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September 20, 2012 10:22 am

Dennis Miller: Send Egyptian Aid to Israel, That’ll Get Egypt’s Attention

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Dennis Miller. Photo: wiki commons.

Comedian and political commentator Dennis Miller believes the United States is perceived as weak in the Middle East, and he wants President Obama to send a stronger message to the region’s countries, to get their attention.  One of his ideas includes diverting American aid to Egypt, to Israel.

“This is what happens when you’re deemed to be the weak horse,” Miller said on Bill O’Reilly’s program on Fox News Wednesday night. “I think we’re deemed to be the riderless horse in that part of the world right now. We got to send a message and you know, I think the only thing we’re sending right now is Ben Bernanke with QE3 and the additional pump of the Fed has so devalued our dollar right now that the $2 billion we send to Egypt is a big slap in the face. That’s about all we got to send them a message.”

Miller continued on, saying that every time Egypt chose to “screw up”, U.S. aid dollars meant to flow to Cairo, should flow to Jerusalem.

“Well, go a step further — stop paying Peter and pay Saul,” Miller said. “Push it all into Israel’s corner. Say ‘every time one of you guys screw up, not only are we cutting the check off to you — we’re sending it over to Netanyahu. Now stop it. That’ll get their attention.”

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  • Al Logan

    The U. S. is nearly flat broke and we should still send money to the terrorist state of Israel. This is the same nation that nearly sank the USS Liberty in order to instigate a war in the Middle East. This is the same nation that has one of their citizens in our prisons for espionage [Johnathan Pollard]. This is the same that attempted to bomb Egyptian targets in order to start a war with the U. S. [Lavon Affair].

    I say that American Zionists should surrender their American citizenship and sign up for service in Israel rather than rob the taxpayers. The Middle East’s history has been nothing but trouble and it is time for Western Civilization to leave that collapsing Hell hole alone.

  • Jack London

    Israel is the only Middle Eastern nation that has ever attacked the US without provocation (ie, the Lavon Affair and the attack on the USS Liberty). We already give Israel 8 million dollars a day (not per year, per DAY!) Stop all foreign aid NOW, both to Israel and all the other Middle Eastern nations.

    Support American independence from Israel!!!

  • Fredric M. London


  • Eddie

    This country has reached a new high in low politically. When a comedian by trade starts sayings things like in this post and they make a thousand times more sense that what’s coming out of Washington you KNOW we’re in big time trouble. I never toot my own horn on these sites but this one time won’t hurt. I happen to know that Billary clinton’s IQ is 120. Mine is substantially higher. Allow me to have her job and I do it for free. I can have this middle east mess cleaned up about 3 days. You won’t hear the term allah anymore if you catch my drift ! And glass will become really cheap ! I’ve had enough of these sand niggers, ragheads, goat screwers whatever name you wish to put on them. I’m sick of hearing how the whiney little bastards are offended by something somebody said or did. Pull up your panties and take it like a man. You animals kill Christians by the thousands and burn their churches to the ground. You not only offend American Christians but you stick God in the eye with a sharp stick. And believe me Yahweh is capable of causing you to have a really bad day. So Washington Dennis Miller has come up with the perfect solution. You idiots have come up with nothing but more of the same. Time for a change ! Where have I heard that quip before ?????

    • Chaya

      Eddie –

      Whew! I thought you were on their side
      for a second there. Good to have you aboard.

    • Eddie – your comments are reprehensible and have no place here.

      • Mel

        That’d true, Grantman. Eddie’s comments belong on every newsshow for the next month. You and your comment belong in Egypt: If you want to live in Denial, move to de Nile!

      • Penni

        Your still turning the other cheek. Just like the people did in WW11. When will Jews ever learn!!

    • Penni

      Here, Here!