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September 12, 2012 10:12 am

Photos Released Believed to Be U.S. Ambassador Stevens After Attack (PHOTOS AND VIDEO – GRAPHIC)

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Official photo of Ambassador Stevens. Photo: State Department.

A day after U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens was killed by Libyan protesters at the American Consulate in Benghazi, along with 3 members of his staff, images have been released that purport to show Stevens after the brutal attack.

Stevens was a veteran American foreign service member, who worked in Syria, Libya, and Israel.  His time in Jerusalem was spent as Deputy Principal officer and Political Section Chief according to the State Department.

Below, you can view the official video introducing Ambassador Stevens to the Libyan people.  It features Stevens explaining his life’s work and his involvement in helping Libya transition from the tyranny of Muammar Qaddafi.

The photos below the video show Stevens following the deadly incident on Tuesday.

A man, believed to be Ambassdor Stevens, being carried by civilians in Libya. Photo: Twitter.

A man, believed to be Ambassdor Stevens, being carried by civilians in Libya. Photo: Twitter.

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  • Democrats have began to claim that the photos from Benghazi are from an event that occurred decades earlier.Those of us who have seen the Benghazi photos in closeup view, no they are from Benghazi. But it appears that the Clinton Campaign is already working on making Benghazi vanish before or during the 2016 presidential election. Get ready folks, if you thought the video lie was a big lie; you haven’t seen anything yet. The Clintons are well practiced pathological liars. They’re going make Obama appear honest in comparison to what they’ve got planned. I guess I should thank the dems, who accidentally gave me the heads up on the 2016 Clinton Campaign.

    Being a member of neither of the major parties, is giving me an inside view of both parties plans.

  • Ivy

    It is absolutely disgusting that our American government has covered this up as long as they have and that no one can get to the truth of it. Equally disgusting is that we voted this president in – twice. Americans voted for the first times in their lives and this is who they voted in… a man who has continued to give paybacks.

    And the decent men who represent our country are held with such little respect. Shame on our government. The cover up will eventually out – there are too many people who know the truth. One day it will be told.

  • tom

    the more we find out in all reality the white house administration has the blood of these for americans on their hands.more than once a request from the cia to let them give assistance was denied”ordered to stand down” they let those 4 americans die needlessly.obama should be ashamed over his dereliction of duty as president in this case.that man went to bed that night knowing what happened and got up the next day and bold faced lied to the country.out of curiousity ,what is an act of treason?i am asahmed and aghast of this administration !!they must be held accountable!this is a worse situation then watergate.i say impeach him!!!

  • Derek Olson

    How US Ambassador Chris Stevens May Have Been – Free Republic
    4 days ago – Ambassador Stevens was doing gun running to the Syrian rebels. … September 11th Stevens was meeting with the Turkish backer of the Syrian rebels, … It would make Susan Rice’s blaming the Benghazi attack on a YouTube … who had been insrumental to the Muslim Brotherhood gaining power in Libya, …

  • John Servorum

    Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.

  • Aric Milan

    I am both sad and outraged. These people are not human but savages.As an American I am tired and disgusted of our so called presidents failure to protect our people. Time for obama to go!

  • So sad. No words.

    • Carol

      To Jacob: “So sad, no words.” Is that all one can fathom to say? Is this what one says when the one they love is raped and murdered? Folks, you better start getting your voice and thoughts together, cuz betcha a hundred bucks that our enemies know exactly what to say and do. Look at the photos, cuz that is what their thoughts and words are.