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August 29, 2012 11:14 am

Guardian’s Chris McGreal Suggests IDF ‘Killing’ of Corrie no Different than Hamas Suicide Bombing

avatar by Adam Levick

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Guardian's Chris McGreal

While Chris McGreal may be the Guardian’s Washington correspondent, he is certainly not a “reporter”.

His shrill, tendentious activist journalism – which arguably makes Harriet Sherwood seem sober, fair and professional in contrast – rarely tries too hard to disguise the desired polemical target.  McGreal is more similar in style to Richard Silverstein than a journalist for a ‘serious’ broadsheet.

His past efforts at objective reporting on Israel have included a retweet from an anti-Zionist blogger accusing Israel of being in the grips of “psychosis”, a Tweet (and accompanying article) clearly suggesting that the Israel lobby exerts a dangerous degree of control over the U.S. Congress and a Guardian report characterizing President George W. Bush’s presumed deference to the Jewish state as slave-like.

McGreal also accused South African Jews of being complicit with the Apartheid regime in Pretoria.

The first two paragraphs of McGreal’s latest anti-Zionist screed (Rachel Corrie verdict exposes Israeli military mindset, August 28th) lays bare the extremist ideological tick consistently on display at the Guardian: imputing a moral equivalence between Islamist terrorists who intentionally murder innocent civilians and the Jewish object of their malign obsession.

In the context of the Israeli court’s rejection of a lawsuit filed by the family of Rachel Corrie, McGreal writes:

“Reporters covering Israel are routinely confronted with the question: why not call Hamas a terrorist organisation? It’s a fair point. How else to describe blowing up families on buses but terrorism?

But the difficulty lies in what then to call the Israeli army when it, too, at particular times and places, has used indiscriminate killing and terror as a means of breaking Palestinian civilians. One of those places was Rafah, in the southern tip of the Gaza strip, where Rachel Corrie was crushed by a military bulldozer nine years ago as she tried to stop the Israeli army going about its routine destruction of Palestinian homes.”

Even if you were to ignore the details of the judge’s decision – as McGreal likely did – which concluded that Corrie’s death was accidental, and rely instead on the most unhinged anti-Zionist accounts, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone other than McGreal characterize the 2003 incident as an “indiscriminate killing and terror” in a broader IDF strategy meant to break “Palestinian civilians”.

Indeed, such supreme moral inversions – which advance the caricature of a hideously malevolent Jewish state intentionally murdering young innocents – can typically only be found, albeit often in much cruder form, in the  Arabic media, and on the fringes of extreme left commentary; such as in the grotesque depictions of Israel found in the cartoons of Carlos Latuff.

In suggesting a moral equivalence between an IDF anti-terror operation aimed at clearing ground to expose hiding places used by terrorists (along the border where, between 2000 and 2003, thousands of terrorist grenade attacks and hundreds of anti-tank missile attacks had already occurred) and Hamas suicide bombings in crowded public places with the sole intention of murdering Jews, McGreal is parroting the most obscene and intellectually unserious leftist anti-Zionist agitprop.

Of course, “intellectually unserious leftist anti-Zionist agitprop” – once exclusively within the domain of unapologetic antisemites – has become a banality, and something more akin to a political brand identity, at the Guardian.

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    Rachel Corrie knew or should have known she placed herself in a precarious position. Her death was her own fault as well as being caused by an accident which might not have resulted in her death had she not been where she was, i.e., where she shouldn’t have been.

  • ellaguru

    She was very much disliked by the Palestinian men that encountered her. They did not like her approach and perceived her as meddling. She was not one of them and her attitude was that of assuming that since she was an “activist” and a “protester” she could do as she pleased.

    The story put out for general consumption was nonsense. The issues there were none of her business. She gambled and lost. case closed.

  • Greg – London

    I just take it that all Gentiles are anti Semites until proven otherwise.

  • Peter35

    What is it about people like McGreal who would happily slaughter the people who have probably contributed more than any others to civilized society, but would embrace, slobber over and further the “cause” of the absolute dregs of the human barrel; the inbred, murderous, useless, lying followers of the paedophile “prophet?”

  • rofedoc

    Chris McGreal, the Jew-bashing Guardian cretin verbalizes exactly what one would expect as a willing enabler of the Blood Libel and a useful muslim idiot.

  • Jayson Rex

    The Brits have a reputation when it comes to Jewish affairs, currently the Israeli version, that will take millenia to clean away, if ever. and the Guardian, BBC and other media represent what is the most shameful among Her Majesty’s “subjects”.

    As we all know, due to the (well deserved) Muslim dominance of British political life, such media have a respectable financial support from the Islamic world. But, so what. Britain cannot act as the old colonial power and will have to accept that Israel is here to stay while the so-called Palestinians are on the way out of Cisjordan, maybe to relocate in U.K. since no other country in the world (especially Muslim countries) want them anywhere near.

  • Mcgreal just won the 2012 Der Sturmer Reporter of the Year award.