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September 27, 2012 2:44 pm

Netanyahu Makes the Case Against a Nuclear Iran at UN Speech

avatar by Zachary Lichaa

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the United Nations. Photo: screenshot via live stream.

Opening his speech with a complete rebuke of remarks given by the Iranian president just over 24 hours earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a clear picture of what he believes should be a solid red line for Iran as it pursues nuclear weapons capacity.

“For over 15 years,” Netanyahu said, he has been speaking about the threat of a nuclear armed Iran.  “I speak about it now because when it comes to the survival of my country, it’s not only my right to speak, it’s my duty to speak.”

Diplomacy, Netanyahu said, has not worked in stopping Iran’s development of nuclear technology.  “It has had an effect,” he said, on the Iranian economy, but “we must face the truth, sanctions have not stopped Iran’s nuclear program either.”

Netanyahu then moved to what would be the central aspect of his speech, a red line for Iran on their nuclear program.

“To be credible, a red line must be drawn first and foremost in one vital part of their program, on Iran’s efforts to enrich uranium,” Netanyahu said.

Likening uranium to gun powder in exploding a nuclear weapon, Netanyahu said Iran’s nuclear plants are still “visible” and “vulnerable”.  Preventing Iran’s ability to enrich uranium is “the only way” to stop its ability to develop a nuclear weapon.

Using a diagram, Netanyahu said it will be by next spring or summer’s time that Iran will be a few months or possibly a few weeks away from enriching enough uranium for a nuclear bomb.

The red lines drawn by the international community, Netanyahu said, should state that Iran cannot pass 90% completion of the work needed to make a nuclear weapon.  Experts believe this to be enough uranium enriched at a level of 20%, which would place the Iranians a few months, or weeks, away from being able to complete a nuclear device.

“I believe that when faced with a clear red line, Iran will back down,” the Israeli leader proclaimed.

Referring to President Obama’s speech at the United Nations two days prior, which said that the United States will not allow a nuclear Iran, Netanyahu said all Israelis appreciate that message.

At the beginning of his speech, Netanyahu spoke about technological advancements made by Israeli citizens, the capabilities of Israeli medical teams in responding to natural disasters in Japan and Haiti, and the thousands of Arabs who come to Israel every year to recieve hospital care.

Netanyahu also referred to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, saying that only negotiations can lead to a solution.  The drive for a unilateral declaration of statehood, something Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has said he will pursue at the United Nations, is not a viable option to solve the decades long crisis, Netanyahu said.

“It is because Israel cherishes life, that Israel cherishes peace and seeks peace.”

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  • Sabra C

    PM Netanyahu is the man whom God has chosen to lead in the defense of Israel. He is above all, a warrior, and he will not at any time back down from Iran, the US, or anyone who opposes the preservation of the nation of Israel. I am a Christian who stands in support of Israel and the TRUTH of ALMIGHTY GOD. But all anyone has to do is read the historical accounts of Israel’s continuous victories since May 14, 1948. There is no doubt that whoever comes against Israel will be swiftly and utterly defeated!

  • Joy

    As long as Israel – via Netanyahu – stands firm against the realization of iran’s nuclear dreams, there’s always the chance that other sensible (and life-loving) nations will be buoyed in also resisting and even denoucning Iran under the Mullahs – God willing/Inshallah!!

  • he is incredible, thank G-d – G-d is with his mouth and actions, and may it always be so, G-d willing!

  • ron agam

    PM Netanyahu demonstrated the danger of an Iranian nuclear bomb to the world in a very clear manner, the sad part is that most the world does not give a dam about it. Only Israel , the US and a few other western democracies really care.


      I’m not so sure Ron. I don’t know if you watched the delivery and were able to see the assembly members, but I did and was able to see the difference in their behavior.

      Usually the delegates scribble or doodle or click their pens or bounce pencils on erasers on the desks, this time they sat at attention without mindless gazes. One female delegate (wearing blue) actually had her hand over her mouth when ou PM drew the red line and asked how safe Europe and America would feel.

      I think the West might just begin to care.