES of Jesus. Joss Whedon has been very successful at putting Christian values into moderately secular shows. The fact is, at the bottom of American society, people are controlled by their TV’s and radios, not by careful thought, not by religion. This is why it should be of concern when a very introverted ethnic group such as Judaism becomes very disproportionately dominant in the United States.

    Maybe Jerry Seinfeld actually recognized how much the characters he created needed to be punished, how clearly they were nothing other than idolizing the selfish nature of people, but he still made them and promulgated them for nearly a decade before reminding his audience that “these are BAD people.”

    I studied religious studies at a California State University, one of the primary teachers I had there was a New York Jewish Atheist Homosexual. I can’t say he was a good influence on me in my personal life, but he did show me a good deal of Jewish literature, which I came to heavily regard.

    Whomever is in charge of the media, they need to fix it. It’s not about Zionism or Jews or Christianity, it’s about reminding Americans about altruism, love, and compassion. These topics, in American media, have become even MORE taboo than saying “the Jews control the media.”

  • JohnWV

    Dating back to Imperial Rome, it happened again and again. The Jews enraged their host countries and repeatedly suffered disastrous pogroms. Excesses of Weimar Germany’s monied Jewish minority led to the most recent Holocaust. Netanyahu’s Israel, abetted by treasonous American Jews, has seized of our democracy and would put us to nuclear war for the glory of supremacist Israel. Historically, distinguishing treasonous from loyal Jews becomes difficult, then irrelevant.

  • kevobx

    John 11:35 Jesus wept. *Jeremiah 13:17 But if ye will not hear it, my soul shall weep in secret places for your pride; and mine eye shall weep sore, and run with tears, because the Lord’s flock is carried away captive. *John 11:36 Then said the Jews, Behold how he loved him! (God is he) *Luke 23:21 But they cried, saying, Crucify him, crucify him.*

  • kevobx

    The land of the free? (Leviticus 25:23) the truth sets one free from lies. *Jeremiah 11:9 And the Lord said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem. (Acts 7:51)

  • Daniel

    Sure there are many jews in the media. However, that makes it sound like all jews think the same, vote the same and have the same views about anything. If there is one true things about jews it this. Put two jews in a room and you will get three opinions. There is no jewish pope controlling the jewish masses. We have three to four different divisions in judaism and we have jews that arent religious at all. Yes there are many jews in show business, but yet there are probably more christians in show business and no one says that its controlled by the christians

  • kevobx

    God he is odd. Satan him even strange. By the way, Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel (John 8:44). The state of Israel converted themselves to what tribe? *Genesis 49:17 Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward. (*James 3:3 Behold, we put bits in the horses’ mouths, that they may obey us; and we turn about their whole body.) *John 18:6 As soon then as he said unto them, I am he, they went backward, and fell to the ground.

    YOU WOULD Have to be a TORAH Jew to appreciate it.

    As the article states.
    The others are to busy proving they ‘aint special’ while they sit on their special achievements because of their inherent ‘special attributes only in Jews.
    By the way which for what ever reason you choose to explain, was heavenly instilled.