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September 13, 2012 8:30 am

Israeli-Arabs Join Anti-U.S. Protests Outside Tel Aviv Embassy

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U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv. Photo: wiki commons.

Nearly 100 Arab protesters in Israel have joined in on the protests at U.S. Embassies around the world today, demonstrating outside the American office in Tel Aviv.

Protesting the American made film “Innocence of Muslims”, the group in Tel Aviv carried signs and chanted slogans, generally in a peaceful manner, condemning the film’s contents which denigrates the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Ahmed Tibi,  who is an Arab member of Israel’s Knesset (parliament), referred to the film being protested around the world as a “contemptible and despicable film whose intention is to light the fires of hatred on the backdrop of the rising wave of Islamophobia in the West.”

“If the UN does not mobilize to stop this erosion, it will be Armageddon,” said Talab Sana, another Arab member of Israel’s Knesset.

A group known as the Northern Branch of the Islamic movement, which aims to promote Islam among Israeli Arabs, organized and led the protests in Tel Aviv.

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  • We’re going to have Armageddon anyway. Apparently the Muslims want that — which is GREAT because they’re in complete agreement with God. God says we’re going to have the war to end all wars too. I don’t think all the prayers of 7-Billion people will change that. These angry Arabs won’t stop to think and act peaceably. They won’t allow the rest of us a peaceful world. I say, “If war is what they want, we’ll give it to them, and more of it than they ever bargained for” and when the last Muslim is standing on a heap of burned bones and burned Korans he can say, “Islam won!” and the world will be little more than roaches. At last Islam will have brought peace to the happy world.

  • Liz

    These 100 people were being led by Tibi and Sana, two Arab members of Knesset who regularly use their positions to incite Israeli Arabs against their own country and who believe, “Palestine belongs to its Arab residents, not to the Jewish occupiers.” They’ve reached a new low.

  • Fredric M. London

    I do not think Israeli Arabs are traitors. Many serve, voluntarily, in the IDF.

    What all of this outcry proves is that Islam DEMANDS that the world silence anything they do not wish to hear. If true liberals still had a voice, we would be outraged at this blatant censorship by terror, threat, and murder. Unfortunately, we liberals are a dying breed, or, at any rate, too silent on the issues. It is, as always, the worshippers at the altar of politically-coerced censorship who are busy apologizing to Islam, groveling to them, falling all over themselves to declare undying enmity for the film maker, and any film maker or writer who dares to treat Islam the way all other religions are treated. A liberal hates this form of censorship as much as he hates the right wing. I wish we had leaders today.

    The remark about Israel and Obama stabbing it in the back is 100% true. He will meet with Egypt’s terrorist president, but not with Bibi.

  • Mark S. Devenow Esq.

    It is a bitter irony that Israel is probably the last place on earth where the US will have to worry about having its consulates and embassy invaded or its diplomatic personnel being placed under siege or worse. For all the bowing and scraping Obama has done before terrorists, dictators, potentates of various despotisms etc, it is only the country he has stabbed in the back which continues to protect US interests.

  • EthanP

    100 protesters is hardly signifigant.
    And the man behind the movie is said to be an Egyptian Copt. Really? I still think this was a Quds force black opp.

  • B. Emet

    Israeli Arabs are traitors.

    • EthanP

      100 protesters hardly makes 1,000,000+ Arabs traitors.