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October 7, 2012 3:02 am

Obama Admin. Sends Anti-American, Anti-Israel Islamist Marayati To Speak Overseas on Human Rights

avatar by Morton A. Klein and Daniel Mandel

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Salam Al-Marayati. Photo: Investigative Project.

It was, unfortunately, no surprise when the Obama Administration selected Salam Al-Marayati to join the U.S. delegation at a human rights conference being held in Warsaw by the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). No surprise, because Marayati, the director of the Islamist Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), had already been dispatched by the Obama Administration in 2010 to speak on human rights on behalf of the U.S. to UNESCO in Paris and at the U.S. mission to the United Nations in Geneva. Yet, the bill of particulars against Marayati’s appointment to the delegation is large and, indeed, had resulted in 1999 in Marayati’s appointment to a Congressional committee on terrorism being actually rescinded, once his record of extremism to that date had been publicized by the ZOA.

In 1993, Marayati called Israel’s creation a “crime” which he vowed to “work to overturn.” In 1996, following the killing of a Palestinian terrorist, Muhammad Hamida, as he chanted ‘Alahu Akbar (‘Allah is Great’) and carried out an attack in Jerusalem that killed one Israeli civilian and injured 23 others, Marayati didn’t deplore Hamida’s act of terror – he deplored the killing of Hamida as a “provocative act” and demanded the extradition to America of those who had killed him “to be tried in a U.S. court on terrorism charges.”

In 1997, providing anticipatory defense for Islamist terrorist assaults on Americans, Marayati claimed that the Clinton Administration was in the pocket of Israel and pondered “whether the American people are aware of and ready for the consequences.” In 1998, following the slaughter of hundreds in the al-Qaeda bombings of U.S. embassies in east Africa, Marayati condemned military strikes launched upon al-Qaeda by the Clinton Administration as “illegal, immoral and illogical.” The same year, he defended the French Holocaust denier, Roger Garaudy, describing his prosecution and fining in France as “persecution of his right to express an opinion.” Marayati has also complained of “having the Holocaust shoved down [his] throat.”

In 2001, Marayati provided a crude apologia for Palestinian terrorism by claiming that Jews murdered by Palestinians were “the expected bitter result of [Israel’s] reckless policy.” Following the 9/11 attacks, he argued that Israel had carried out this slaughter of thousands of Americans: “I think we should put the state of Israel on the suspect list, because I think this [the 9/11 attacks] diverts attention from what’s happening in the Palestinian territories so that they can go on with their aggression and occupation and apartheid policies.”

If all this isn’t enough, Marayati has openly supported the Lebanese Shia terrorist group, Hizballah, and defended members of the Palestinian terrorist group, Hamas, which calls in it Charter for the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews, who had been found guilty of funneling money to terrorists.

Worse still, the Obama Administration has exhibited a pattern of appointing Muslim extremists and their apologists to sensitive posts: Rashad Hussein, now U.S. envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, who has denounced the prosecution of a Florida professor who was later found to have been illegally funding the terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad; Dalia Mogahed, adviser in the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, who has been a promoter-apologist of Islamist groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); and Mohamed Elibiary, a member of  the Homeland Security Advisory Council, who has spoken in praise of Ayatollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamist Iranian republic, and is now believed to have leaked sensitive intelligence documents; to name only three.

That Marayati and his ilk influence policy is undeniable. One example: in October 2011, following a threatened cut-off in cooperation between American Muslims and the FBI – cooperation Marayati has publicly opposed in any case since at least 2005 – Deputy Attorney-General James Cole announced that the Obama administration was recalling all training materials used for law enforcement and national security agencies in order to eliminate all references to Islam. Marayati also demanded the creation of an inter-agency task force to prepare new manuals.

With this record, Marayati’s latest appointment to the U.S. delegation to the OSCE human rights conference is a further act of appeasement that can only call into question the Obama Administration’s commitment to combating Islamist extremists.

Indeed, in the Administration’s refusal to even refer to Islamist extremists and its tendency to refer to terrorist acts perpetrated by Islamists as ‘man-made disasters,’ we see a systemic blindness to a clear and present danger.

Morton A. Klein is National President of the Zionist Organization of American and Dr. Daniel Mandel is Director of the ZOA’s Center Middle East Policy and author of H.V. Evatt & the Establishment of Israel (2004).

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  • Alex P

    So, this guy was not a problem for the last several administrations and suddenly you wake up? Surely he is a slimy character but he was not put in his position by this administration.

  • rofedoc

    Time to replace The Manchurian Candidate with a good American family man who shares his American Values, American Virtues,is proud of his country and honors our Constitution.

  • Fredric M. London

    The Obama administration is a rogue administration. Obama has, consistently and frequently, shown that his heart is with terrorists and terrorist-sympathizers. He has killed several high ranking members of Al Quaida, but he believes that this is the sole example of a terrorist organization, and all other Jew hating, American hating, terrorists are to be admired. And, of course, his attitude towards Israel completes the circle. Never before in US history has a Jew hater of Obama’s caliber been president (Carter and Jackson deserve honorable mention). Add to that his censoring intelligence agencies, forbidding them to use words or actions, however accurate, if they do not jive with his worldview. I think it is not excessive to call this man evil.

    If only his opponent was not evil as well.

  • Joseph E

    With this record, Marayati’s latest appointment to the U.S. delegation to the OSCE human rights conference is a further act of appeasement that can only call into question the Obama Administration’s commitment to combating Islamist extremists.
    End of quote

    With this record, Marayati’s latest appointment to the U.S. delegation to the OSCE human rights conference is a further act of Soft Jihad by the (fill the blank) U.S Administration’s commitment to turning Western values, morals, laws, clauses, regulations, procedures (that at first glance appear as human rights based rule of law) into sharia compatible for the mohamedans political Islam expansion as ordered by the OIC Jihad koran masters thru their dhimmicrats enablers; i.e, the U.S Dep’t of States, the liberals, lefties, progressives, humans ‘rites” and “piss” trouble makers (activists) .

    That for war deceit purpose, portray as “religion of peace” the pagan Mecca stone cult / the mohamed imperial war doctrine, that for 1400 years, up to this day, point to a forensic evidences trail of savagery, barbarism, death, destruction, enslavement … against both mohamedans and non mohamedans .
    He is not our enemy because we are residing here,
    He is our enemy even if we were North Pole residents.
    He is the enemy of every Free Man.
    He is the enemy of every productive thought, every initiative, goodwill heart, creative idea.
    He is the enemy of every Jew, Christian And every moslem.

    Anything given to him, IF a sword on a tree, IF a steel tank, IF a water jar – becomes in his hand a threat to

    He hasn’t and will never contribute anything good;
    He has never produced not even a human likeness that had the world progress forward, in any matter;
    He is the darkness, the reaction,
    He has tormented 500 millions jailed humans;
    He is the concealed trap of world peace .

    And as long as We don’t make an effort and don’t succeed to bestow the free world with such awareness –
    We will always be the first victims of unawareness .

    Oct. 7, 1955 Maariv Post by Dr. Azriel Karlibakh

  • No surprise…everyone heard the boos at the Dem convention..Obama and Democratic party strongly believe in Sharia not freedom ( they are 100% incompatible) …just another example of someone supporting the killing of Jews being strongly supported by Obama

    • While I really abhor this appointment, this statement is truly a bizarre extrapolation of a few (admittedly) rotten apples. Better to apply your energy to firing this fellow from his position as others had done in 1999, as opposed to hallucinating about conspiracy theories and hovering Black U.N. helicopters.

  • This is the kind of report that should be sent to all the 600+ deluded rabbis who recently wrote a letter of support to President Obama.

    But then, is there any factual evidence, no matter how incontrovertible, that could restore sight to the wilfully blind?

    • edna sauer

      Obamah is our enemy we must vote against him

      • Sabra C

        Obama is indeed an enemy of the United States and the nation of Israel. He is an enemy of all Christians and all Jews around the world. I am thankful for the TRUTH OF THE WORD OF GOD…”If God be for me, who can be against me? I will not be afraid of what man can do to me.” The power of Almighty God will triumph over all!