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September 7, 2012 11:15 am

Controversial Israel Blogger Gets Hacked (PHOTOS)

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Hacked page of Tikkun Olam website. Photo: screenshot.

The Tikun Olam blog run by Richard Silverstein was hacked on Friday when someone placed a picture on the site that reads “I Stand With Israel”.

The blog, which is controversial in nature due to its history of breaking Israeli gag orders on military and intelligence matters, was created in 2003 and focuses mainly on Israeli-Palestinian issues and Israel’s broader relationship with the Arab world.

In addition to the “I Stand With Israel” picture and text posted onto Tikun Olam’s page, a YouTube video (which can be viewed below) of an Israeli paratrooper was also placed onto the site.

In August of this year, Silverstein posted on Tikun Olam what he said was a secret document that detailed Israel’s plans to attack Iran.  In the days following it was found that the document closely resembled a report from the website Fresh, which the writer admitted was “based on foreign and non-classified sources and on the author’s own imagination”.

Comments from readers seemed to poke fun at Silverstein, calling today his “best work yet”, while another one reads “Finally you got wise Richard.”

Yossi Melman, who is the senior military and intelligence reporter for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, opines that Silverstein “spreads rumors without checking them”, calling him an “an idealouge, not a journalist”.

Hacked page of Tikkun Olam website. Photo: screenshot.

Hacked page of Tikkun Olam website. Photo: screenshot.

Hacked page of Tikkun Olam website. Photo: screenshot.

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  • Ha’aretz calling another journalist an ideologue and not a journalist is hysterical. Kind of like the kettle calling the pot black.

  • Augusta

    The timing of this hack may be significant. RS has sources which others don’t have, and it may be an attempt to silence leaks.

    • Jeff

      please, his last source which he claimed to have given him Israeli war plans, turned out to a cut and paste from an Israeli message board. he was outed badly and then lied about it.

  • Dan

    I am uncomfortable with hackers, lest I be hacked myself. In Silverstein’s case, however, he had it coming — and how. The fake “IDF Battle Plan” and a later article condemning the USA for killing Osama Bin Laden really scraped the bottom of the barrel, even for Silverstein.

    I don’t know who hacked Silverstein. I don’t have the technical expertise to do it myself, and I wouldn’t even if I did. Nevertheless, I admire the hacker’s chutzpah.

  • mia

    “one of the web’s most widely read blogs on Israeli affairs”

    Are you kidding? By Silverstein’s own admission, he gets at most 2000 visitors a day, see:

    That doesn’t make him widely read at all. It’s just him and his little gang of Israel haters. And some pissed off hackers apparently. You really ought to re-edit that particularly poorly researched passage.