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September 13, 2012 6:06 pm

With Friends Like These…

avatar by Gabriel Eichler

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama at a previous occasion. Photo: AP/Charles Dharapak.

The President’s “court Jews” appear to be gaining the upper hand again.

News agencies reported recently that apparently the President’s schedule does not allow for a US meeting with visiting Prime Minister Netanyahu during UN week in New York to discuss the Iran Nuclear crisis.

This is the latest blow in a series of nasty acts of humiliation meted out by this administration to Netanyahu, Israel and the Jews.

While by all indication, the President does not need too much encouragement to -once again – offer the middle finger to Israel’s government, I suspect that his cadre of house Jews once again is behind the latest effort to publicly humiliate Israel’s leadership.

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There is no doubt over the looming wrath of a re-elected Obama Administration for the coming years towards Israel’s government.

What will be the punishment?

How many Jewish lives will it cost?

Perhaps in any other times or circumstances this latest cold shoulder would not deserve a second thought, but this time around the stakes are existentially enormous.

The appeasement doctrine of some spineless European countries towards militant Islam apparently irrevocably infected the current US Administration, whose sole agenda appears to be to hold on to power for the next four years while sweeping under the rug the looming nuclear threat.

Teheran’s Islamo Fascists are actually banking on continuing US impotence while racing towards their nuclear capability ever faster.

While the President and his advisors appear to be looking at Israel these days as not more than a pesky irritant- the Jewish nation is now faced with the inevitable reality of having to deal with the potentially existential Iranian threat alone.

This week we commemorated the anniversary of 9/11, which should prompt us all to pause for a moment and think of potential consequences of a soon nuclear Iran while considering the results of  what a handful of Islamic fundamentalists of the Iranian type – did to us with box cutters just a short decade ago.

Not bombs, not rockets, not nuclear technology- but just primitive box cutters.

In a survey of research by The New York Times the economic cost of the 9/11 attacks alone is estimated at $3.3 trillion- not to speak of the enormous human cost of 2,977 innocent victims.

The only thing that can now make a difference in the Iran standoff is how people vote in November.

No one on the streets of Israel or the US wants anyone harmed in the looming Mideast crisis.

But for the ingathering of the exiles in the Land of Israel this is the point of no return.

This is Israel’s “Ein Brera” (no choices left) moment.

If  Barack Obama is re-elected in November, no doubt, the world will go on as before.

Or not.

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