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September 13, 2012 6:06 pm

With Friends Like These…

avatar by Gabriel Eichler

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama at a previous occasion. Photo: AP/Charles Dharapak.

The President’s “court Jews” appear to be gaining the upper hand again.

News agencies reported recently that apparently the President’s schedule does not allow for a US meeting with visiting Prime Minister Netanyahu during UN week in New York to discuss the Iran Nuclear crisis.

This is the latest blow in a series of nasty acts of humiliation meted out by this administration to Netanyahu, Israel and the Jews.

While by all indication, the President does not need too much encouragement to -once again – offer the middle finger to Israel’s government, I suspect that his cadre of house Jews once again is behind the latest effort to publicly humiliate Israel’s leadership.

There is no doubt over the looming wrath of a re-elected Obama Administration for the coming years towards Israel’s government.

What will be the punishment?

How many Jewish lives will it cost?

Perhaps in any other times or circumstances this latest cold shoulder would not deserve a second thought, but this time around the stakes are existentially enormous.

The appeasement doctrine of some spineless European countries towards militant Islam apparently irrevocably infected the current US Administration, whose sole agenda appears to be to hold on to power for the next four years while sweeping under the rug the looming nuclear threat.

Teheran’s Islamo Fascists are actually banking on continuing US impotence while racing towards their nuclear capability ever faster.

While the President and his advisors appear to be looking at Israel these days as not more than a pesky irritant- the Jewish nation is now faced with the inevitable reality of having to deal with the potentially existential Iranian threat alone.

This week we commemorated the anniversary of 9/11, which should prompt us all to pause for a moment and think of potential consequences of a soon nuclear Iran while considering the results of  what a handful of Islamic fundamentalists of the Iranian type – did to us with box cutters just a short decade ago.

Not bombs, not rockets, not nuclear technology- but just primitive box cutters.

In a survey of research by The New York Times the economic cost of the 9/11 attacks alone is estimated at $3.3 trillion- not to speak of the enormous human cost of 2,977 innocent victims.

The only thing that can now make a difference in the Iran standoff is how people vote in November.

No one on the streets of Israel or the US wants anyone harmed in the looming Mideast crisis.

But for the ingathering of the exiles in the Land of Israel this is the point of no return.

This is Israel’s “Ein Brera” (no choices left) moment.

If  Barack Obama is re-elected in November, no doubt, the world will go on as before.

Or not.

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  • pacetoall

    Wake -up! America doesn’t want another war.
    For Mr. Netanyahu everyone is a foe if they don’t want to fight his wars!He wants US to attack Iran and is not goint to stop until he gets that! He is investing a lot of $$ with those billionaire brothers in US to avoid another MR. Obama turn. US wake up! that will be better for Mr. Netanyahu but not for US.
    Netanyahu is bad mouthing Mr. Obama, after all the help we bring to Israel , IT IS NOT FAIR! After all it is from our taxes, we decide where to invest our money. US attacking Iran is not in the best interest of America and the Americans

  • Chuck Collins

    Alas, I believe an American Jew who votes for Obama this time around has no excuse. Lack of buyer’s remorse will represent the same self-destructive impulse that would lead a chicken to vote for Frank Purdue.

    Please wake up, brothers and sisters! Old habits die hard, but die they must if you are to survive.

  • What propels prominent gentiles to be friends of the Jewish People? For example, the deep Christian religious roots of key public figures like British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, British Foreign Minister Arthur James Balfour and USA Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman had a considerable influence on their marked philo-Semitic decisions with regard to Jews, Judaism, and the Jewish People. For this reason, we are encouraged to examine the religious history of current USA President Barack Obama to see if it might shed some light on his bias against Israel. On June 4, 2009, President Obama went to Cairo to reach out to the Muslim World. In his Cairo address, President Obama proclaimed: “I’m a Christian.” With these words, President Obama himself opted to broach the sensitive matter of his personal religious affiliation. Consistent public-opinion polling reveals that most Americans want a political leader to have strong religious belief, and are interested in learning something about their leader’s religious faith. Thus, we are fully entitled to discuss these delicate religious questions. Probably Muslim in childhood, Obama converted to Christianity around the age of thirty, i.e. at some time before his October 1992 marriage to Michelle Robinson. For about two decades he attended services at Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ, where Reverend Jeremiah Wright frequently used the pulpit for anti-Israel and anti-USA rants. During the Democratic nomination campaign, candidate Obama made the improbable claim that he had been unaware of the bitterly anti-Israel and anti-USA pronouncements of his long-time pastor. But, these self-serving denials in 2008 directly contradict what had previously been written about Jeremiah Wright in Obama’s 1995 autobiography, Dreams From My Father. In Cairo, President Obama added: “My father came from a Kenyan family that includes generations of Muslims. As a boy, I spent several years in Indonesia and heard the call of the ‘azaan’ at the break of dawn and at the fall of dusk.” Psychologists tell us that childhood experience is significant. And, the Jesuits believed: “Give me the child until the age of seven and I will give you the man.” Because President Obama is a pivotal public figure who himself raises the matter of his Muslim roots, we are entitled to ask about his childhood to help us better understand the foundations of his worldview and policy directions, including with respect to Israel. Theologically, Islam regards all children as born Muslim and to remain such until adults teach them otherwise. Child Obama was probably Muslim also because: (1) his paternal grandfather in Kenya was Muslim; (2) his Kenyan father –though ideologically Marxist– was born a Muslim and his family wanted him buried with Muslim rites; (3) he was given two Muslim names, “Barack” and “Hussein”; (4) his Indonesian stepfather was also Muslim; (5) his former Indonesian playmates recall that he attended religious services in mosques, when they believed him to be Muslim; (6) he was registered as “Muslim” at two elementary schools in Indonesia; (7) he then studied the Koran; (8) an Indonesian teacher recalls that child Obama was also learning Arabic recitation of the Koran, which adult Obama can still recite by memory, as demonstrated in 2007 during an interview with New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof; and (9) reflecting on her childhood with her older brother, Obama’s half-sister Maya Soetoro in 2007 told the New York Times: “My whole family was Muslim.” In the Cairo speech, President Obama added: “As a young man, I worked in Chicago communities where many found dignity and peace in their Muslim faith.” This passage recalls information provided in Dreams from My Father, which (inter alia) details his continuing ties to Muslims, e.g., close friends and roommates. Dreams From My Father and other statements by Barack Obama (e.g., about his 1981 trip to Pakistan) raise the possibility that he retained something of a Muslim self-identification beyond his first decade. This hypothesis is supported by testimony from a girlfriend who reports that, as an undergraduate at Columbia University, Obama socialized mostly with Muslims from Pakistan. As a new law student at Harvard University, Obama was told by the Reverend Jesse Jackson: “If you want to succeed in politics in this country, you had better get yourself a Christian religion.” When Obama’s long-time pastor the Reverend Jeremiah Wright was asked whether he (Wright) had converted Obama from Islam to Christianity, Wright replied: “That’s hard to tell. I think that I convinced him it was okay for him to make a choice in terms of who he believes Jesus is. And I told him that it was really okay and not a put down of the Muslim part of his family or his Muslim friends.” Thus, the high probability that Barack Obama was Muslim as a child in Indonesia does not necessarily mean that his close connection with Islam and Muslims abruptly ended when he moved to Hawaii in 1971. Certainly, President Obama’s 2009 journey to Cairo to reach out to the Muslim world cannot be compared with President Richard Nixon’s 1972 trip to Beijing to begin direct dialogue with the communist leaders of China. As a long-time “Cold Warrior” with sterling anti-communist credentials, Nixon was hard to challenge on his motives for talking with Chairman Mao. By contrast, ought there not to be some degree of skepticism about the motives of a President with publicly avowed Muslim roots, who keeps on reaching out to the Muslim world? The potential political problem here falls under the familiar headings of bias and conflict of loyalties. (More analysis of President Obama’s June 4, 2009 Cairo speech is provided in November 2009 postings at )

  • Panskeptic

    This piece of smeary, sloppy propaganda is absolutely worthless as political analysis.

    Obama has never let Israel down. Ask Ehud Barak.

    Obama doesn’t confuse Likud with Israel – it’s possible to support Israel without cheerleading for Mr. Weathervane Netanyahu, with whom it’s impossible to strike a deal.

    Every time we get a Democratic president, the whispering campaign begins “He’s not a friend of Israel.” Every time. And it’s always BS, and some rightwing well-poisoner is getting away with murder.

    Obama is miles preferable to the Republican Evangelicals, who LOVE Israel and HATE Jews.

  • zed5

    Clearly, the world has learned nothing from the second world war. Appeasement, Mr. Obama, is really the policy of enabling Their goal is to die for their religion. In fact, there is strong evidence that American and western actions enable them! These people cannot understand why the West has not brought these Arab jihadists to their knees, after all the murder and violence. Mohammed must be looking after them, they believe. So they get more more and more emboldened. Mr. President, WAKE UP!

    • I also believe that this administrations actions of not supporting its only strategic ally in the middle east speaks volumes. Obama visited the countries which have sought to hurt Israel while he avoided Israel. Obama talks sanctions, so what? Iran continues in their nuclear development with a clear message to the world to remove the cancer, Israel. Does this Admin say, any attack on a US ally will be considered an attack on the US? No. Silence is another form of acquiesence. It is my deepest hope that we will vote in a new leader, Romney who will walk a tough talk and lead us back to being a strong America again who backs its ally, Israel.