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August 8, 2012 2:51 pm

Nazi Collaborator: “Jews Screamed Like Geese” While Being Shot

avatar by Atara Arbesfeld

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Lietukis Garage Massacre in Kaunas (27 June 1941) Photo:

Jonas Pukas, a suspected Nazi war criminal, was interrogated by New Zealand officials in 1992 at age 78. He was a member of the 12th Lithuanian Police Battalion, and was accused of participating in the squad’s mobile killings of European Jews during World War II. The chilling interview will be aired tomorrow on New Zealand’s TV3 in the world premier of the television documentary “Nazi Hunter.”

Before the Holocaust, approximately 220,000 Jews lived in Lithuania. Only months after the Germans invaded in 1941, only 8,000 survived.

Pukas, who immigrated to Auckland, New Zealand after the war and died in 1994 two years after the interview was conducted, laughed as he described the murders of Lithuanian Jews that the battalion rounded them up to be executed by so-called “pit killing,” shooting the victims at the edge of mass graves in the forest.

“The Jews of Minsk screamed like geese,” Pukas is recorded saying about the killings in the documentary’s transcript provided by TV3. “‘Some of the Jews used to scream like that, like the geese.”

Pukas can also be heard laughing when he mimicked the sounds of the birds, adding that the Jews would “fly in air” as they were shot. Despite his cruel apathy, Pukas denies involvement in the massacres.

“I only heard the people dying. I did not see it” Pukas said, denying responsibility for the killings.

Detective Wayne Stringer, now 56, is the subject of the film directed by Alexander Behse and produced by John Keir. He interrogated Pukas as well as other suspects on a list of 47 suspected Nazi war criminals provided by the Simon Weisenthal Center. The 12th Lithuanian Police Battalion, one of history’s most infamous units in war crimes investigation, had  numerous members who fled to New Zealand, including Pukas.

The Center accused Pukas, whose name was last on the list, of participating in the mobile killings while he was a member of the battalion. When the authorities contacted him for the investigation, Pukas was reportedly not surprised.

Stringer told the UK’s Daily Mail that the Pukas interview is considered to be the main focus of the documentary. “It still haunts me,” Stringer told the British newspaper. “I’m confident Mr. Pukas was a war criminal.”

“Nazi Hunter” recounts Stringer’s travels to the Baltic States where he researched war records from the KGB’s secret archives and visited the sites of the killings in Lithuania and Belarus. Stringer also worked together with war crimes investigators from other countries.

“I got far more emotionally involved in the war crimes investigation than anything else I’d ever done in the police,” Stringer said. Stringer also senses that more than “a handful” of Nazi criminals escaped to New Zealand without ever facing justice for their crimes.

“Coming to countries like New Zealand and Australia and Scotland, these people believed they had escaped justice,” he explained. “But the Germans were great record keepers. They kept records of everything.”

Stringer hopes that the noteworthy film will help spread awareness of the history of genocide and its significance in the present.

“Genocide is still occurring in all sorts of places around the world. That is why this film is important,” Stringer concluded.

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  • Kathleen

    He may have escaped justice in this world, but he will not escape it in the next…… But, of course I wish they could have all seen justice here too. Like the head nazis did. There should have been ALLOT more hangings……

  • And why was this piece of shit allowed to suck oxygen in Australia for so long?
    He was not a soldier,just another brain dead anti semitic lithuanian,definitely
    no shortage of zeroes,like this dog.Another coward rotting in hell,too bad that
    all the eastern European ass kissing Nazi collaborators,were not turned over to
    the Soviets for disposal.Pretty funny how all the scumbag cowards crawled into
    the woodwork and hid.

  • Å arÅ«nas

    May I point out that agricultural proverbs like the one in the title are common in Lithuania, and that the sound of geese screaming is a rather tragic one? The scream is usually only heard in autumn when they fly South. For the readers of the Daily Mail tabloid, clearly unversed in poetry or life outside their tenement block the sound may have a rather exotic, fantastic significance.
    Let me remind my fellow readers that Mr PÅ«kas was never tried and was not found guilty. I hope his family sues Mr Stringer for defamation. As for some of the commentators – please constrain your prejudice when commenting in public. It might prove to be a decision made in good taste.

    • Ariel

      Only wonder how exotic and fantastic it will sound to your versed ears, if you and your family are shot dead and scream like geese when flying south.
      Lituania is a xenophobic, little shitty nation and nazis like you go to hell.
      Hopefully the Russians soon will march in again and move you all to Siberia.

      • Å arÅ«nas

        Nazis like me? My family saved more than one or two Lithuanian Jews and continue to support local Jewish organizations.
        Still my grandparents rarely neglect to mention they were interrogated by KGB agents of Jewish ethnicity before being shipped to Siberia as teenagers, where they met. Nevertheless – after they returned they helped a few Russian Jews to emigrate to Israel.
        Shame on you. People like you give Israel and the entire Jewish community a bad name.

  • “Informer”

    I see that Russian agent of influence(D.K) got pernmament page on Algemeiner:)

  • apikoyros

    The choice of headline for this article was disturbing.
    That brutal murderers like these “Nazi collaborators” were able to live out relatively quiet lives in places like New Zealand far from the blood-soaked lands of their crimes is far more disturbing.

  • becky blanton

    G-d is just. I’m sure Mr. Pukas will scream for all eternity…the echoes of the sound of his cries like the sound of geese resounding through the fires of hell forever.

  • Marv Hershenson

    Like most anti-semites,Pukas cannot be called a man. He is disgusting and do hope he is rotting in hell. May we celebrate the time to blot out his name like Amalek.

  • “Genocide” “the intentional killing of an entire race”. Other forms of mass killings, without direct intention are starvation, as in undeveloped nations; unsafe, toxic cancer treatments (1/2 million in U.S.) Until The Plan of Kindness For Man is fulfilled (Holy Torah), the latter shall continue to outpace the former.