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August 3, 2012 9:26 am

Maariv Source: Panetta Expressed Frustration Over Israeli ‘Ingratitude’

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Panetta and Netanyahu exchange warm greetings. Photo: Screenshot.

Despite the overtly friendly appearance of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s visit to Israel this week, the NRG website of the Israeli newspaper “Maariv” claims that behind the scenes he exchanged sharp words with his Israeli hosts. The paper cites an Israeli source claiming that in closed discussions Panetta expressed his frustration over “the mistrust that Netanyahu and Barak demonstrate with regard to American commitment to stop the Iranian nuclear program”. The Israeli source noted to NRG that the Americans believe this to be a kind of “ingratitude” and even “swine-like behavior” coming in the face of unshakable American support for Israel’s security.

NRG also notes that Panetta’s visit was clearly political in character and was meant to strenghten the image of the Obama administration as an unquestionable suppporter of the Jewish State. This impression was strengthened when the Defense Secretary decided to visit the “Iron Dome” battery near the city of Ashkelon for a photo-op with female Israeli soldiers who service the missile system, which is partially funded by the United States, and is supposed to protect civilians from Gaza rocket attacks.

In their joint public statements during the visit, both Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Barak expressed their pessimism with regard to the possible success of the sanctions against Iran. Panetta called Israel “a great friend and ally” and claimed that mutual cooperation between the two countries today “is stronger than ever”.

On his previous visit to Israel in October 2011, Panetta blamed the Jewish State for its increased isolation in the region and called on the Israeli government “to work harder to restore relations with Egypt and Turkey”.

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  • Braham Finestone

    CaII me a cynic, but the Americans are doing their best to try to make Zionism suffer at the hands of terrorist attacks – buying votes is cheap. Have my own views on Americans, but want Benji to stick to his guns (pardon the pun) The govt seems ok even without wishy washy Kadima MKs.
    As for Governor Romney he is no better than the democrats- a man who pisses off his neighbours in San Diego – making extensions to his 3rd home without consent:( Are these the pious types to send the USA to their own promised Iand?? We go into the next war when we have to – if we must but this time we make Iran pay. As for the US Gen.. he’s a pen pushing Jobsworth with a songsheet.
    Without the 4 main swing states Obama is sunk.

  • Liz

    Gee… I wonder what Panetta’s reaction would be if he had a gun pointed at his head, and last-minute negotiations with the triggerman, who’d been threatening to blow his brains out for the last decade, were doing little, if anything, to deter this unstable individual from his stated goal. Might Panetta express his fears that negotiations didn’t seem to be working? If the gunman put his finger on the trigger, would Panetta say his expressions of concern were signs of ingratitude to the negotiators? What if Panetta knew those negotiators were meeting with other gunmen who also wished to see Panetta dead? Would a demand for gratitude by the negotiators be an appropriate response at that time?

    This isn’t the first time Panetta has complained of Israeli ingratitude. As if the Obama administration gives a damn about the survival of Israel! You and Obama don’t care about Israel, but you do care about getting Jewish money and votes. How about YOU show some gratitude for the support you get from jewish Uncle Toms? Or are those numbers too paltry when compared to what you get from America’s Arab lobby and other supporters of Muslim supremacism?

  • Very rightly, Israel has exceptional cause not to trust the US on the issue of Iranian nuclear advances; friendship is based on trust and unconditional support, which has not been top of the Obama Administration’s agenda for the last almost four years – begging the question – Why should Israel’s position regarding that administration’s changewhen there is nothing to base it on?


    In my contacts with Israel I keep pointing out that I am a sworn American military officer and my loyalties are hundred percent to the United States. My commander-in-chief is the president, Barack Obama. I have a chain of command. If I do not like an action I have the ability to protest within my chain of command. If there is a requirement placed on me that I do not believe is moral or does not serve the purposes of the United States, I have the option to resign.


    • Joy

      OK, I’m impressed with your prepared speech and the obvious Rules & Regs of the US Millitary, but your last remark was gratuitous in the extreme! So, stick to your “chain of command” mantra, but never for a moment doubt Israel’s numero uno objective: Namely, its own survival by any and all means possible!

      The US has a long-standing commitment to Israel that’s based NOT solely on Israel’s well-being, but on the national security of the USA itself! And helping to keep Israel strong & safe in a troubled part of the world that MUST remain free of war is a vital part of that policy! Get a clue! And don’t throw around haughty an arrogant statements – and threats – to Israel just to prove how much you know about the very obvious!!

  • Stuart Kaufman

    It is past time for Netanyahu to tell Obama and his minions to get lost. The time is approaching when we will be able evict these swine from the sacred precincts of the White House.

  • Panetta’s boss supported Rev Wright’s antisemetic drivel for 20 years and toasted Rashid Khalidi who supports the PLO charter which calls for the murder of 6000000 Jews….and some people do not view his boss as a friend of Israel: what a shock?!

  • Tomyris

    Panetta is but a mouth piece and he speaks with a forked tongue just like his boss and his S of S. Man, do these people “pee” me off……

  • Peter Caroline

    Yet another reason to dump “Dear Leader” in November. When will American Jewish pathological liberals get a clue?!

    • S. Klein

      I doubt they will.

  • Dovid

    Another reason not to vote for Panetta’s boss.

  • The restoration of Israel occurred 1948. The restoration of America is pending. Israel is THE LIGHT UNTO THE NATIONS, and GOD’S PROMISE TO THE GENERATIONS.