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August 21, 2012 9:00 am

Iran’s FM: “Israel is Not in a Position to Wage War Against Iran”

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Ali-Akbar-Salehi. Photo: Palácio do Planalto.

Continuing a flurry of anti-Israel remarks from Iranian leaders in recent weeks, Ali Akbar Saleh has told an Egyptian newspaper that the Jewish state is “a malignant tumor” whose fate will be erased, and that despite speculation of Israeli military action against Iran and its nuclear facilities, “Israel is not in a position to wage war against Iran.”

Brushing off European and U.S. financial sanctions aimed at forcing Iran to heed to demands on its nuclear program, Saleh, who is Iran’s Foreign Minister, added  “the military option suggestions regarding America and Israel show the failure of other options. At any rate we are preparing for all possibilities,” in comments to Egypt’s Al-Ahram.

August has been a tense month for those worried about a military conflict between Israel and Iran, including an increase in Israeli media speculation about a coming attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.  As the back and forth between Israeli leaders who support military intervention and those who oppose it continues, and Washington and Jerusalem debate how much time financial sanctions should be given before military action is taken, Iranian leaders have continued to call for Israel’s destruction.

“Westerners are after [the establishment] of a new Middle East. We are also after a new Middle East which will definitely be formed … but in this new Middle East, there will be no trace of the US and Zionists,” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said last week in Tehran.”The very existence of the Zionist regime is an insult to humanity,” Ahmadinejad added.

These comments came one day after Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei stated Israel would “disappear from the geographical landscape”.

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  • Issa Kirarira

    Let us be wise enough to manager our conflict diplomatically through dialogue. Muhamad Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim scholar has always advised humankind to live in coherence with one another by respecting people’s differences. He delivers this splendid message from the Quran.
    What we are seeing from Israeli and Iran is an issue of superciliousness and threatening each other for their personal motives. If war breaks, it is the blameless ones who succumbs to the consequences of war and the decision makers will stay relaxing in their snobbish offices enjoying their coffee and wines while the innocent poor chaps dying as a result of satisfying their ego. Israel should give Iran benefit of doubter and take their message of peaceful nuclear as true as they prepare to confront them if they go ahead to produce a nuclei bomb aimed at fighting them since they also have one. I doubt that Iran will ever attack Israel. It knows how Israel is a very powerful court that can’t be attacked and go away with it.It would also be better if Iran stop scaring Israel that it will wipe it away. Who is Iran to wipe away people created by God? Those are just statement of politicians trying to make statements. It is on record that Iran has never attacked any country. It is always on defensive only. I don’t see it attacking Israel after all this long.
    Let Iran and Israel give up their arrogance and start a sincere dialogue without blackmail and become good friends and plan for the wellbeing of humanity. If both leaders – Iran and Israeli are heartfelt to their countries without any creepy motives, there is no need for war. Let them Borrow a leaf from both alive and dead World scholars like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Muhamad Fethullah Gulen who said that he who first approaches an enemy aiming at establishing peacefully means of solving a conflict, should be hailed and looked at as the winner and the most loving.
    The majority citizens of Israeli and Iran are very peaceful people who want peace that can lead them to enjoy all the good God created for them. Let the few of us give the majority a chance to live haply as citizen of the earth..

  • If not for anything else, alone the horrific utterings from the brain-dead leaders in Tehran should be reason enough for an Israeli attack. Since when, have heads of state made threats of annihilation towards another country? The Iranian nuclear-facilities should not be the only legal targets. Go for the Islamo-fascist clique and make sure that the grave is wide and deep enough to take both the pot-belly mullahs and the midget with the funny black hairstyle.

    • Issa Kirarira

      If we are sharing information aiming at helping the situation, let us not use words like brain-dead leaders, dirty head sick people.
      We will not be targeting at solving the problems. What drives you to say such word is because of your disappointment of Iranian leaders saying that they will wipe out Israeli And it is the some disappointment that these leaders get from Israel when it commands them that they should not develop nuclear energy even after explaining that it is for peaceful means. Here we will look at you as no different from those who use hash words against their fellow human being. To stress my point, do these people have dead brains? Is their head sick? You’re stressing your disappointment and any other person can use it to justify his intentions. Iranians leaders can’t dare erase Israeli from the map of the world even if they have the strength to do it. How can the world live with them if they dared? They never created them. Let all of us find a formula to live happily and encourage Israeli to refrain from threatening to attack Iran. Let them agree and live haply and fellow human beings.
      War will never solve a problem. Look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia etc. The medicine of solving conflict is sincere dialogue

  • Mike

    How can the world look at this dirty head sick people (calling themselves leaders of Iran) and not get them out of this world, so all the world including the people of Iran can live in peace.this ayatollahs and brain sick dictators can and shall not be allowed to continue in this world . People! Stop the horror in this world! What are they all looking for? Who gives this ayatollahs or who ever it is, the right to want to be the “world”?! This rubbish must stop imdtly!

    • Tony Wicher

      No more brain-sick dictators! Nuke Iran! Nuke everybody and let Allah sort em out!

  • Prof. Taheri

    The details of an Israeli attack on Iran are revealed in Jonathan Bloomfield’s book, “Palestine.”